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                                         CHAPTER 23

          Because people are generally reacters and not thinkers, one of the most important things that a person should learn to use early in life is the simple, standard, firm-grip handshake.  When you have that kind of handshake, an introduction or meeting with another person automatically opens with a strong, positive beginning. 

          There are many things that can result from a good, traditional handshake.  One is that the other party will probably conclude that he is dealing with a person who has had experience in dealing with many people and that he had, therefore, better be on his toes.  We are trained that strength is power and strength is good.  If the other party thinks that you are a strong individual, he may be less apt to try to take advantage of you.  In this world today, the weak do not survive.  So, think of yourself as strong and you will be.

          When you use the traditional handshake, make it a good one.  Many people will offer a limp, drab hand with lifeless fingers for you to shake.  Some people put out their hand as though they are afraid that they’re never going to get it back or they are afraid that they’re going to get it chopped off.  It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, young or old.  Develop a firm and positive handshake.  Practice on your family and your friends.  It makes no difference who you practice with.  Just do it.

          If you are one of those people with sweaty hands, when you use what I have taught you in this book, your hands will stop sweating.  If, for some reason, you are unsuccessful at drying up your sweaty palms, keep applying what you have learned in this book and soon you will experience success. But, if you are going to stick out a wet hand, at least, make it firm.  No one likes a wet, lifeless handshake.

          I like to tell stories about my good friends, so here is another one. I used to call on hospitals in my early years, when I worked for a medical supply company.  I knew one purchasing agent that whenever I reached out to shake his hand, all I could ever get was four fingers. It is a funny feeling to just shake a man’s fingers! I thought and planned every week how  I could get a firm grip out of this man, but, to this day, when I shake his hand, all I get is fingers.

          Many good things can happen when you use the traditional, firm handshake. Remember, your Subconscious records everything you do and once your Subconscious records that you can be strong in your handshake, it will support you in other areas where strength and confidence are called for.


Chapter 24..Please Do Not Bother Me, I Am Not Dead


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