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  Tom Ray in the early 1980s

Tom Ray, Director and Founder of the Mind-Body Connection Research and Education Foundation, a Texas author, businessman, husband and father, is a person with a very important message.  His lectures are exciting, humorous and riveting. If you ever hear him speak, you will walk away a changed person.  (Read a free copy on this site.)

When asked what his book, The Puzzle Factory Syndrome is about, Tom says, “If there is something going on in your life that you do not like and want to change, eliminate, or make better, this is the book for you.  I even keep a copy beside my chair and I read it often, to keep myself sharp.”

The Puzzle Factory Syndrome, is a work of 20 years or more.  While in his office in the South Texas Medical Center, he formulated what he calls The Laws of the Subconscious© which he also likes to call The Laws of Smart Thinking™.  Tom states, “If we all had been taught these laws early in our lives, the people of the world would be a lot healthier, happier and, most assuredly, a lot more successful.  Success is not necessarily the accumulation of wealth.”  

As a result of his work, Tom Ray has lectured in the U.S., in Mexico, and abroad.  His clients have been as varied as doctors, lawyers, business executives, both U.S. and foreign, housewives, teenagers, and small children. One of his clients was a man who claimed to be an Indian Chief! 

Tom Ray has given lectures to high schools and colleges, Mensa Clubs, and U.S. Navy Seals-in-training. In the early eighties, he worked with the San Antonio Spurs NBA basketball team and several U.S. Olympic athletes. Through his work, he provided information to a high level law enforcement agency, helping to solve an important high profile murder case in San Antonio.  He provided information to the U. S. State Department, during the Iran hostage crisis. The stories go on and on.  

In the last chapter of his book, What happened to Tom Ray-30 hours in a Day, he gives an interesting and humorous insight into a situation that can happen to anyone.  Even though he is a very successful family provider, husband, and father, it has not all been a bed of roses.  He laughs about his failures and his unusual successes. 

The most important message in his book is his explanation of exactly what the relationship of the mind and body is and how it works.  He states, “Nowhere in the Library of Congress is this vital information available, until now."  He goes on to say, 

"The unfortunate part of the average person’s thinking is, he/she thinks that there is nothing wrong with his/her thinking. 

As a result, people are failing and dying as a result every type of affliction you can imagine.  With the knowledge of how the mind and body work together, most of these no-good situations can be avoided.  Control over mind and body for success, health and happiness is easily understood and obtained.  Just read the book, do what I tell you to do, and then buy one for a friend.  Do not give away your copy.”

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Tom Ray, Founder: The Mind-Body Connection Research and Education Foundation,


Tom Ray’s Early Days

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