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Use your head!
Let’s say a person was in a situation and got hurt.  It makes no difference what happened or what caused it, they should have taught us to take over the thought process immediately, start acting and stop reacting to the situation. Start taking conscious mental control the body, and start speeding the healing process immediately.

We have a proven way to assist the healing process, why not use it.
I used it when I fell in a hole and broke three ribs. In the ambulance, riding to the hospital, I was in charge of my healing process. Rather than just lying there waiting for someone to assist me, I was mentally working on me.
In my book, the chapter, "Please do not bother me, I am not dead", I taught a gentleman from the stamp store re-program his body and health for prior, during and after the surgery. He told me that he went through the by-pass surgery with flying colors.
The surgeon that came to see me when he lost the use of his hands, used it and got his hands back. He had traveled around the world looking for answers. We fixed it in about two hours. It was a very simple and interesting case.
I used it when I almost cut the end of my finger off. With my finger in a plastic bag with ice, I dropped by the bank and took care of some necessary business. Then, I went to the emergency room to get the finger sewed back on.
The man used it that came to see me when he broke his leg when he fell off a horse.  It would not heal.  We got it fixed.

I used it when I hit myself in the face with a tire iron while working under my first bus camper. A one-half inch gash under my nose, above my lip, closed and was healed in three days.
Judy uses it all the time if she gets a little queasy.
I used it when I scald my arm when a radiator blew-up.  No blisters, no burning after about thirty minutes.  The only thing that happened, a deep purple berth mark lingered on my arm for a couple of weeks, and finally faded.

Yes, do the normal things when you get burned or injured, but in the process, use your mind to speed the healing process. I use it anytime and every time a little something comes up that might normally linger and needs my attention.
A friend of mine used it.  He is 72 and would be dead without it.  The doctors could not find out what was wrong with him.  At the end of six months he came around.  Without being in control of the thought process, he would have given up and died.
My brother-in-law's brother was diagnosed just six months ago and was told he had some sort of muscle degeneration problem.  He was going down fast. Guess what?   He is sixty-five years old and back on the slo-pitch team and getting better and stronger every day.
This is a simple concept.  Being in charge of the thought process to keep the body healthy and speeding the healing process if there is an injury or illness.
Minor situation:  When an injury happens, stop and clear yourself from the danger and sit down and drop your head and start chanting in your mind, "I am relaxed, I am fine, I am calm, I am ok, my body is fine, my body is relaxed, I am ok, my body is strong, my body is healthy, my muscles are relaxed.  I have normal blood supply and my body is healing fast.  Do this for about a minute to a minute and a half.

If there is damage that you can see, and if you can wait a minute or two before you head to the doctor, fine. If you need to go to the Doctor quick, go now, GO!
Every moment that you have a chance, tell your self that you are fine, your body is healing very fast, your body is strong, your body is relaxed, etc.
Regardless of where you are and you become aware of the situation that happened, remind yourself that your body is healing more and more.  I tell myself, even when someone greats me with a “how are you doing today”, I take that opportunity to give myself a healthy command.  I simply respond, “I am getting better by the second.”

Say it now,
“Absolutely nothing bothers me!
I am calm and relaxed and nothing will change that.
I am getting healthier and stronger with every passing moment.
I am the happiest person in the world and nothing will change that.
I can handle any situation.
I respect danger and stay away from it.
I am a genius because the human mind is genius.
I am a good and kind person.
I am always successful."

Disclaimer: Stay in touch with your Doctor and do as he says and tell him about your new way of thinking.

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