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          Opinion has nothing to do with emotion. Unfortunately, those who taught us simply did not know.  I wonder where it all got started.

          “I don’t like what they did and it makes me mad.”  If you have ever heard phrases like this, and I know you have, it is a result of one of the biggest frauds perpetrated on mankind, ever.

          Unfortunately, you were taught that your own opinion about other peoples’ actions or even world conditions had a direct effect on your emotions. You were taught they had a direct effect on whether you were mad, happy, etc.

          Think about it for a moment.  What does the flat tire on your car have to do with the emotional condition of your body? Nothing!  It is o.k. not to like a situation, but it is not o.k. to get mad, angry, upset, nervous, and so forth.

          For example: “I cannot stand what the government is doing to all of us.  It makes us all so nervous.”  I ask you, what do the boys in Washington and what they are doing with our money have to do with my body here in Texas? Nothing!  Also, the statement is a command for everybody to be nervous.  “All of us” included you.  Yes, you, the person reading this book.  If you do not become a good listener and say, “No” to negative commands, you become a victim of those commands.

          So, when they say, “us, we, our,” you are included.  I refuse to let the world put garbage on me like that.  I can say, “No” in my mind and no one will ever know.

          “I just hate those people. It makes me so upset.” First of all, hate is an extremely unhealthy opinion. You probably thought hate was an emotion. Why would someone choose to hate, once he realized its dangerous consequences on the body? Hate is the most heinous of all opinions.  Hate is so severe, the mind will have you do strange things that will probably get you in deep trouble, both legally and psychologically.

          Hate is an opinion.  Opinions, like emotions, are a choice.  It seems to me that hate is a pretty lousy choice.

          By the way, how another person lives, walks, talks, eats, sleeps has nothing to do with my body.  It is o.k. not to like what someone else does, as long as he stays within the confines of the law, but it has nothing to do with my body.

          So, if you hear someone say, “We all just hate those people and it makes me so sick,” if you do not say, “No” to that type of a negative command, you automatically agree. The absence of “No” is “Yes.” That means you become affected by your old conditioning, and will respond with a “feel-bad.”

          The Subconscious Mind is designed to protect us.  When hate takes place as an opinion, we were taught to have a “feel-bad.” The Subconscious Mind will cause the body to do strange things in order to get rid of the “feel-bad.”  The illogical Subconscious Mind was taught to have a “feel-bad” with a negative opinion, even though opinions have nothing to do with emotion.

          Now you know why there are wars, killings, beatings and violence of all kinds.  The mind is trying to get rid of the “feel-bad” created by an opinion called hate.


Chapter 20..Here's Johnny....'The Tonight Show' That Almost Was


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