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Bipolar Disorder and the
Ninth Law of the Subconscious

A few days ago, I was setting in my favorite taco restaurant with my wife, having breakfast.  I usually read over the paper while I am waiting for my food. When I turned the page, an ad jumped out at me, and I could not believe my eyes. The Newspaper ad was about ¼ of the page in the Sunday paper.  It shows a young man about 12 to 14 years old, all slumped over with his hand on his head.  He had a dejected look on his face.  His father is standing behind him with a sad look on his face.  He had his hand on his son’s shoulder in an attempt to comfort him.

The little cloud type indicators of the young man’s thoughts say, “I can’t concentrate…I’m angry and irritable….I don’t fit in… I’m so unhappy.”

The caption below their picture, which is an artist rendition of real people, states the following: Does your child have Bipolar Disorder?  In smaller fine print: Bipolar disorder is a challenge to any parent or guardian. But, there may be hope.

Then it goes on to say, "Medical researchers are enrolling children 10-17 years old in a clinical research study to evaluate a new drug."

It goes on to indicate that they are going to experiment with different drugs on the kids to solve the problem.  

I can not believe what our society is turning into.

I will bet you everything that I have, that I can turn around each kid they enroll in their program within two hours, without the first sign of a drug. I did it everyday and help solve even bigger problems than this Bipolar situation. The simple answer is to explain to him or her how the mind works, and how they are accidentally perpetuating their own lousy feelings and situations.  Once they understand the rules and laws of how the mind works, they flip like a big fish in the ocean. When they realize how thinking works and how to make a healthy conscious choice, the feel-bads goes away.  Their grades get better. They become normal healthy happy members of the family and society.

What is this Bipolar Disorder?  It is a phenomenon that some Doctor somewhere tagged a poor kid with.  It may have been written up in a Medical Journal by a Doctor that was writing about what he was taught.  I am not being disrespectful or blaming the Doctors.  They have dedicated their lives to helping people.  When It comes to the mind and how it relates to the body, Doctors are only doing what they were taught at Medical School.  The Doctors, acting in good faith, think they are right. Our Medical Community has done wonders.  We should be forever thankful that we have these fine caring people providing us with the great medical care that they do.  Now it is time to teach everybody about the true relationship between the mind and the body.  Even the Doctors.

There is a simple answer to  Bipolar and many other disorders that are prevalent in these modern times. We all have something that I discovered while working at my private office in the South Texas Medical Center back in the 1980’s.  For lack of a better name, I call it The Puzzle Factory Syndrome.  I am not a Medical Doctor, I prefer to be called a Professional Mind Scientist.  Hypnosis as the general public understands it simply does not exist. All these simple solutions I speak of work because there is part of our mind that is not logical.  That is a good thing and a not so good thing.  By being illogical, we can manipulate the subconscious mind to correct the damage it has done.

After years of study and experience with every type of problem the human can have, I came up with twelve Laws of the Subconscious.  The ninth law is, feelings are a choice. Feelings are not automatic.  If you do not pick your own feelings, the subconscious will send you one based on the untruths that you were taught. 

Example:  People and things cannot make you happy.  They may do things that you like or do not like, things may be and or happen that you do not like, but they cannot create for you a happy or a mad.  If you break any of the Laws of the Subconscious, the subconscious will send you a feel bad.  

If we do not teach our kids how the thinking process works, there will be more killings, rapes, murders, suicides, feel-bads, pregnancies, bad grades, car wrecks.  The list goes on and on.  If the people of the world do not learn how The Puzzle Factory Syndrome that is in all of us works, we will continue to have carnage and misery until the end of time.

Here is what is happening to our kids.  One day, because the child was not taught how to think and speak to keep his/her mind and body healthy, someone did something or something happened he/she did not like.  The Puzzle Factory Syndrome in the mind was not told the truth, so it sent him a feel bad because of what he/she did not like.  There was all kinds of unrelated information recorded when this  happened. As time went by, the feel-bads and puzzle information began to grow.  Then one day, he is feeling so bad, he won’t do anything except have feel-bads, complain, argue at every turn. He refuses do his chores, fails his grades, fights with his parents, blames the world, drinks, take drugs, etc. At that time Mom or Dad decides, this is not right, let’s take him to the Doctor.  

The Doctor was not taught about The Puzzle Factory Syndrome.  The Doctor was not taught the truth about how the mind makes the body have all sorts of failing conditions and medical disorders.  Because of the way the Doctor was trained, he thinks that he has the answer, so he relates something that he read in a Medical Journal, or herd on the golf course, and tells the Mom, the Dad and the Kid, “Your child  has Bipolar Disorder".  This upsets Mom and Dad, scares the daylights out of the kid, and the Puzzle Factory Syndrome has all the closely associated people around the situation in it’s grip.  Now we have feel-bads throughout the family.  The really sad part of all of this is, it gives the kid an excuse to continue to act the way he has been acting.  

My statement to the world: You do not solve this Bipolar garbage with drugs.  Sure you can, if you get the kid high enough on drugs so he does not give a flip about anything. Then he will probably switch from legal to illegal drugs or alcohol to numb the feel-bad pain.

If the doctor has diagnosed you or your child to have Bipolar Disorder, run as fast as you can to your nearest bookstore and read everything you can about how the mind works.  Find out what you can about The Puzzle Factory Syndrome.

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