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"Making Life Better Today" 
            They came for magic. I gave them the truth.
           "Case studies"           

                        The reason for the name, The Puzzle Factory Syndrome, is the subconscious mind acts like an illogical puzzle factory that takes all kinds of true, untrue, related and unrelated, some new and some maybe very old information and then uses that information to control the body function.  That is why you see people do the strange and unhealthy things they do, plus develop some of the so-called incurable diseases.

     Many of my clients were Medical Doctors.  Those Doctors, before they came to me, found that they, with all the medical information available to them were unable to solve some of their own problems, medical or otherwise.  

    "Our Medical establishment has produced wonderful life-saving results and new discoveries are being made every day and that is a good thing.  But, I have discovered that there is another part of the 'Equation' for helping the human attain good health, happiness and a good life. I have proven it over and over again.  Let’s train the people of the world so they can understand and use this valuable Mind-Body Connection information.  With your help, we can do this faster.  The information is available now." 

The Puzzle Factory Syndrome, Information Poisoning, Subconscious Commands to Fail, can cause the following, plus much, much more:


Some cancers, Parkinson’s Disease,
Alzheimer’s, Autism, some forms of
, chronic pain, Multiple Sclerosis, 
(MS) forget about genetics, Muscular
Dystrophy (MD) forget about genetics,

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD),
Dyslexia, Asthma, Depression, stress
and pressure
, hypertension, anxiety,
Epilepsy, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome,
Bipolar Disorder,  ADHD, ADD, migraines,
Anorexia and Bulimia, allergic reactions,
phobias, paranoia, some paralyses,
Tourette’s Syndrome, most mental illnesses,
ome blindness, some deafness,
ome infertility, hearing voices,
ringing in the ears,
excessive greed, stuttering, impotency,  
obesity, Alcoholism, anger problems,

excessive smoking, cutters (kids cutting
school dropouts, gangs,
oor grades, lack of self-confidence,
o self-motivation, hyperactivity in
children, glue and paint sniffing,

teenage pregnancy, mood abnormalities,
uicides and thoughts of suicide at all
levels of society
, use of dangerous
chemicals and drugs
, addictions of
all kinds
, excessive use of prescription drugs.

 On top of all that, the Illogical Subconscious can cause people to murder, rape, rob, start wars, develop dangerous habits, and the list goes on and on.




 The information herein provided is for information only
and is not considered to be directives in any form. 
Before you change the way you think, speak or act,
consult with a licensed professional. 

 Situations, they brought me situations:

In each case, I first asked a ton of questions.  Then, I explained how the person's thoughts, words and actions affect the way the mind is controlling his/her body.


Next, I had to find the information buried in the memory bank that was present before and during the body breakdown.  From the answers to my questions, I can determine if bad information is presently being used to support the continuing body breakdown which is being commanded by the mind.   The body heals, but the mind often does not get the message, therefore the symptoms continue.

It would have taken years of old-school conscious psychotherapy and maybe even then, the information may not have been found.  That information is simple to find and turn around when you know how to do it.   

After rationalizing those bits and pieces of information in the memory bank that are causing the body breakdown, the dysfunction starts to dissipate and the mind works on the body to return it to a healthy state. 

After all this takes place, I teach the person how to take charge of the Illogical Subconscious.  At times, when the Illogical Subconscious is triggered, it will attempt to go back to the old information and produce the unhealthy symptom.  When the person understands the Mind-Body Connection and takes over when necessary, the Illogical Subconscious becomes conditioned to no longer use the destructive information.  As a result, the body progresses back to the good side of health.

With new information about the Mind-Body Connection, the person continues to use his new bag of tools (new truthful information) that he should have been given in the beginning of his life. As a result, everything gets better.  He/she can now use those tools for controlling the way he speaks, thinks, acts and perceives things.  In essence, he/she takes charge of retraining his/her own mind to perform favorably based on simple easy conscious healthy and successful choices. 

 Ninety-nine percent of medical research is symptom-related with the emphasis on the chemical and biological aspects of the body.  It is time to eliminate the old-school wives tales and teach the truth about the mind-body connection.  Your life and good health depend upon it.



