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The Command Must be Absolute
                                  If this guy can do it, you
                                  can do it........

With absolute commands, the mind takes these commands and sends a feel good to the body and allows the healing process speed up.  For the command to be absolute, it must be stated as though it has already happened.  I am calm, not I want to be calm. It is healing, not I hope it heals of, etc.
My Aunt cut her hand with a broken glass while doing dishes one day and the pain lingered for about a year and a half.  Once we got rid of the "Information Poisoning", the pain went away.  
As the youngest of eight brothers and sisters, she always felt that she never got the understanding she wanted from her brothers and sisters when she divorced her abusive husband.  
Later in life, when she cut her hand, when she would talk to her sisters and brothers, and they would say,"June, how are you? I hope you are feeling better, June.  Does it still hurt June?"   
Boy, was this pain paying off for her.  Once we cleaned her bucket and she realized what was going on, the pain went away.  She even went in for a nerve operation to stop the pain, and that did not work.  “Poor June”, they all said.
She finally realized they all loved her regardless of the past.  It took about an hour and a half, bingo!
When and if you accidentally get injured, never say, "I keep injuring it".  Just be careful, protect it and understand that the healing process is on-going, because you are now in charge of the healing process.  
Again I say, “Yes, stay in touch with your Doctor.  Use his or her services and information when necessary, but you be in charge of healing yourself.  

Say it now:
“Absolutely nothing bothers me!
I am calm and relaxed and nothing will change that.
I am getting healthier and stronger with every passing moment.
I am the happiest person in the world and nothing will change that.
I can handle any situation.
I respect danger and stay away from it.
I am a genius because the human mind is genius.
I am a good and kind person.
I am always successful.
  • Disclaimer: Stay in touch with your Doctor and do as he says and tell him about your new way of thinking, speaking and acting.

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