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The Subconscious Mind is Illogical.
It never sleeps.

The Subconscious never sleeps. I read in the paper about a lady in another state who had been in a coma for about thirty-five to forty days.

I was feeling my oats that day, so I picked up the phone and called her husband, who happened to be a Doctor at the hospital where she was being taken care of.

I told him that there was a chance I could talk her out of that coma.  He said it sounded interesting and he would get back to me. The next day he did not call.  I called him, again.  Again, I told him who I was and explained my ideas. Again, he said he would get back to me soon. Again, the next day, he did not call.  I thought to myself, “This guy is not getting the message.  I know my stuff and I am going to give him one more chance.”

I called him a third time.  He finally agreed to pay my way to see his wife.  My fee was waived; A Professional courtesy.  My wife and I left immediately.  We arrived about midnight. He met us at the airport.

I told him I wanted to interview him, and all of her relatives that were there at the hospital waiting to meet the Guru (me) from San Antonio. He and his wife were from from a place with really different ways of thinking.  There were chicken bones under her bed.  There was a small pyramid hanging over her bed. It was an interesting picture.  

She had gone in the hospital for a simple gynecological procedure.  The Anesthesiologist screwed up and put the trach-tube down her esophagus, not her trachea. This put oxygen in her stomach, not her lungs. She did not get the oxygen she needed and when her blood started turning black, The Anesthesiologist  realized his mistake.  She went into a coma.

After talking to everyone, it appeared that this young lady had a lot of emotional
baggage.  She was having an ongoing, lifelong fight with her mother.  She and her husband were having problems because of his suspected infidelity.

She was also the type of person that did not like to be examined by male doctors or waited on by male attendants.  After getting all the information that I thought I needed, I told the doctor, “Let’s do it.”

She was plugged up to every kind of machine one could imagine. I was on her right side and her husband, the Doctor, was on her left.  I said, “Let’s not touch the bed, so that we can see any movement she might make.”

I leaned over and started to whisper in her ear.  I think I talked to her for about three or four minutes straight.  Lo and behold, she made a radical move.  She was lying there,arms down to her side, eyes closed, facing up, not having moved for the last forty-odd days.

She moved her head as though she was going to talk to me. I was shocked.  The doctor was shocked. I asked, “Did you touch the bed?”  He said that he had not. He said, “Look at that.”  I asked, “What?” “Look at the heart rate monitor.  Her rate jumped up.”

When you run around the block and exert yourself, your heart rate goes up.  She had not moved for some time on her own.  When she exerted herself to move, it made her heart rate go up.  

Even though she did not immediately come out of the coma, I talked to her at various intervals, that night and the next day. She made no other moves.  I made some special tapes for the doctor to play for her, and in about two weeks, she opened her eyes. She got to where she was responding by squeezing the person’s hand that was holding hers.

She died on Mother’s Day.  The doctor said she died with a perfectly healthy body.

What killed her was all the battles that were going on in her mind, one with her mother, her husband, and having been attended to by male personnel.  I wanted to clear her mind of all this, but her husband did not want me to have her deal with these matters.  He was the big enabler and did not know that he was doing so.

Next time I go in on a case.  I do it my way or I do not go.  She died because she was so conditioned to be concerned about what people think. You will NEVER know what another person thinks. You can guess, but you will never know for sure.  I am not going to punish me, because of what a person thinks of me.

Second Law:  Your conscious mind CAN control your  subconscious.  Your  subconscious controls your  body.

If you do not consciously control your subconscious, it will control you.  It will use the information in your memory bank to try to protect you, whether it is true or untrue.  If it is untrue, it could get you killed.  It killed the young lady in the story.

I ask you to continue reconditioning your subconscious by saying:

Absolutely nothing bothers me!
I am calm and relaxed and nothing will change that.
I am getting healthier and stronger with every passing moment.
I am the happiest person in the world and nothing will change that.
I can handle any situation.
I respect danger and stay away from it.
I am a genius because the human mind is genius.
I am a good and kind person.
I am always successful.
I no longer have problems.  I have only situations.

  • Disclaimer: Stay in touch with your Doctor and do as he says and tell him about your new way of thinking, speaking and acting.

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