The Surgeon with shaky hands

One Surgeon who came to me had developed an emotional, physical and neurological problem and lost the use of his hands.  His hands would shake so bad that he was unable to return to the operating room.  He continued to deteriorate, emotionally and physically.  After spending thousands of dollars traveling around the world looking for a cure, he came to me and we solved his situation simply and quickly.  After about three to four hours working with me, he regained the use of his hands.  It is a perfect example of how the mind can cause a physical and neurological problem. With proper understanding and control over The Puzzle Factory Syndrome, his mind allowed his body to return to normal. 

The Solution

It all started with a phone call one day from an old college buddy he really admired who lived in another city.  He always, in his mind, had put this Medical School buddy on a pedestal.  His buddy always made better grades than he did.  He seemed to grasp the situation faster than he did. He thought his friend was just an all-around better Surgeon than he was.  One day, his buddy called and said, “I am going to be in your city today. Let’s go play a round of golf this afternoon.”  The Surgeon said, “I cannot. I have an appendectomy scheduled.”  The old college buddy said, “I will come to the Hospital and assist you and we can visit during surgery; then we can go play golf.”   

Now, here is where the Illogical Subconscious stepped in and started the hands to shake.  As the Surgeon was performing the appendectomy, with his old college buddy assisting, he began to think to himself, “Am I doing a good enough job?  What does my buddy think of my techniques?  Do I pass muster with this great Surgeon?” 

With all this negative input to the Illogical Subconscious, in an effort to get the Surgeon off the bad thinking, it sent him a little case of feel-bads and the shakes. 

 Then fear stepped in and yes, his hands began to shake.  He finally finished the surgery and they went to play golf.  Because the Illogical Subconscious is just that, not logical, when our Surgeon went back to do another surgery, the Illogical Subconscious concluded, “When we were here last, what did we do?  We experienced fear here and we had a great big feel-bad and our hands shook.” 

There was no conscious, repeat, no conscious thought about all this or the previous shaking, but when he started surgery again, his hands started to shake again.  He then became consciously scared.  Those conscious thoughts went straight to the Illogical Subconscious’s memory vault.  The old college buddy had long gone back to his hometown.  Now, the Doctor thought that he had developed a neurological problem, not having put the information puzzle together consciously.  He had to quit his surgery practice and after thousands of dollars and many specialists later, he came to see me.  We solved his problem in a matter of hours.

War II Vet having fear of the word, Kill 

(On the surface, this case sounded like a snap to figure out.  Boy, was I wrong!)

A WWII veteran, an older gentleman, forty years after the war, began to not be able to think the word “kill” without getting sick.  Even if he heard the word on TV, he would get sick.   He became depressed and started to deteriorate physically and emotionally. This story really shows how the Illogical Subconscious can put unrelated old and new information together and run the body ragged. 

 The Solution

 One day he went out into his backyard.  He had forgotten about the crazy, huge, vicious, barking dog that lived next door.  The dog’s house was up against the fence on his neighbor’s side.  He must have gotten too close to the fence, not paying any attention to the fact that there was a crazed animal living next door.   The dog came out of the doghouse, spun around and started barking at him, as though he was going to tear a hole right through that fence and eat him alive. It really startled and upset him.  He went back into his house, flopped down in his easy chair next to his wife’s chair in front of the TV and said, “I am going to kill that dog.”  His wife, sitting in her chair,  leaned forward a little and kicked the edge of his chair, lovingly and said, “No, honey, you’re not going to kill that dog.” 

Here is where the Illogical Subconscious stepped in and sent him a warning signal.  The feel-bad he was experiencing was much like a couple of big feel-bads he had experienced back in WWII.  When his wife kicked his chair, he was having a feel-bad already.  He had just used the word “kill.” Now, here is the tiny piece of important information that I was looking for. When she kicked his chair, the jar of the kick to the chair felt like, to the Illogical Subconscious, the jar of the explosion that he felt forty years earlier each time his plane got shot out of the air, twice, no less. 

 Now, the combination of a wartime memory of getting shot down twice and the thought, “I’d better get out of this plane or I am going to die,” were coupled with the words, "kill that dog." For some strange reason to the Illogical Subconscious, the word, “kill” became the trigger to a great big feel-bad forty years later. Once he realized how the Puzzle Factory Syndrome worked and how it was causing his problem, he developed a new way of thinking, and the word, “kill” never bothered him again.

Bad soup or the bad pot: 

A lady, about 40 years of age, came in with her neck and head all bent over to her shoulder.  All she wanted from me was to help her get rid of the pain.  She had accepted that her neck and head would be in that position forever.  All the doctors could do was to give her medication for the pain. 

