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The Founder of the MBC-REF has already done the years of research and trials needed to prove his discoveries.  Now it is his goal to share his work with people everywhere.  This project is bigger than one man can handle. 


Many people donate to causes where it can take years and millions of dollars to find the cure for a particular disease and sometimes it never comes. By using the true information about the Mind-Body Connection, not only do you get cures today, you also get the best of all: prevention of diseases. 


"We do not have to bet on and hope for some of the cures in the future.  The discovery of the true connection between the mind and the body is available now.  It is all about educating the people and Making Life Better Today."
                                                                                                                                                   •  Tom Ray, Founder


Case Studies will give you a better insight and understanding as to how the Mind-Body Connection works.