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Information Poisoning

If a statement is made as fact, and it is not fact, it is simple Information Poisoning.
Example:  Look at that sexy car.  Believe me that car cannot reproduce.

Example: If you do so and so, it will make him/her happy.  That is impossible.  The Subconscious Law is, feelings are a choice. Read the chapter in my book, Emotions vs Feelings.  It is ok to not like a situation or thing, but it is not ok to have a feel-bad. If the person perceives the thing or action to be favorable, favorable input to the Subconscious causes the body to have a feel-good.  If you are taught a bad thing is good and you do not record a 'no', then when you experience that bad thing, the subconscious will send you a feel-good.  Two different people can experience something and each may have a totally different emotional experience, such as fans at a ball game.  

They told us to grow up fall in love and the person will make you happy.  Sorry, It cannot be done.  Remember, the subconscious law is "FEELINGS ARE A CHOICE."  How many poor folks out there are trying to make the other person happy?  What is the percentage of divorce, 60-65 percent.

A job or vocation cannot make you happy.  A house or a location cannot make you happy.  The weather cannot make you happy or sad.  The weather cannot cause pain in your bones, etc.  I wonder where that one came from. 

The unfortunate part of it all, they, who ever they are, taught us primarily with Information Poisoning.  In one area, they should have taught us to grow up and meet a happy person and go off and be happy together.

Another simple example: How many people are looking for someone or something to make them happy?  Sure I would like to have a Castle to live in, but bricks and stone cannot make me happy. How many people are looking for a job that will make them happy?  How many marriages are ruined because a person is waiting for his or her spouse to make them happy?  I repeat myself for a reason. The list goes on forever.  

Here is a crazy one.  A person keeps getting abused by his/her friend, spouse, or some one and they say, but, I am in love with that person.  This person was taught that love is forever.  Sorry, love is a choice.  I can choose to love or not love.  Love is a feeling and feelings are a choice.

The doctors have missed it.  It is not about the brain.  That is just a piece of meat that has a lot of special cells.  You can cut the brain with a knife and the brain will repair. The mind is the same.  It records and gives back information and a corresponding feeling.  It is very simple.  If you know someone with a bunch of garbage in their mind, help him or her re-train the mind to help make their life better.

There is part of the mind that controls the body.  It is called, for lack of a better term, the Subconscious Mind. 

The Subconscious Mind controls the body and you can consciously control the Subconscious. Here is the unfortunate part.  If you do not control your Subconscious, it will control you, and it will use the information that is stored in your memory bank to do so.  If some of that information is incorrect, the mind will use that information, thinking it is correct, and in an effort to help you, it can easily kill you or continue to support your unhealthy actions and habits.

Here is a simple example of the Law of Yes and No that can be broken in a thousand different ways.

The Subconscious Mind can only deal with Yes or No.  If you try to make the Subconscious deal with yes and no at the same time, it will send you a feel bad.

Example:  You choose to get up, get ready, get in your car and drive to work or school and walk in the office or classroom and start doing what the job description or teacher calls for.  Then you complain about your job or about being in school.  It is a little stupid to complain about something that you have chosen to do.  If you are going choose to do something, be happy with your choice.  

What do you think suicide is?  It is the Subconscious Mind trying to help the person by getting rid of the feel bad.  The way to have a feel good is to simply decide to have a feel good.  If you go and kill yourself, you are going to miss out on a lot of fun and exciting times. Sure, there a lot of things in this world you do not like, but to actually choose to feel bad, no.  That would be a lousy choice.  People who are healthy, happy and are having fun in life do not intentionally kill themselves.  If you are lying in bed and you are still breathing, think to yourself, even if the Doctor said you will not make it to sundown, “I am calm, I am relaxed, I am healthy, I am happy, and I am getting better by the second.  Absolutely nothing bothers me.”  Do not argue with me, just think it or say it.   

The bottom line of all living things is survival.  The subconscious is there to protect the body and make it survive.  If it is ill informed, bingo, you are in big trouble.  It is your job to re-educate your mind to work for you not against you. That is one of the things that is wrong with the people of the world today.  They have been trained with untrue information, thinking that it was true.  I call it “Information Poisoning.”  Learn what is true and find out all about the simple working’s of the mind.  It is time to say no to Information Poisoning.
  • Disclaimer: Stay in touch with your Doctor and do as he says and tell him about your new way of thinking, speaking and acting.

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