The Solution

After digging around in her Memory Bank for that special information that was causing the dysfunction, it was discovered that, one day, she was cooking a pot of soup in an old aluminum pot that must have been made during the Great Depression.  The old lid had a small wooden knob on the top that was held on with what I call a stove bolt.  It was a long slender bolt with a square nut on the underside of the lid.  Over the years, the nut had gotten looser and not being very mechanical, she never tightened it with a pair of pliers like she should have. 

On that fateful day, the little square nut fell off into the soup.  While eating the soup, she bit down on that metal nut and wrenched the muscles in her jaw and neck.  Later, she had pain in her jaw and neck and not giving much thought to the little square nut, she began to worry about the pain.  One thing led to another and after about a year of staying in her home alone with her head and neck bent over to her shoulder and no help from the Doctors, she finally came to me for help.  It was a simple fix.  The pain went away.  Her neck and head went back to normal.  We just put her Illogical Subconscious back in her control, rather than her Illogical Subconscious being in control of her.  A person does have a mind that has rules.  No one ever taught us those rules.

Sleeping with her eyes open:

A single lady about thirty years old came to me to solve her problem of sleeping with her eyes open.  When we solved her situation, her eyes gently closed.  I put her on the couch and talked her into a perfect relaxed state.  Normally, when people get that relaxed, they close their eyes.  This young lady did not close her eyes. She exhibited all the characteristics of the perfectly relaxed person except, there she was, with her eyes open. Talk about spooky!  I thought to myself, “Now, I have seen it all.” 

The Solution

She lived alone and sometimes, she worked late.  When she came home late from work, it would be dark.  When she went to her apartment window to close the blinds, she could see the dark outline of a man down on the corner, across the street from the school, looking up at her.  Consciously, she knew what it was.  For some reason, the first time she saw him, it scared the willies out of her.  She knew that it was just the metal cut-out of a policeman holding a stop sign for the kids at the school crosswalk.  Consciously, it made no difference knowing what she saw.  Every night, she came home and went to that window, even though she knew what it was, and he was still there looking up at her.  The mind sent her a little fear, momentarily, every night that she would look out that window.  The Illogical Subconscious must have concluded, in order to protect her, “I will just have you sleep with your eyes open.”  One day, she realized that her eyes were really giving her problems.  Some way, somehow, when she went to her Doctor, it was determined that she was sleeping with her eyes open.  He did not know what to do, so she came to see me.  It was a simple fix.  Had this not been fixed, by not blinking or closing her eyes at night, her eyes would have dried out and she would have lost her eyesight.

The young man soon to be a vital statistic:

The young man, about fourteen, had all kinds of allergies and had a rash all over his body.  He was allergic to animals, pets, and all kinds of foods; most everything. He was basically a shut-in and would have eventually died or committed suicide. 

 The Solution

His mother and father, ten years earlier, when he was about four, had gone to visit some of their friends who had a young son about his same age.  The boys ran and played and just basically overdid it.  When they sat down for something to eat, he puked.  As you understand, kids puke.  That is what they do.  The Mom panicked, and Dad panicked when Mom panicked.  The people that they were staying with thought they had poisoned their friends’ kid and they panicked.  All this scared the “you know what” out of the kid. 

Ten years later, with thousands of shots, Pediatricians and Doctors of all kinds, the young boy had become a shut-in.  When I got through with him and explained what happened in his Illogical Subconscious, and put him in charge of himself, he returned to normal.  By his third or fourth visit, his Mom had purchased a dog and a parakeet for him.  The rash that he had for ten years was gone.  Seven years later, I saw his mother in an Albertson’s Supermarket near my house.  I asked her about her son.  She told me he was as normal as any kid and was about to graduate from college.  Had I not discovered how the mind works and taught the young man to be in charge of his, he would have eventually killed himself.  We saved another child.

Was it the broken glass or the broken marriage?

My now deceased Aunt cut her hand with a broken glass while washing dishes.  After the cut had healed, the pain persisted.

The Solution

My Aunt, one of the youngest of eight kids, was the first to divorce.  This was back in the 1940’s and, being from a culture that did not look favorably on divorce, her parents, brothers and sisters gave her all kinds of grief.  Forty-five years after the divorce, Helen cut her hand on a broken glass while washing dishes and had to have stitches.  She developed a pain that would not go away.  Whenever she would call her sisters and brothers, they would say, “Poor Helen, are you OK?  I hope you get to feeling better, Helen.  Is there anything I can do, Helen?  We all love you, Helen.  If you need us, Helen, just give us a call.”

