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  The University

"Mind-Body Medicine is finally in demand. Unfortunately, at the present time, there are no educational entities, or disseminators of information that understand or teach the truth about the real connection the mind has with the body. Over the years, man has gotten close, but never totally solved the puzzle. Yes, good things are happening, but imagine what can be done with a total understanding of the Mind-Body Connection.

With the help of what I have discovered and implemented over a ten year period, at my private office in the South Texas Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas, I helped people from all walks of life with every type of human dysfunction that the mainstream medical establishment could not fix.  It is now time to share with the world the answers to the Human Mind-Body Connection Code.

To utilize and benefit from the Great Discoveries in today's world requires the effort of many people. 

I am asking you to join with me and be  a part of providing support in this revolutionary movement, today. The basic research has been done.  It is time to make great things happen, now.  Read over some of my CASE STUDIES.
Wouldn't it be nice to tell your friends that not only are you learning new ways to truly help yourself, you are actually being part of a special movement to help mankind?" 

The future Mind-Body Connection University
is still a dream.  But, today, through the Foundation, we have the results of already proven Mind-Body Connection discoveries made by the Founder, and can provide these results to Medical Schools, Colleges and Universities, primary and secondary educational institutions, home educational programs, the Military, the Media, and Industry.