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          "Finally, I have broken the Mind-Body Connection Code."

It is time for a revolution in thinking, speaking and acting for the good things in life.  It is simple.  All we have to do is to understand and use newly discovered simple true information about the Mind-Body Connection.

Back in the 1980’s, with my private office in the South Texas Medical Center, in San Antonio, Texas, I discovered that our Illogical Subconscious’ primary purpose is the survival of the host, our body.  I also discovered how it works.  Unfortunately, because of how the Illogical Subconscious works, I cannot stress too strongly, sometimes in its attempt to help the body survive, it will do great damage or kill the body.  This can happen very fast and sometimes very slowly.  When understood and used properly, our Illogical Subconscious can also keep us healthy and happy and even help us return to good health if we become sick.

For years, by using the information I discovered, I have helped people of all ages and all walks of life to solve their Social, Medical, Physiological, and Psychological problems. It is now time for me to teach the world what I have learned.

Because of the way our Illogical Subconscious acts, I conclude we are all carriers of something I call the Puzzle Factory Syndrome. Our Subconscious mind can take old information, untrue, totally illogical information, any kind of crazy information and put it with good sound true and valuable information, several sounds, different smells, ten unrelated situations and cause you to do things that are not good for you. That is why you need to know how it works and control it and not let it control you.

In order to control the Puzzle Factory Syndrome for the good things in life, I formulated The Laws of the Subconscious.  As a result of these findings, I recognized the deadly effects of something I call Information Poisoning, along with Subconscious Commands to Fail.

Because the bottom line is your survival, your Illogical Subconscious will step in and take over if you do not make the right conscious decisions on your own.  Unfortunately, your conscious decisions are made based on information that you think is true.  Often times, because the human was not taught the truth about the Mind-Body Connection, your conscious decisions are often made based on falsehoods.  As a result, your body or your mind can get sick and you suffer and may die too early or a multitude of other bad things can happen to you.

As many people as possible now should be educated about this new information and how to use it.  It is almost too simple.  Unfortunately, our entire information and education system, the media, ordinary human interactive conversation, etc. is continuing to evolve downward; thereby increasing the spread of the downside of The Puzzle Factory Syndrome.

My non-profit (MBC-REF) Mind-Body Connection Research and Education Foundation™, was created to support the soon to be established Mind-Body Connection University. The results of my discoveries will be written in a format that can be taught in Public Schools, Colleges, Universities, Medical Schools, the Military, Industry, the Media, personal and Home Study Courses.

Please read the interesting Case Studies section of this website about some of the people I helped.  When you are finished, I am sure you will appreciate the importance of educating everyone about how their minds interact with their bodies, before it is too late. The reason I say “too late”, is that I am in my 70's and I may need more than 30 to 40 years to carry out this most important mission without the help of others.  Together, we can do this, “NOW”.

In The Twelve Laws of the Subconscious, one of those laws is; The subconscious can only deal with the time frame called “NOW”.  It can do nothing about the past and it cannot deal with the future.  Therefore, we need your help right NOW, in order to educate man NOW and to plan great things for the future.   I am calling on you to do your part NOW!  Please make your charitable tax deductible donation NOW.
                                                                                                                            ━Tom Ray, Founder