Bingo!  Now that she was getting acceptance from her brothers and sisters, the Illogical Subconscious put the acceptance with the pain and kept the pain going.  The mind liked those warm fuzzies from her siblings.  In her Illogical Subconscious mind, she was finally free from the stigma of the divorce, if she kept the pain. This was not a conscious thought, but a subconscious reaction to bits and pieces of information.  Even after my aunt had an operation to cut or block the nerves to the arm, the pain continued.  Once she realized what was going on, she changed her thinking and the pain went away.

Twenty years of paralysis: 

A young high school girl was in gym class one day and happened to be the smallest member of the group.  They were working on building a human pyramid.  She was picked to be the girl on the top.  She became frightened when she fell and had a minor muscle strain.  When she got home, she told her Mother about the situation and how afraid she was about going back to gym class.  This also got her more attention from her Mom.  The illogical part of her mind put two and two together and said, "I know how to keep you out of gym class and get you more of Mother’s attention at home."  Paralysis set in and, twenty years later, we solved the situation with new information. In just a few visits, she returned to normal.

A Doctor with Clinical Depression:  (No pun intended.)

Back in Medical School, a Department Head Doctor, thinking he was motivating an intern, told the young medical student that he had no business being a Doctor.  The Intern’s Illogical Subconscious mind saved that information and later put a lot of other information together with it and when he became a Doctor, he developed a full time feel-bad. “Here I am a Doctor and my Professor said I should not be one.”  (This thought breaks the Subconscious Law of Yes and No.)  I wrote about him in my book.  I often wonder why in America, every day, a Doctor commits suicide.  That is 365 dead Doctors a year, just here in the United States. The reason he came to me was that his wife had come to me first for some other reason.  After her visits with me, she sent him to me.  I fixed both of them!  His wife told me he became a totally different man overnight.  He had been a full-time grump.  She said that he finally funded his eighteen year old daughter’s class ring and purchased her a new car as a graduation present.  He became a happy person in everything that he did.  She said he turned into the perfect husband.  We saved another Doctor!  That year, only 364 Doctors committed suicide.

 Eureka! What if we could educate all the doctors in America about The Puzzle Factory Syndrome?

One Emergency Room Doctor reduced her emergency room patients’ unnecessary returns by ninety percent by using some of the information techniques I taught her.

Before my book was written, young Medical students who heard my San Antonio KONO radio show would ask me to send them as much information as I had on my findings. 

We met at the Church:

One of my young clients had become paralyzed by a stroke and for years was unable to use his arm and hand on one side. He walked with a limp and his arm hung useless to the side.  I first met him at my wife’s brother’s wedding. I told him to come see me and I would take him, at no cost. In a matter of two days, one hour on one day and one hour the next, he was able to grip, hold, and carry his briefcase with the so-called bad hand and arm.  He walked out of my office with that briefcase in his hand.

An outstanding student was ready to kill herself on graduation day:

One young lady, a high school senior, wanted to kill herself because of a simple statement that her father kept making to her.  On the surface, the statement sounded very protective and caring.  For her, it came as Information Poisoning to the extent that she was ready to commit suicide before she graduated.  Thank God, we saved another child.

Stamps as payment for Heart Surgery:

One day, I was in a local San Antonio stamp store.  I met a gentleman who was soon to go in for heart surgery.  He was scared to death.  I told him if he would come to me, I would take him for free, but after his surgery, if he was pleased with the results, he could pay me in stamps.  I wrote about it in my book.  
I got my stamps.  They were real nice ones, too.

Bad information or a bad break:

 One man fell off his horse, broke his leg and the break would not heal.  Remember what I said: “The mind controls the body.” The key is in understanding how the mind works.  After our visits, his leg began to heal.

Too young for Menopause. 

A 30 year old lady stopped having her menstrual cycle for about two years.   The Doctors could not determine why.  With my help and information, her period returned to normal.  The strange part of this case is that she came to me for a totally different reason and I never knew of the menstrual cycle situation. By changing one situation, the body returned to normal in another situation. 

