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          I am going to tell you some things that may be contested by some members of the medical community, but that is o.k. with me. Maybe when we take a closer look at the situation, we can start gaining some real ground in the prescription drug abuse problem.

          You can read the papers and watch the television set and all you seem to see nowadays is that the drug abuse problem is getting worse.  I’m here to tell you that drug abuse is not the problem, even though the general public thinks so.  Drug abuse is only the symptom.  The problem is that members of the general public, during their growing-up years, were not taught to think.  That’s right. People were trained to be reacters, not thinkers.  If you have not changed yet as a result of reading this book, you are probably still a reacter.  Reacting can be dangerous, but thinking can keep you safe.

          Because people were primarily trained to react, this is often what they do.  Many times, these reactions are negative and along with these negative reactions come the “feel-bads.” Because the Subconscious will constantly try to protect you, it will search out anything that will eliminate these terrible “feel-bads.”

          How many thousands of times have you heard someone say, “If you feel bad, why don’t you take something that will make you feel good?” If you tell your doctor that you feel bad, he will get out his pen and prescription pad and write you a prescription for something to take.  He was not trained to know how to sit down with you and figure out why you have the “feel-bad.”  He was trained to give you drugs for the symptom.  Do not misunderstand me.  The medical community has accomplished brilliant and amazing things, but I think that there are areas of medicine that need a closer look.

          I think 90% of all medical problems will be eliminated when we teach the general populace to think and to understand how the mind and body function together.

          So, if you have a drug problem, the easiest and cheapest way to eliminate the drugs from your life is to contact your doctor and explain to him that you have changed the way you think about yourself and your environment and that you are going to give up the drugs.  Explain to him that the only drugs you will use will be for convenience only. Tell him you are now in charge of your own health.  And while you are changing your way of thinking and living, allow him to monitor your actions.  The reason I ask you to do this is that I am not a doctor and I do not have the powerful American Medical Association to back up what I say.  If you die in the hands of your doctor, he has malpractice insurance and the AMA to back him up. I am not going to put my life on the line for yours.  I am going to take care of me first.  If I were to accidentally break a leg, I would go to my doctor and use his services and his medical training, but I would still be in charge of the healing process and my good health.

          As you become changed, and you can become changed every moment of your life, you will see that your so-called dependency on drugs will diminish.  You will feel better.  You will look better.  Your life will be smoother and everything will be fine.  You can do it.  Just follow what I teach you in this book.  Change your life.



Chapter 26..You Can Eliminate Pain and Disease

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The commands must be said, or thought , as though they have already happened!

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