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The Mind-Body Connection Research and 
Education Foundation is dedicated to raising funds that will help its Founder, Tom Ray, spread the word about his discoveries of how the human mind works in conjunction with the body. In addition to the work that needs to be done right now, his dream about his Mind-Body Connection University will someday be a reality. The University will produce top-notch education programs and conduct additional mind body research already started by its Founder.  The Founder’s discoveries of how the mind interacts with the body can be implemented today.  All we have to do is make this information available to everyone now.

The solution to the other half of the human health, success and happiness equation has been found.  We can utilize and expand on its benefits for mankind today.

"My book is free for you to read on this website."  Tom Ray

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       The Puzzle Factory Syndrome

Let's say you found a TREASURE CHEST containing most of the answers to mankind's health, success and happiness.

If you walk away and do nothing about your discovery, that valuable life-changing information could be lost again, forever.

I found that treasure. I have proven, over a period of ten years, at my private office in the South Texas Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas that this valuable information actually works.   Now, I need your help today, to share this great discovery with the rest of the world.

I have listed examples of my work in the form of CASE STUDIES on this website.

I have dedicated the rest of my life to getting this information out to everyone.

You ask, "What is in it for me?"

This information can benefit you personally, today.  It makes no difference what your lot in life is. By learning what they should have taught us about how our mind works with our body, we will get the things we want out of this life.  It is time for you to step up and not only do yourself a favor, but also, you can help me change the world for the better.       

                Tom Ray, Founder



The future (MBCU) Mind-Body Connection University's effort will be to provide the results of new research and that of already proven mind-body connection discoveries of the Founder.  This information will be disseminated to Medical Schools, Colleges and Universities, primary and secondary educational institutions, the Military, the Media, Industry and home educational programs.  You personally do not have to wait for that information; just go to "Store" on this site. If you do not want to purchase another book, I have provided my book for you free, right here on this site.

I do recommend that after you have reviewed the complete book, go to Amazon or the site Store and get a hard copy to have at your home or office.

Use the information in the book as a guide.  Do not try to read the book as a novel.

You can start by helping yourself and helping me re-educate man on the truth about the mind-body connection.  We can also keep alive and make happen my dream of the Mind-Body Connection University.