A wart the size of a half-dollar:

 A young lady came to me to lose weight.  At the end of one of our sessions, she mentioned a large half-dollar size wart on the heel of her left foot. Her dad and mom, over the years while she was growing up, spent no telling how much money and time taking her to different doctors to get it cut out, cut off, burned out, etc.  No luck.  In thirty days, with my help, it was gone.  With The Puzzle Factory Syndrome and the Illogical Subconscious under her control, the wart went away.  I recall that I did not spend more than thirty seconds on the wart situation. Go figure!  It was not what I said about the wart, but all the things I taught her to think and say to herself.

Black Magic or the Illogical Subconscious:

I helped train a young college-educated Mexican Witch Doctor from here in San Antonio.    He told me some great stories.  With my help, he became an even better Curandero

A lady who felt that she had been possessed by the Devil came to see me.  Had I not helped her do away with her backward way of thinking, she would have died.  Talk about Information Poisoning!  She wanted an Exorcism.  I gave her one.  Remember, there is part of the mind that is not logical.  Your Illogical Subconscious mind will kill you if you do not control it.

Dentists have a higher suicide rate than any other profession:

My Dentist increased the comfort of his patients, thereby relieving his own stress and pressure.  His stress and pressure was being caused by the Information Poisoning that was taught to him in Dental School.  Dentists have the highest suicide rate of any profession.  Just think of how many Dentists we could save.  We need those guys.

Another Dentist reduced the unnecessary call-backs from his patients just by one simple statement he made to them right after he finished his work.

Bad Kidney or the mighty All American Dollar:

A young kid about 21 was brought to me by his grandmother who had heard me speak at a ladies’ “cold chicken dinner” luncheon.  He had kidney failure and was on dialysis.  His kidneys produced no urine. Zero, zip, nothing.  In about two weeks and only with about four hours work with me, his kidneys started producing urine again.  I contacted his Doctor who, by the way, was supposedly the Doctor who controlled all the Dialysis machines in the area, and explained to him what I was doing.  I asked him to work with me on the case.  The kid never returned to my office. The Doctor and the all-mighty “American Dollar” won out and the kid probably died.  Now, you tell me what is right! 

Good Dog!

An elderly man brought me his favorite hunting dog.  I asked him, “What is the problem with your dog.  He said that his dog became afraid of the sound of the gun.  I asked, “What have you tried?”  He said he first had to teach him to talk.  After that, he said that he was constantly arguing with the dog about going out and jumping in the icy cold water to retrieve the shot duck.  He said that the dog told him one day that he was ready to do something different besides retrieving dead cold wet ducks.  I asked the man what happened next.  He said he took his dog fly fishing and found that he always caught the biggest fish.  I asked what happened next.  His dog told him that if I had not taught him to talk and read the newspaper, he would not be liberated and now he chooses to do what he wants to do. 

I last saw them at the movies.  I was surprised.  I did not know that dogs liked popcorn.  The lesson here is to not teach your dog to talk.


     "If you do not make your own entertainment you might not get any.  I have to have a little fun too!"           ─Tom Ray 


Was it the choir or his flock?

A preacher was becoming very ill and depressed.  The final conclusion:  He was afraid of what his flock thought of him. Was he a good enough preacher?  Was he worthy enough to be a man of the cloth, etc?    This fear finally manifested itself and carried over into everything that he did regarding his ministry.  It was a real quick fix. 

By the way, a lot of Preachers are accidentally wrong.  They have the words backwards.  They say, “Fear God.”   I do not think that was the intent.  So, let’s change the words, “Respect God.”  Why motivate with the word, fear?  It is asinine and insane.  The mind knows what to do with the word, "fear."  Fear has a meaning in the memory bank.  Fear will kill you quicker than most anything.  There is no feel-bad associated with the word, “respect”.

His red-headed wife:

A lady brought in her husband, along with a letter from his Doctor.  The letter listed about ten or fifteen different things that the Doctor claimed were wrong with him.  In my office, he sat in the chair like a veggie (no disrespect to the client).  The man returned to normal in about thirty minutes. His red-headed wife was the problem.  If he stood up, she told him to sit down.  If he sat down, she said to stand up.  He decided to go into a shell and do nothing, so she would leave him alone.  You take it from there…………..thirty minutes is all it took. 

Bad Blood:

For a simple D&C, the inept Anesthesiologist put the endotracheal tube down the esophagus, not the trachea.  He filled her belly with air rather than her lungs.  The lack of oxygen caused her blood to turn dark and she went into a coma. I saw the lady in the ICU and she had been in a coma for about 35 days.  She had not moved the entire time she was in the coma. With her Doctor by my side and with her still being in a coma, I got a reaction out of her in about three to five minutes.  The Subconscious is in there listening, even when you are asleep or in a coma. It is time we start teaching the people of the world about the Mind-Body Connection.

