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                                         CHAPTER 24

          People continually call my office in hopes of eliminating the fear of going to the dentist or of going to the hospital for necessary or elective surgery.  With all the horror stories one hears today about someone going to the dentist for oral surgery and dying while in the chair, and others that go into surgery in the hospital and come out as a corpse, it is no wonder.  Fear is nothing more than a message from the Subconscious that says, “Look out. You are going to get hurt.”

          I have had people in my office prior to every type of surgery that you could imagine.  When the Subconscious is properly conditioned, oral surgery, general surgery, or specialized surgery is a snap. When you use what I have taught you in this book, you can go through your surgery with flying colors.

          I am reminded of a situation where a gentleman who worked at an auto parts store was complaining to me about being afraid of going in for his open-heart bypass surgery. At first, when I told him what I could do for him, he was quite skeptical.  I told him that if he didn’t trust me, he could come to see me and after his surgery, if he thought that he had benefited by what I had to offer, then he could pay me.

          I took him through the exact program that I take everybody through and I explained how he was the one who caused his problem.  He was angry and upset all the time and he generally had a lousy outlook on life.  The body cannot handle that kind of constant negative input.  In his case, it caused heart problems.  In another person, it may cause ulcers, migraines, backaches, etc.  The body can break down in any number of ways.

          After I finished with him, he was a totally changed person.  He became very relaxed, eliminated all his fears and replaced them with commands to his Subconscious that were to be carried out before, during and after surgery.

          Besides the suggestions that I gave him in the office, he was also to command to himself before surgery, that his body stay perfectly healthy and relaxed, while waiting to go into surgery.  Since the surgical procedures were to be carried out by known competent doctors, he might as well stay relaxed.  There was to be minimal bleeding and no body trauma resulting from the surgery.  And after surgery, he was to heal many times faster than the ordinary person.  One very important command that must always be given is:  “If any of the hospital or surgical staff accidentally says something negative about my condition during surgery, I am to disregard it completely.”  Many times, doctors have been known to slip and say, while the patient is under the anesthetic, “This poor fellow won’t make it.”  The Subconscious hears this, even though the patient is under the anesthetic and the command could be carried out.  Remember, we were trained to believe everything that our doctor tells us!

          Well, as always, this patient did exactly as I suggested.  He went through the surgery with flying colors; came out of recovery sooner than was expected and was dismissed from the hospital much sooner than the norm.

          Because the hospital personnel might think that he was dead while he was in his perfect state of concentration, I had my secretary type a pink 3” by 5” card for him that he could lay on his chest.  The card read: “Please do not disturb.  I am not dead.  I am doing my relaxation exercises.  If it is really important, tell me and I will wake up.” Also, the nice part was it always got a good laugh and laughter is good for the soul.

 A doctor told me that he knew an anesthesiologist who would whisper in his patient’s ear while he was on the operating table, “Pay your anesthesiologist first. Pay your anesthesiologist first.”  The doctor claimed that he never had any trouble with collections! Obviously, this doctor knew that the Subconscious never sleeps.

          As you can see, everybody needs to know how to use the tools they were born with.  Everyone has a Subconscious; that includes you.  Use it to your best advantage.


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