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                      THE PUZZLE FACTORY SYNDROME
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    You do not have to purchase anything. When you learn the laws of Smart Thinking, you can get the good things you want out of life. Smart Thinking techniques are helping people make more money, have better relationships, overcome old-school conditioning, give up unhealthy habits, and make their dreams come true.The information is simple, fun, and easy to understand.

     I am going to teach you what I have discovered while working in my private office at the South Texas Medical Center, in the 1980's, in San Antonio, Texas.  

    I have lectured around the world, advised the U.S. State Department on Foreign Affairs,  advised a Presidential candidate, visited with members of Mensa, helped Navy Seals in training, NBA, NFL coaches and players, Pentathlon Athletes, Olympic Athletes, Doctors, Corporate leaders, Foreign Dignitaries, ABC TV,  Police Academy trainees, provided information to the highest law enforcement agency in the U.S., and to students and teachers at all levels of education.

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     1.  Preface
     2.  Forward
     3.  Dedication
     4.  Disclaimer
     5.  Introduction

CHAPTER 1   Meet the Wagners

   The Wagners Did It

CHAPTER 3   The Laws of the Subconscious

CHAPTER 4   Stress Is A Feeling And Feelings Are A Choice

CHAPTER 5   Put the Uncomfortable Past Away Forever

CHAPTER 6   A Look At Depression

CHAPTER 7   Smoking Can't Kill You, But Not Thinking And The
                      Lack of Oxygen Can

CHAPTER 8   Throw The Bear A Cookie

CHAPTER 9   To Drink Or Not To Drink

CHAPTER 10  Fat Is Not Forever

CHAPTER 11  Asthma Be Gone

CHAPTER 12  Help Cure Cancer With Words And Thoughts

CHAPTER 13  Do You Have Kidney Problems?

CHAPTER 14  The Professional Athlete

CHAPTER 15  The Subconscious Mind In Our Everyday Lives

CHAPTER 16  The Media
CHAPTER 17  You Have Been Brainwashed
CHAPTER 18  The Super Salesman
CHAPTER 19  Opinion vs. Emotion
CHAPTER 20  Here's Johnny, The 'Tonight Show' That Almost Was         CHAPTER 21  The Child
CHAPTER 22  Teenagers Are People, Too
CHAPTER 23  The Simple Handshake, Please
CHAPTER 24  Please Do Not Bother Me..I Am Not Dead
CHAPTER 25  Prescription Drug Abuse
CHAPTER 26  You Can Eliminate Pain and Disease
CHAPTER 27  Paralysis Is Not Necessary
CHAPTER 28  Tom Ray's Coma Theory
CHAPTER 29  The Criminal Mind
CHAPTER 30  Physical Child Abuse
CHAPTER 31  Marriage: A Two-Year Contract
CHAPTER 32  Stuttering Is Not A Speech Problem
CHAPTER 33  Dreams, Dreams, Dreams
CHAPTER 34  Hit In The Face By A Yellow School Bus
CHAPTER 35  Induction Process For Positive Input
CHAPTER 36  Who Is Tom Ray?
CHAPTER 37  What Happened to Tom Ray?
CHAPTER 38  Letters...I Get Letters
  A short poem by a client
Articles, I write articles: 


The Laws of the Subconscious are now available for the first time.  I often wonder why some great scientist did not step forth with this information a long time before I did. 

I was taught to be a non-reader, even though both of my parents were great teachers.  I was average-to-poor in math and chemistry, even though my Dad was a College Chemistry Teacher and a whiz at Math. I failed English and Logic in college, even though my Mom was an English teacher.  I could never type more than about 23 words a minute. I have a computer and I barely know how to turn it on.  (Now, in the new millennium, I am getting better at the computer.) I have been fired from almost every job I have ever had.  Why then, am I writing this book to provide information to the world?

Read this book and then, you make the call !


When I refer to The Puzzle Factory Syndrome, I am characterizing the human Subconscious.  This human Subconscious, which is designed to protect us, can take new or old untrue, totally illogical information, add new information to the new or the old, divide that with three different smells, two sounds and three reasonable situations and cause you to do things that are not good for you. It can also have you do things that could very well get you killed!

In other words, the Subconscious will do what it thinks is right in order to protect you, even though you may get hurt in the process. The human Subconscious Mind controls every function of the body. It is so very easy to change old habits, to speed the healing process and to modify any body function for success, health and happiness.  

In The Puzzle Factory Syndrome, I have explained in simple and understandable terms how to use the Laws of the Subconscious to overrule the Subconscious, so that you become Successful, Healthy and Happy, Today!

Learn and use these laws and experience favorable changes in your life, NOW!

*If you are already successful, healthy and happy, you had better read this book. It will teach you to stay that way.


            This book is dedicated to my wife, Judy.  


Before you start reading this book, understand that when people came to me to be hypnotized, they were not hypnotized.  They simply attained a state of perfect concentration and relaxation and, in that condition, they became very suggestible.

 I do not write drug prescriptions.  I am not a Medical Doctor.  If you need medical attention, call your Medical Doctor, now!

Write to me and tell me about your successes after reading this book. Who knows? Maybe in my next book, your stories will help someone else!


This book was conceived back in the early days of the 1980’s. As my life had progressed and as I took on another job, this being about my fiftieth, I knew that someday I would no longer be a Professional Hypnotist. I dealt with some unusual situations and stories as a Professional Hypnotist and realized that it might help other people to hear these stories.

I began to write short stories about the people who came into my office and their situations. I changed their stories in certain ways, so as not to violate any confidences, while maintaining creditability to the experience.

As I continued to help people from all walks of life, it became apparent to me that their situations were not important to the solution of their problems. What became important was the way in which my clients (not my patients) had arrived at their seemingly unsolvable dilemmas. Even more importantly, I figured out how to easily correct the so-called unsolvable situations.

As I worked and analyzed what was happening in my office at the South Texas Medical Center, the answers became so very simple.  After 10 years of being a Professional Hypnotist and writing and rewriting my Laws of the Subconscious, here we are, in a new millennium.


CHAPTER 1 ....Meet the Wagners 


This publication provides the Author’s opinions and neither the Publisher nor the author, Tom Ray, intends to render medical, psychological or other professional advice.


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