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          In this world of ours today, the system is constantly trying to brainwash you. Actually the word should be mind-washing or mind-manipulation).  We will use the word brainwashing for now because that is the word you are used to hearing.

          Not only are you brainwashed by television, but you are brainwashed by your family, your neighbors, your teachers and even by your preachers.  How many preachers do you know who would turn to the bank robber, dope addict, or alcoholic and say: “Come into the House of the Lord.  You are a good person. Let me show you an easier way to be happy and healthy”?  Generally, preachers have been known to say:  “I know that you are a sinner and so on and so forth.” The Subconscious does not want to hear that it has done wrong, so the person stays away from the church when he/she hears that they have done wrong and they are all sinners.  Some people were trained as a children to believe that they should go to church and that when they stay away, they are in for additional uncomfortable feelings.

          You know now that no one can see inside your mind and no one can tell what you are thinking, so you are free to go to the church of your choice and do as you please.  Remember, you will probably meet people who speak and act in a negative manner, even in church, but because you are changed, you are no longer affected by your environment.  You are like me now; you affect your environment; and you affect it the way you a happy, healthy, logical, loving way.

          Unless you are in charge of your Subconscious, you are brainwashed everywhere you go, even at home.  The father might say, “You dummy, do it right.” Then, when the child does something wrong, he reinforces the fact by saying, “Dad said I was a dummy.  I am stupid.  He told me to never say no to him.”  Then, the child continues acting out the command.  In essence, what the father is doing is confirming to the child that the child could not think or did not know how to think.  So, the whole idea is to teach the child not to do it again, by giving him a positive, by confirming the fact that he is a smart child, and by saying, “You are a smart child.  Next time, do it this way.  You are very capable.  You know the difference between right and wrong.  You have proven in the past, on many occasions, that you are brilliant, so continue to do the right thing.”

          When was the last time you complimented one of your children or one of your friends for doing something right?  If you only reward your children with negatives, they will get in the habit of seeking negative rewards and you will really have a problem on your hands.

          Now that you know how the Subconscious Mind works, if you choose to be negative, it is simply your choice and no one else’s.  There is absolutely no way that you can make someone else happy and there is absolutely no way that you can make someone else mad.  People choose their own feelings.  So, if that is the case, do what you want to do, within the framework of the law.  Of, if you choose not to go by the law, accept the consequences.  You chose them.

          If you think that you cannot say what you think to another person, you are only fooling yourself.  You can say the words and if the other person chooses to get upset, that is his problem. If you give the person a “positive” first and recognize him for being a human being and then tell him you don’t like something, you will get more mileage than if you attack him personally.  “I think you’re a great person and I respect you as a friend, but I do not like what you did.  Please don’t do it again.”  A person cannot argue with that approach, but if you just say, “I don’t like what you did,” he will generally react in a negative fashion, because he has been trained in a negative environment.  He may think it is a personal attack, which it is not.

          That is one of the big mistakes humans make today.  People attack one another, rather than attacking what the other person did.  All of you are good people.  Some people continue to be very negative, primarily because they were brainwashed or trained to do so.  They may not realize, however, that they are being negative.

          Now that you understand how the Subconscious works, stop that brainwashing process and condition yourself the way you would like to be.  I have never met a man yet, who did not want to be a good man.  You are the way you think.  If you are choosing to think negatively, you are not impressing anyone.  Now, you know that people choose their own feelings.  So, be positive and, at least, your friends may choose to be impressed. If they are impressed, o.k., and if they are not, that’s o.k., too.  You will have better luck dealing with people by using a positive approach than you will a negative one.  The majority of people you will meet do not like negatives, even though they might be living examples of negative conditioning.

          Now, you can take charge of your life and make yourself happy and healthy and successful, by simply thinking of yourself that way.  Make the change this very moment.  It is very simple.  You relax yourself.  Tell yourself that you are a positive person.  When you say you are a positive person, that will take care of every situation you get into. You will automatically react like a positive person and you will find that it comes naturally.  You will feel healthier, happier and stronger. And, guess what?  Others may like what they see.  Maybe they will also choose to be positive.  Then you can say, “I was able to help someone else, but I helped myself first.”

          Now that you understand that you were simply taught to be the way that you are.  You were brainwashed or consciously, willingly conditioned, and now it is your choice to be the type of person you choose to be.  Now, choose only the good things. Choose to be attractive, calm, relaxed, healthy, strong, confident, intelligent and successful.  There will be people who will never change, but that is of no concern of yours.  If you choose to remain in their company, do not compromise your ideals and beliefs. 

Be the person YOU want to be, regardless!


Chapter 18..The Super Salesman


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