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                    I Fooled the mind with a #2 yellow pencil.



        Everybody on the face of the earth is affected by what I call the Puzzle Factory Syndrome.  What happens is that the illogical part of the mind can be fooled with totally unrelated information and have you do things that you would not normally do.  On the other hand you can use that same part of the mind to keep yourself healthy, happy, strong, successful, or whatever you want.

          Here is something interesting that I used to do in my office. When the person was on the couch, with his/her eyes closed and in that super-relaxed state, I would touch the back of his/her hand, right on the knuckle, with the lead tip of a sharpened  #2 pencil and tell him it was a shot of Novocain.  The mind became fooled and caused the subconscious to believe the hand to be numb.  Next, I would pinch him/her on the back of the hand pretty hard and there would be no pain.  I then would rub the back of his hand and tell him that the Novocain was gone. I then told him that I was going to pinch him/her again and he would feel pain.  I would barely touched the back of the hand on some people and they would pull it away rather quickly.

          I recall that one lady became concerned that I actually used a needle and syringe to give her a novicane shot.  It took some doing for me to convince her that it was nothing more than a yellow pencil.

          To prove my point, close your eyes, sit very still, and concentrate on the sourest thing you can think of.  What happens with the thought?  You will get a little sensation in your jaws. Bingo! Information Overload, the Puzzle Factory Syndrome at work.

          I had a person who was allergic to excessively hot or extremely cold car seats.  See what the mind will do to you?

          My wife has a big, six foot-three, 250 lb. brother that was, he thought, severely allergic to bee stings.  People die from bee stings.  Well, not really. They die from the fear of bee stings.  The fear will actually create body breakdown in many different forms.   In his case, the story was complex. The related information started several years earlier; then, along came the bee stings. Getting a bee sting was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Each time, thereafter, when he would get a little honey bee sting, his lungs would start to fill with fluid; he would have an extreme reaction and would have to go to the doctor, immediately.  We solved it in one visit.

          Early in my time at the office, I put myself on the couch and created ringing in my ears.  That scared the-you-know what out of me.  I stopped it almost as quickly as it started.  I also created, for myself, for a few seconds, bronchial asthma, where the bronchial tube starts to restrict. I got out of that quickly, too.

          Please understand, if I break my leg, I am going to the doctor.  If I get sick and do not understand, I will go to the doctor.  The doctor is there to help, with the knowledge he has.  Doctors do wonders.  They save lives, big time.  In the meantime, I am working on myself, in my mind, to eliminate any bad information that may start the illogical part of the mind to break your body down with some form of symptoms. 

          We are very lucky to have good doctors.  Unfortunately, they were not taught about the Puzzle Factory Syndrome.  The doctors, not intentionally, often add bad information to the Puzzle Factory.

          Do not misunderstand me. Most doctors just do not know the true relationship between the mind and the body.  Why?  They were not taught this in medical school.  That is one of the goals of my foundation; re-educate the doctors in mind-body affairs. The way the Doctors save lives is to treat the symptom, and tell you to stay away from what they think is the cause.

          Yes, if you get hit by a freight train, it is going to do you in.  What killed most guys in the First and Second World Wars was, they thought that if they got shot, they would die.  There were a large percentage of guys who died of non-lethal bullet wounds.  Government reporting say that figure was around 75%.  In other words, 75% of our guys died from fear not a non-lethal wound.

             Because I do not want to be sued, you stay in touch with your doctor and do what he tells you to do, but in the mean time do the following:

             What I want you to do today is, sit back and take a deep breath and tell yourself that you are the worlds healthiest person.  You say the following several times a day and for the rest of your life. 

I am calm. 

I am relaxed. 

Absolutely nothing bothers me. 

I am one hundred percent healthy and nothing will change that. 

I am the worlds happiest person. 

I like me first, so I can stay healthy and help others, if I like.

I know I can not make other people happy because happy is a feeling and feelings are a choice. 

I am a good and kind person. 

I am an honest person.

I know more about my job than anyone in the world. 

I continue to study and I have perfect memory. 

            "Stop the Presses", you say.  "I cannot say all those things."  In your mind, you can say good things to get the feel-good so you can continue to study, and prepare your self for a continuing great life.  I had a preached tell me he was not going to lie to himself.  Well, you tell me how much a person would get done if he went around thinking the opposite of the above comments. Your life, and your family’s all-around healthy future is in the balance.  The human mind is genius.  The mind is all humans work the same.  The mind records information and gives it back.  The only difference is that that is recorded and the way it is given back. You are intelligent people; we can change this world, one person at a time.  That person is you.

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