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The Mind: The new Frontier of Medicine           

          The main objective in life is to keep yourself healthy, happy, relaxed, calm, and successful, so that you can fulfill your dreams.  Success in life does not always have to do with money. When I was a Professional Mind-Scientist for ten years, at the South Texas Medical Center, in the 1980’s, I discovered that life can really be fun and rewarding, if you simply understand and use the information about how the mind works with the body.  By understanding and using what I call, The Laws of Smart Thinking, also known as, The Laws of the Subconscious, life really becomes fun and productive.

          Unfortunately, the world is the way it is, and it is no particular person’s fault.  If you blame the world for your problems, you are wasting your time.  It is not your fault.  It is no one’s fault.  Let’s leave fault out of things, and start making this world better by learning the truth about how the mind affects the body.   Everyone on the face of the earth, regardless of age, needs to learn about how their mind works with their body.  It is the most valuable information a person can learn.  It is simple.  The mind is simple in how it works, and if you do not know and go by its rules, society and the Doctors are going to eventually tag you with something.
          In other articles, I will be discussing stories where even long-time physical ailments went away when The Puzzle Factory Syndrome was understood and used properly.  If you are human, you will always be affected by it. This information is now available to everyone.  The Puzzle Factory Syndrome is there to cause your doom or help you succeed. It is there for your protection to send you the feel-goods, great health and happiness or, if not understood, it will kill you before your time.  I found in my office that even the kids understand how to manipulate and control their thinking for the good things in life. In these articles, I will be telling a fun story  that I only learned about this past weekend, when my own ten year old grandson used this information to eliminate a feel-bad in a situation at school.  If you do as I say in my book and other information on this website, believe me, your life will be better than you ever expected.

          Here are the Laws of the Subconscious or some like to call, The Laws of Smart Thinking.  As I proceed with these articles in the days to come, I will be explaining these laws and giving examples where they apply in everyday life. 


1.                 You own a Subconscious Mind, and in the Conscious state or where you are now, in a waking, thinking, reasoning state, the Conscious Mind controls the Subconscious Mind.


2.                 The Subconscious Mind controls the total body function.


3.                 If you do not consciously control the Subconscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind will control you.


4.                 The tool you use to control the Subconscious Mind consists of your thoughts, your words, and the way in which you perceive things.


5.                 Whatever you put into your Subconscious Mind, be it positive or negative, will have a like effect on your body.


6.                 The Subconscious Mind records every experience you have.


7.                 The Subconscious Mind computes every experience to be either positive or negative.


8.                 When commanding the Subconscious Mind, it will only act on yes or no.


9.                 Feelings are a choice.


10.             The Subconscious Mind assigns a meaning to each of the words that you use and to each thought that you have.


11.             The Subconscious Mind can only function in the time frame, NOW.


12.             You do your own thinking; you choose your own thoughts.


  • Disclaimer: Stay in touch with your Doctor and do as he says and tell him about your new way of thinking, speaking and acting.

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