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          Now I am going to show you how to come face to face with the Subconscious Mind.  When you give the Subconscious Mind direct commands, the results seem to be magical.

          First of all, I want you to take a very relaxing position, preferably on an easy chair or on the bed.  Do not cross your feet. Put your hands to your side.  When going through this process, you will actually be talking to yourself.  The Subconscious Mind should be talked to as though you are talking to a small child.  When you give the commands, you must speak as though you are speaking to a child.  The commands should be simple and to the point. For example, you give the command to relax; then you confirm the fact that you are relaxed.  Such as, “Relax, relax all over my body.  See there, I am relaxing.  It feels good to relax.” 

          You must tell the Subconscious Mind to do it.  And then, confirm the fact, as though it has already happened. Keep in mind, the Subconscious Mind gives you exactly what you ask for, so anytime you say, “It is not working,” the Subconscious Mind will say, “You are right. It is not working.”  But if you say to yourself, “I am relaxing,” the Subconscious Mind tries to fulfill the command and you will actually feel yourself relaxing.

          When going through the induction process, you should use a standard scale.  Let’s use the yardstick as a standard: thirty-six inches deep, thirty-six steps deep, or thirty-six paces deep.  You will tell yourself that you will not go to thirty-seven.  You must say, “Because at thirty-seven, it is a night-time sleep and I do not want to go into a night-time sleep, I will go only into a deep, relaxing sleep.” (Understand that relaxed state is nothing more than a perfect state of concentration.)  Then you say to yourself, “I will go down the scale one step at a time, until I am in a deep, relaxed sleep.  Each step takes me deeper.  I am relaxing more with each step.”  Then you begin to count down the scale.

          Remember, as you are doing this exercise in your mind, you are actually talking to yourself in your mind.  In between each step, you will give yourself commands.  The commands do not have to be in any particular order.  Say the numbers, in the following manner.

          “One: I am going into a deep, relaxing sleep.  I am going down a staircase that has 36 steps and each step takes me deeper and I get more relaxed with each step.

          Two: I will not go to step 37, because 37 is a sound sleep and I only want to go into a deep, relaxing sleep.  I will go into a deep, relaxing sleep and I will be in a deep, relaxed state when I get to step 36.

          Three: My body is more relaxed with each step.  I am going deeper with each step.  Each step takes me deeper and deeper.

          Four: See there, I am getting deeper and I feel deeper. (You must confirm what you have said to your Subconscious.)

          Five: Each number is more difficult to say than the last number.  The numbers are getting so hard to say.  When I can no longer say the numbers, I will be in a deep, deep, deep, relaxed sleep.

          Six:  See there, the numbers are getting harder to say.

          Seven:  The numbers are hard to say.

          Eight:  I am getting more relaxed with each number.  The numbers are taking me deeper and deeper and deeper.

          Nine:  Anytime I need to wake up in the case of an emergency, I will simply open my eyes and I will be wide-awake and I will have a clear mind.  I will feel refreshed and I will feel as though I have slept for two hours.

          Ten: The numbers are getting harder and harder to say, because I am getting more relaxed and more relaxed, with each number.

          Eleven:  Next time I relax myself, I will go deeper and faster, and very soon, I will be able to go into a deep, relaxed sleep with simply a thought or a word command.”

          The process will continue down the scale until you reach a point when a number can be said no longer, or you feel you are as deep as you need to be.  What has happened is you have told your Subconscious Mind the way it is to be and it has produced the conditions.  You told your Subconscious Mind that the numbers would become hard to say.  Your Subconscious is designed to protect you.  Therefore, when the numbers get too hard to say, you will be in a deep, deep, relaxing sleep.  (This is a state of perfect concentration.)

          Before you go into your relaxed sleep, you need to have your battle plan made out, concerning the suggestions you want to give yourself.  Plus, you will also tell yourself, as you go down the scale, “I will continue on the path to 36 before I fall into a sound sleep or before I wake up.”  If you do not program your Subconscious Mind to stay on the job, you will get so relaxed that you will drift off into a night-time sleep or a nap.

