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          There are many people in the world who are experiencing what is called “chronic pain.”  In many of these cases, the doctors seem to find no logical reason for the pain.  In others, the pain seems to be a result of either a new or an old injury. Sometimes it is a result of cancer or other disease.  There can be pain as a result of physical body injury, such as a strained muscle, a broken leg or a cut on the hand. There can be pain as a result of an illness, such as a sore throat or a chest cold and the list goes on. The Subconscious sends out a signal that something has been damaged.

          What may have happened in these situations is the body has experienced contamination, such as in cross-infection or exposure to a chemical that it is not normally accustomed to dealing with.  When the body then attempts to adjust to these situations, sometimes this results in pain.  The patient can feel the change taking place whenever the body tries to adjust to the foreign substance.  However, when the body is perfectly relaxed and there is perfect circulation, the body can fight off the foreign substance easier with its own immune system.

          I am not saying to give up doctors.  I am saying to use your doctor and his vast knowledge, as a convenience.  That is the way most doctors would like it.  We are lucky to have the medical profession and all of its fantastic achievements.  Remember, when you walk into your doctor’s office, the responsibility for your health is on your shoulders, not his.  He is there to aid and assist you.

          One of the newest concepts today in dealing with chronic pain is that of the so-called Pain Clinics.  These Pain Clinics are cropping up all over the country and they are making new strides daily.  Chronic pain is one of the easiest body dysfunctions to eliminate.  You must realize that I deal with this sort of thing on a daily basis and I understand it.  If you are experiencing chronic pain, read this book carefully.  After you understand and use the procedures that I have outlined in this book, you can eliminate your chronic pain.

          By understanding the pain and its possible source, it is very easy to eliminate it.  Without the mind, it would be impossible to experience the pain.  This statement may seem to be a little basic, but it is first necessary to understand why pain exists.

          Pain is nothing more than a signal that there is something wrong in the body.  Guess what! The thought process also takes place within the confines of the body. Therefore, there could be something wrong with your way of thinking.

          When I say there could be something wrong with your thought process, I simply mean that you may be perceiving too many things in your life to be “no-good.”  You may even be thinking that you are not the person you want to be.  This type of perception of self is not wise.  The Subconscious only understands yes or no, and if you see yourself as “no-good” or not as you want to be, you are creating a yes and no at the same time and that creates conflict for the Subconscious.  The Subconscious sends you a “feel-bad” as a warning signal to stop you from criticizing yourself.

          “I am no-good.” This is a negative statement with the direct command, “I am.” When you command “I am” in the negative form, you will get the negative feeling that goes with the command.  Also, because you are a person who was trained not to think, but to react, you will probably react like a negative person.  Negative actions, in turn, will get you negative reactions.  The cycle continues.

          “I am not the person I want to be” is also a negative command.  “I want to be” is a statement about the future.  The Subconscious Mind cannot deal with things that do not exist and the future does not exist yet.  When the future gets here, it will be a NOW.

          Planning is o.k. “I want to be” is not a command. “I am planning now to be” is the right way to command the positive.  The proper thought process to create the “feel-good” should be a command like the following: “It does not matter what has happened in the past.  It does not matter what I have done.  I am changed now.  I am changed by my own choice.  I am a good person now.  My past is just that, the past.”

          You use the same procedure for eliminating pain that you use in eliminating any body dysfunction. You are not to mention the words, “pain” or “discomfort.”  Speak only in terms of the body being perfectly relaxed and healthy and that you are getting healthier every day.

A very religious man came to see me because of a tremendous and constant pain in his back.  The doctors had tried everything that they knew to do.  He came to me as a last resort.  I usually get people after they have tried everything and nothing has worked for them.  I should have gotten them first.  No, that is not true.  They should have known and used the Laws of the Subconscious. Then, they would not have to depend on the doctors or me to guide them toward good health.

          Anyway, this man with the chronic pain was a retired serviceman who had survived two wars, walked away from plane crashes, and seemed to be able to handle any situation that he found himself in.  He was probably one of the most Christian men that I have ever met and he was one fine, all-around good citizen.  He was an excellent father, grandfather and husband. I could find no faults in this man.  He seemed to be the perfect guy.

          After working with this man for three or four sessions, I finally found what was causing the problem.  Actually, the problem was two-fold.  One was the way he talked and thought about himself and the other was what he thought about the people he associated with.

          When someone would ask him, “John, how are you doing today?” he would reply, “Poorly, thank you. Praise the Lord.”  I said, “John, do you realize that you are reinforcing the fact that you do not feel well, every time someone greets you with a pleasant Hello?” John, trying to be an honest man, would tell them exactly how he felt.  I said, “John, turn around that statement and next time someone asks how you are doing, regardless of how you feel, say, ‘Fantastic, thank you. I feel fantastic. Praise the Lord.’” Just that one change put a smile on John’s face that you could not wipe off.

