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Food Allergies and
Anaphylactic Shock
It is not about the cat, the food, or the cedar.  It is about Information Poisoning and the Puzzle Factory Syndrome.

We watched Celebrity Apprentice one evening and heard one of the celebrity’s mention that his child has big time food allergies, and or, it seems he spoke of anaphylactic shock.

When I had my private office at the Medical Center, in San Antonio, in the 1980’s, this type of case was common for me.  It is a relatively easy and simple fix.  The cause is not the food or the chemicals in the food but a case of Information Poisoning.

Believe it or not, there is a simple solution to this child's delima.  The situation is information-related, more so than food-related or chemical-related.

One day, I decided to be a Professional Hypnotist.  Now days I call myself a Mind Scientist.  I opened an office right in the middle of the San Antonio Medical Center and worked there for the next ten years.  I helped a lot of people and saved a lot of lives.

Regardless of what the doctors tell you, and what you thought you saw in a show or on TV or in the movies, HYPNOSIS  DOES  NOT  EXIST.  I know, because I was the world’s best at what I did.

Understand, I am here to tell you again, Hypnosis, as most people understand it, “does not exist,” regardless of what you have seen or heard.  

What does exist, exists in everyone.  It is called an ILLOGICAL SUBCONSCIOUS and houses something I call the “Puzzle Factory Syndrome.”

In the celebrity's child’s case, as I read on the FAAN web page, the parent and the doctors think the  child is allergic to peanut butter, eggs, milk, etc.  It makes no difference what the so-called cause is, the fix is the same.  I have even seen people that had a so-called allergic reaction to newspaper print.  

Everybody on the face of the earth is affected by the Puzzle Factory Syndrome in some way or the other.  The reason for this is that everyone has an illogical part of their mind that will make them do things, and cause the body to react in an unhealthy way, in an effort to try to help them.

It has very little to do with the particular food substance.  Yes, the food and or food chemicals were recorded in the mind when the first reaction took place. And now it, along with a lot of other unrelated information, the triggering mechanism for the Puzzle Factory Syndrome steps in and cause the so-called unhealthy situation and or physiological  reaction.  

A lady brought her fourteen year old son to me. Often times, he had to be rushed to the doctor and put on oxygen and given medication.  Over a period of time, he had developed a rash all over his body.  He became basically a shut-in.  He could not go play with the other children.  He could not eat certain foods.  He could not be around animals of any kind and, as a result, he couldn’t have a pet.  His future did not look good.    

When a person is on the couch, he or she is talked to in a way so that they get really loose and relaxed, and they will close their eyes.  That is what we are conditioned to do when we are reclining and are super-relaxed. Our eyes close.  In that state, the person primarily becomes aware of only his thoughts.  When a person is that relaxed, they have no facial indications of any emotions.  They look like they are in a trance.  They are not.  They are just super, super relaxed.  If you ask them to stay in that relaxed state and open their eyes, they look like they are in a trance.  

The memory bank then opens up and bingo, information comes out.  If the technician steps out of the room and leaves the person on the couch in that calm, relaxed, comfortable state, the person will do one of two things.  He might fall asleep and take a nap.  If something happens, such as a smoke alarm going off, barking dog, a sound of any kind that was previously recorded as a “danger-related sound,” he would get up and move.  

Back to the young boy:  
While he was relaxed on the couch, this is what came out of the boy’s memory bank.  When this child was about four years old, his family went to visit some friends.  The other couple had kids about his same age.  The kids ran and played, and pretty much overdid it.  He felt a little upset and puked.  That is what kids do.  They sometimes puke.  When he puked, his mother got overly upset.  The father got upset, because the mother got upset.  The people they were visiting got upset. The young boy became aware of all of this. The time and all the information about what happened was recorded as part of the Puzzle, and this turmoil scared the living daylights out of him.

Now, we have the beginning of the Puzzle: puke, a little feel-bad, panic among the parents, carrots, corn, sugar, and any other stuff that the child might have eaten.  All this information and stuff becomes recorded by the illogical part of the mind.  The mind records every thing we do, say, experience, think, etc.

One of the twelve laws I wrote about is, “Everything that we do, see, hear, smell, touch, think, etc., is recorded in the memory bank forever.”  It all can be retrieved. The next time the boy had peas, corn, or sugar or maraschino cherries or whatever, that part of the mind said, “There are those cherries again.  What happened when we last had maraschino cherries?  Oh, feel-bad, sick, fear, scared, etc.  That is what we did last time, let’s do it again.”  Then feel-bad, sick, fear and maybe anaphylactic shock, etc. happens.

Now, the Puzzle Factory Syndrome is in full swing for this child.  The next time he was having a big-time feel-bad, it might have been windy outside, and his nose may have picked up a whiff of cedar in the air.  Now, the child felt bad when cedar pollen was in the air.  That adds a new piece to the puzzle: cedar.   The story and the puzzle continue. It goes on and on, adding to his list of triggering mechanisms.  Often times, some triggering mechanisms will take a back seat and diminish and others will take their place.  

By the way, the weather man will tell you when it is time to feel bad, if you think you are allergic to cedar and other airborne stuff.  That is why he gives the pollen count.  Seems kind of crazy to me, especially when you understand exactly how the Puzzle Factory Syndrome works.

I saw this boy for about an hour on one day, an hour on the next day, and again in about two weeks. I had explained to him and to everyone in his family how the mind works. In two weeks, his rash that he had all over his body was gone. His mom bought him a dog and a parakeet.  She said that he was running and playing with the other kids.  He was eating anything that he wanted.  I saw his mother one night many years later, when I was shopping at the local Supermarket.  I asked about her son.  She said he was soon to graduate from college and was healthy as a horse.  

On the FAAN web site, they even discuss situations where unhealthy body reactions appeared, and there was no obvious triggering.  Remember, the mind records sight, sound, smell, touch, thoughts and uses any of the senses to get information to the mind.  Information is the primary cause…pure and simple.  

We are very lucky to have good doctors.  Unfortunately, they were not taught about the Puzzle Factory Syndrome.  The doctors, not intentionally, often add bad information to the Puzzle.

Do not misunderstand me. Most doctors just do not know the true relationship between the mind and the body.  Why?  They were not taught this in medical school.  The way they save lives is to treat the symptom, and tell you to stay away from what they think is the cause.

Yes, if you get hit by a freight train, it is going to probably do you in.  What killed most guys in the First and Second World Wars was, they thought that if they got shot, they would die.  There is a super large percentage of guys in war who die of non-lethal bullet wounds.  A lot of them kill them selves because of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  Now, if you understand the Puzzle Factory Syndrome and how to use it to your favor, that one is really an easy fix.  When the person understands how The Puzzle Factory Syndrome works and uses the information in my free book here on this site, life is really great.

  • Disclaimer: Stay in touch with your Doctor and do as he says and tell him about your new way of thinking, speaking and acting.

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