Alzheimer’s is a learned dysfunction:

Believe it or not, Alzheimer’s is a learned dysfunction.  Forget about what the x-rays and brain scans show.  That is all after the fact.  I know, because I have helped people turn it around and one of them was only about twenty-five years old. The Doctors tried to give it to my elderly mother before she passed and I would not allow it.  Her mind was sharp as a tack when she left us at age 95. 

Another United States President dies, this time by accident: 

This might surprise you.  The Doctors and Nancy accidentally killed President Reagan before his time.  They accidentally taught him to have Alzheimer’s.  When the Doctors explain the things that are happening in the body of a person with Alzheimer’s, they think that is the cause.  Any change in the body is after the fact.  Repeat, after the fact.  Information Poisoning killed President Reagan.

"Things that the Medical Community does not yet understand."

 Die from a bee sting.  You have got to be kidding:

There is not enough venom in a honey bee sting to do anything, but sting. But, people die every year from bee stings.  No, they do not die from bee stings. They die from Information Poisoning related to bee stings or even something totally not related to bee stings.  Therein lies the rub.   Because of the Illogical Subconscious’s attempt to protect you, it will kill you in a New York minute.  By controlling and understanding The Puzzle Factory Syndrome, you are covered!  The information in the given Information Poisoning might have nothing to do with the actual dysfunction or the so-called cause of the dysfunction. 

Give me peanut butter and jelly, not peanut butter and fear:

Did you know that there are no toxic chemicals in peanut butter?  The peanut butter just happened to be there when the Information Poisoning was recorded. Again, I say, even though the peanut butter was present when the dysfunction happened, the dysfunction had nothing to do with the peanut butter.  Because the subconscious is not logical, the peanut butter now becomes the trigger for the Illogical Subconscious to cause the anaphylactic shock in the child.

The medical papers will tell you that a child can have the anaphylactic shock, even when the peanut butter is not even present.  What actually happens:  The peanut butter or something experienced through the senses triggers the fear that was caused and recorded in the mind when the original incident happened.  Fear is the culprit.  Then the vicious cycle starts with the speed of light and the anaphylactic shock takes place. 

By properly making the Information Poisoning invalid and inserting new information, and teaching the person how to control The Puzzle Factory Syndrome and the Illogical Subconscious, the reaction will subside.  It will eventually fade to no reaction, even when the previous so-called triggering information or substance is introduced.  If the parents had been properly educated in the Mind-Body Connection and the Laws of the Subconscious and used these laws properly, and had known about and understood how Information Poisoning works, the child would not have had an adverse reaction, regardless of the normally consumed substance.

They are building new and bigger hospitals and jails everyday, because all of the above-mentioned dysfunctions lead to other problems. The cost to our government and to each of us individually has gotten out of hand and will continue to rise. Our Doctors and Educators are being overloaded with Information Poisoning.   

Yes, I respect my Doctor and I use his valuable services and all the wonderful advances in Medicine that he has at his fingertips.  But the point is to stop the dysfunction before it happens.  If the dysfunction does happen, Modern Medicine and my new information should be used together to return the person to good health.  A good example is the chapter in my book, “Please do not bother me. I am not dead.”

I can sit down with you and with as many people from as many different disciplines that you choose and explain the basics of how the mind works and ask some very simple questions.  The questions would come from ordinary life experiences and events.  Over a fifteen minute period, there would be many untrue answers and many Commands to Fail. 

The time is now for the Information Revolution to include the Science of the workings of the human mind, not the brain, but the mind. 

I have a friend who told me that when his father hears the words, “cold gravy,” he instantly pukes.  My dad was a College Chemistry Professor and he thought peppermint in gum or candy could make him drunk.  The mind will do strange things to you, unless you control and understand it.

When people understand what I teach, use the information on a daily basis, decide to take charge of their Illogical Subconscious, and make invalid all that old information stored in their memory banks, they will become free of the Information Poisoning that causes body breakdown and those needless unhealthy symptoms.  It is that simple.


