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Education creates Power

Ten Words to Change a Nation!

          Yes, there are 10 words that can change our family lives, our relationships, and, ultimately, our nation.  Ten words can stop the violence. Ten words can end the unhappiness that causes the violence.  Ten words used everyday, by everybody would work miracles. What are these words and why are they important? How can these words make such drastic changes take effect?

          The words are: “I am calm. I am relaxed. Absolutely nothing bothers me.”  How can these simple words stop the violence in our families and our country? Admittedly, I am oversimplifying. It is more involved, but these words are the basis of the solution.
The police and mental health people are trying to figure out why the young man, Cho, went on a killing rampage. I think we know why. From all accounts, Cho had experienced being picked on, made fun of, and not being accepted. Not knowing what else to do, he allowed these actions to penetrate his mind in an extremely negative way, resulting in a need for retaliatory violence. If he had been taught how to react to these situations and lived the principles of the Puzzle Factory Syndrome, these killings would not have happened.

          I am the author of “The Puzzle Factory Syndrome” which explains what causes all of us to act the way we do, including those who go off the deep-end and kill others.
After years of research, it is a fact that our minds have the ability to keep us sane and healthy, and if unchecked, because of the lack of knowledge about the Puzzle Factory Syndrome, there is part of our minds that can make us become destructive, non-rational animals.
A human’s mind is like a puzzle factory. When we understand how the pieces go together and what makes it work, we can overcome anything society throws at us. It is an accepted fact that our mind has two levels, the Conscious and the Subconscious. We can consciously control our subconscious, and if we do not, the illogical subconscious will control us, and it may use untrue information and cause us to harm ourselves or others. What we tell the Conscious mind is made real by the Subconscious mind, which controls every thing that the body does.  That could include picking up a gun and shooting innocent people.

          This simple process, which I call The Puzzle Factory Syndrome, involves understanding and following 12 simple principles concerning the Conscious mind and the Subconscious mind. This information should be taught in school, starting in the elementary grades.  Would you choose to not tell your children about gravity, fluid motion (water), and the principles of thermodynamics (fire and ice)?  The study of the principals of how the mind works should be a part of every level of learning.  Unfortunately, they do not teach this information in the Public Schools or the Medical Schools.  If everyone knew and lived by these principles, the violence would stop, people would be healthier, the world would be a better place to live, and there would be no more negative incidents.

          We know that violent people are unhappy people. They usually have been victims of bullies, prejudice, and violence. Very simply put, if they knew how to not be bothered by anything that happens to them, they would not have the need to retaliate.  
Absolutely nothing bothers me. It is ok not to like a situation, but it is not ok to be mad, upset, and angry.  It is impossible to get anything done right to correct the situation if you are mad.  My discovery teaches how to deal with all situations you do not like and still remain calm, relaxed, healthy and happy.  I tell myself every day that I am always relaxed and nothing ever bothers me. This allows me to not take things personally, yet allows me to deal with any situation in a strong confident manner. And, for those who might say, “That makes for a very dull person,” I can assure you that I am known as anything but dull!

         “How do we prevent as much of the bad things that happen in life?”
Education is the answer. Not education as we have known it, but additional education about how the mind works, education that results in the practice and understanding of the 12 simple principles of The Puzzle Factory Syndrome.

         Education is imperative! Insist on this! Make it happen! Knowing the truth about how the mind works and understanding the simple principles of The Puzzle Factory Syndrome is the key to a healthier, happier society.

  • Disclaimer: Stay in touch with your Doctor and do as he says and tell him about your new way of thinking, speaking and acting.

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