          Deep relaxation is not sleep.  It is somewhere between being awake and asleep.  Some have called it an altered state of consciousness.  Whatever the case, when you are in the super-relaxed state, you are more suggestible, and for some strange reason, the Subconscious Mind attempts to fulfill those suggestions.  Remember that the Subconscious Mind gives you back exactly what you program, in the form of actions, feelings, and responses of some kind.  These responses seem to be automatic after the programmed input.  Also, suggestions given during this mental exercise, should also be suggested in the waking state.

          Your mind works like a computer.  Use it to your advantage. Stop all outside conditioning and condition yourself to respond as you would like.

          All you are doing in the procedure I have described for you, is putting yourself into a deep, deep, relaxed state.  When you go into this relaxed state, something happens in the mind.  You are actually commanding your body to respond to your words.

          You were designed to be in control of your mind and your own body.  No one controls you, but you.  When you are counting down the scale and putting yourself into that deep, relaxing state, the reason you tell yourself that the numbers are getting harder to say with each step, is to test the Subconscious to see if it is responding to your commands.  The only reason that it would not respond to your command would be if you said or thought in your mind, “This is not working.”  Remember that the Subconscious gives you back exactly what you put in. Why would you say, “It is not working,” while trying to relax yourself? You will be amazed when you first do this procedure.  You will get very relaxed and the numbers will get harder to say, if you tell yourself that they are going to get harder to say.

          Now that you understand basically how the Subconscious Mind works, you should use it to your advantage.  In the waking state, each and every thought, each and every word, each and every feeling, every sensation that you have, and every experience that you have is recorded in your Subconscious. Unfortunately, we have been trained in a primarily negative environment and the people around us think primarily negative thoughts. 

          In order to turn around our lives and make ourselves 100% healthy and 100% happy, we must simply change the way we think. An example: The client comes into my office and says, “I cannot change the way I think.”  First of all, he has made a negative statement, “I CANNOT.” Secondly, he may not realize that he does his own thinking.  He thinks only in the present and he cannot think in the past or in the future.  You are to think only in the present.  You can think about the past and about the future, but you only think in the present.

          If I set an apple and an orange on the desk in front of you and ask you to think about which one you would like to have, you would do your own thinking and would select one or the other.  So, if a man does his own thinking and he makes a statement that, “I cannot change the way I think,” it is simply because he was trained to think he cannot.  Also, if he says, “I cannot,” in reality, he simply commands himself not to change.  The next thing he might say is, “My wife and my job are killing me.”  Unless he has a definite need to be dead, why would a person say that his wife and his job are killing him? Negative phrases are all around us. 


          The following is a list of phrases you probably hear everyday:

  1. I worry myself sick.
  2. I worry myself to death.
  3. I cannot think straight.
  4. My feet are killing me.
  5. Aunt Sara is driving us crazy.
  6. Just the thought of that makes me sick.
  7. I am so tired I could die.
  8. My boss is putting pressure on me.
  9. I am under constant stress.

10. The world is going to hell in a handbasket.

11. I have to have a drink.

12. I cannot quit smoking.

13. I cannot break my bad habits.


           The list goes on forever and ever and ever, unless we put a stop to it now.  Be the first person in your life to take hold and decide to be happy and healthy and successful by simply thinking of yourself that way, and making the change this very moment.

          From this day forward, condition your own mind.  Do not allow the world to condition it for you.  Choose to make the learning process positive and refuse all negatives. Put aside all antiquated theories as to what causes what, as far as your body is concerned, and control your body with your mind.  Use your doctor as an aid, but YOU be responsible for your own good health.

          You can be 100% positive.  It’s very simple.  Command yourself: “I am a positive person who takes care of every situation in a positive manner.  I am 100% relaxed, 100% calm and 100% healthy.  There may be certain situations that I like or dislike, but I simply choose to feel good all the time.  I only use positive thoughts and I only think in positive ways.  I see the positive side of each and every situation.  I see the other side of situations for my protection only.”

          You soon will find this will all come naturally, and you will feel healthier, happier and stronger than you have ever felt before.  This procedure has worked for countless others.  Use it for your own lifelong happiness.


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