  • From my writings, people will find that by the simple manipulation and change of some of the words and thoughts that they use, their lives will be a million times better. That is why there is a need now for the MBC-REF, Mind-Body Connection Research and Education Foundation.  Everybody, everywhere needs to know the real truth about the relationship the mind has with the body.  Through your generous donations, you can help make really good things happen now.   


              I must tell you this last story.  It happened recently, I was truly amazed…………

The Candy Man:

      I met this guy about two months ago at the Goodwill Store, where I needed to buy myself a new pair of used shoes.  I have only had one pair of new shoes in forty years and my wife bought me those.
     I have signed a statement for my wife, saying that I will stop walking up to people and offering to give them money or a copy of my book and some of my CDs or whatever I think they might need.
     That day, I hesitated to walk up to this Hispanic male, because I do not speak Spanish.  He  looked to be in his forties.  He was all slumped over in his electric wheelchair trying to look at the used picture frames and assorted pictures.  

      The gentleman’s arm and hand, probably due to a stroke, was hanging useless and resting in his lap. One leg and foot was twisted badly, and when I spoke to him, he could barely talk. He was having problems making his words.

     I gave him my card and asked him to have someone contact me and give me his address and I would send him a book I wrote and some CDs.  I told him if he did what I told him to do, we would get him out of that wheelchair and back to good normal health, again.

     He acted somewhat appreciative and off I went.  About two weeks went by and his caregiver gave me a call.  I sent the books and information that I had offered and told the caregiver what and how to use them.

     I then wrote it off, thinking that he might get a little better in his attitude about life. I knew that I could not give him the attention I wanted to give him.

     About two months after I first met him, I was back at the Goodwill store with my wife again and there he was, cruising around in his electric wheelchair.
     I stopped and introduced myself again and when he heard my voice, he lit up like a Christmas tree. I asked him how he was doing.  He could speak much more clearly and with little effort. I asked him about his hand and arm.

     Abruptly, he raised his right arm up over his head and said, “I can move my arm now.”  He had the biggest smile on his face.  I asked him a few questions about the book.  He said that he was reading it.  I asked him about the CDs and he said he was using those. I told him that he was getting better every day and he repeated back to me that he was getting better every day.

     He showed me a new brace he had on his crippled leg and foot, indicating that he was standing and trying to walk more. 

     When he showed me the brace, he lit up again with a wonderful big smile on his face.  It was like a kid showing me his new toy that he had gotten for Christmas.  He appeared to be alive, compared to the first time I saw him.  The first time I saw him, he was basically an almost dead man riding around in an electric wheelchair.

     I told him that when he listened to the Good Health CD to have something in his bad hand and use his other hand to help make his fingers grip the item.  (I did not use the word bad.)

     He was next to one of the store shelves that had stuff piled on it. He reached over with his good hand and found an old used barbell steel pipe about a foot long and asked if I meant something like that. I told him that would work.

      I said, “Let’s do a short fifteen second session.”  I asked him to take the plastic brace off of his crippled hand.  I put the pipe in his that hand, took his other hand and had him help his crippled hand grasp the pipe. He did, and I told him to close his eyes and I talked to him for about ten or fifteen seconds about how the feeling, strength and circulation was coming back in his hand and arm.

     When we finished, I asked him if he felt anything.  He said, “Yes, a little.” My wife, being a former EMS special tech and elementary school teacher suggested gripping a rubber ball.  He was still all smiles, alive and happy as a lark.

      Before I left, without my asking, he raised his arm again over his head and said, “Look!”

      I had his name on a piece of paper at home, but did not recall it, so I asked him for his first name.  He told me with his heavy Spanish accent, but I just did not quite get it. 

     Knowing that it was very common, I said, “Do you have a nickname?”  He said it was the "Candy Man."  I talked a little about his stroke that caused the situation and told him now that he was in charge of his mind and body and being all relaxed, regardless of what happens in this  world, he will eventually return to being a normal, healthy man. 

     He reinforced my words and was all smiles again and very happy.  I saw a changed man on his way back to good health by simply changing a few words and thoughts.

     My ten years of working at my private office in the Medical Center, I helped people from all walks of life, with every type of health situation.  The discoveries that I made there have allowed me to know the true connection about how the mind controls the body and how to use that information to help people.
     I do not want to help just one person at a time.  I did that for ten years at the Medical Center. I want to help hundreds, thousands or even millions of people.  I know I can do this with your help.  You can really help me speed the process if you just will.
    Just remember, the "Candy Man" is back and picking up speed!
It is time to put a little change in the bucket!


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