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                                  CHAPTER 21

                                              THE CHILD


It might be said that a child is nothing more than a totally exposed Subconscious. Therefore, the child needs to be handled with care and affection. He/she should be told and taught only things that make up the truth.  A lie is nothing more than an untruth told to be true.  How unfair this is to a child.  Whenever this child grows up and becomes an adult, he then uses what he thinks to be true. If it is not true, then the person is in for a lot of trouble.  So, if you have children or you work with children, teach them that truth is supreme; truth is power; truth is happiness; truth is the total and only answer.

          I get to work with all kinds of children from the ages of 3 to 18.  Unfortunately, too many of our children have been lied to and conditioned to fail in every endeavor.  Where did all this lousy training come from? The total society was involved: family, church, schools, Hollywood, TV, the newspaper, everywhere.

          Several weeks ago, a young mother brought me her nine-year-old son, who was a chronic thumb sucker.  The mother had allowed her child to suck on a pacifier until he was about three years old.  As he grew older, whenever the child would cry, the mother would take her son’s hand and stick his thumb in his mouth, in order to shut him up.  Several years went by and now, at nine years of age, the child continued to suck his thumb and the mother could not understand why. She had inadvertently trained the boy’s Subconscious that when he had a “feel-bad,” the next step was to suck his thumb.  Also, his illogical Subconscious concluded that to get the “feel-good,” he must suck his thumb.  So, during “feel-bads” and feel-goods,” the child sucked his thumb. After I showed the boy how to take control of his Subconscious, he did just that.  He took charge of his Subconscious and he no longer sucks his thumb.

          There is a familiar pattern here.  Throughout the years that little Johnny sucked his thumb, he bore the brunt of all the verbal abuse from his parents, the school and his friends.  Whenever he received this verbal abuse, he had a “feel-bad.” He did not know how to block those feelings.  So, the cycle continued. “Feel bad? Suck your thumb.”  This negative input got the young boy a genuine “feel-bad” and his Subconscious said, “What can we do for little Johnny to make him feel good?”  Answer: “Suck your thumb.”  This same pattern applies to almost all so-called unacceptable behaviors.  Oftentimes, more than you might realize, this is what happens with body dysfunction.  In goes the negative.  Out comes the body dysfunction. 

          I advocate a revolution of truth in education to begin from 'Day One'. I support a retraining of the masses, so that all can understand what the real truth is. This transition should be taking place at all levels of life, not just in the schools and not just at the adult level.  The first step would be to educate the people as to how the mind works in conjunction with the body.  Remember...Only that which is True!


Chapter 22..
Teenagers are People Too

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