          The way he thought about the people he worked with was causing him fear.  He was always afraid that he was not humble enough and that people might think that he was not doing his job properly.  This man allowed his impression of the thoughts of others to rule his life.  There is absolutely no way you can control the thoughts of other people.  He said, “I want them to think well of me,” rather than saying to himself, “I will do my job the best I know how.  If they choose to think well of me, that is o.k.  If they choose not to think well of me, that is o.k., too.”  It is unfortunate that people are trained the way they are.  I am writing this book in the best way that I know how.  If you like the book, fine.  If you do not like the book, that is fine, too.  I like it.

          Back to John, As a result of my time with him, he finally stopped being concerned about the uncontrollable thoughts of others.  He continued to do his job, as he was trained to do.  He enjoyed doing it and his pain subsided.

          Here is my message now to all the Pain Clinics around the world.  There is a reason for that pain.  Find the reason in the patient’s head.  Rationalize it and the pain will go away.  If the person is sick with the flu or pneumonia or a backache or a stomach ache, there is a reason why and a big part of this reason is stored in his mind.  Obviously, the Pain Clinics are doing fantastic work and the people that work in the clinics are doing a great job.  Now, let’s do a greater job.

          If you have pain, you must determine the cause.  Keep searching for the cause until you find it.  If you cannot find the cause and you still have pain, there are several things that you say to your Subconscious Mind while in the hypnotic state, as well as in the Conscious state.  Say to yourself:

          “I only live in this moment.  The things that have happened to me in the Past mean absolutely nothing and the reason they mean absolutely nothing is: The Past is the Past and it cannot be changed.”

The Past is like a simple broken egg.  Once it has happened, it is simply unimportant.  The things that were said and done by other people were said and done because they may not have understood their own feelings.

          I have found that probably one of the biggest problems that people have is they feel that their parents did not love them.  So, the following is to be commanded to the Subconscious concerning your parents, regardless of whether you knew them or not.  Each and every parent, regardless of what he did and said, somewhere inside his heart had love for his child.  Even though he may not have known how to show that love, it was there. Just as I love a child of mine, regardless of what that child does.  I may not like what the child does, but I love the child as a human being.  And, even though I may not know how to show that love, it is there.

 If you have been unable to show your love to a person and you want to show that love, give yourself the following commands: “The Past is the Past.  I now can and do show my love.” Surprise! It works.

          You cannot change the Past, so command yourself to remember only the good times of the Past. Tell yourself that if the uncomfortable memory of the Past comes to mind, it will not bother you, because now you are a perfectly relaxed, 100% healthy person, and you are not bothered by anything.  Even if you are reading this while in a hospital bed, you must still say the words that you are 100% healthy and absolutely nothing bothers you; and the Subconscious will do everything in its power to make you that way.

          You were probably trained (from your negative past) to say, “When I am well and out of this hospital, I will feel better.”  This is asinine.  Say to yourself, “I am well now and I feel great and I do not worry about the future, because there is no such thing as worry.  There is no stress in my life, because stress does not exist.  I have no problems.  I only have situations and I either deal with those situations or I do not.  Whatever the case, I simply choose not to be bothered.”  You tell yourself that you plan for the future, if you so desire, but you do not worry about anything.  Eliminate the word, “worry” from your vocabulary.  If you will follow these simple steps, you will see your pain vanish.

 It must be understood that body dysfunction and disease can be caused from cross-infection from bacteria and viruses. If you use your head, you can protect yourself from cross-infection. Stay away from the unclean and contagious. If you don’t know what is unclean and contagious, ask for advice and counseling from your doctor.  Ignorance is no excuse. Knowledge is everything.

If you happen to have a disease, it is your responsibility to eliminate it.  You will eliminate the disease as easily as wiping dust off a table.  However, you must continue your medical treatment, as an aid to the healing process.  Your doctor knows what he is doing.  There are different ways of imagining the disease out of your body.  Different schools of thought all use different types of suggestions.  Some say it is the movies of your mind.  Some say to imagine the disease being eaten away for certain factions.  It makes no difference what mental procedure you go through.  Just go through it.  Select a procedure that is comfortable for you, but always imagine in the thought process that the disease is leaving your body and it is getting smaller and smaller each day.

          There is absolutely no reason to have disease.  From this day forward, condition your own mind.  Do not allow the world to condition it for you.  If you are in the learning process, which we all are, choose to make the learning process positive, refusing all negatives.  Put away all antiquated theories as to what causes what, as far as your body is concerned and control your own body with your mind. 

          It makes no difference where the illness or dysfunction shows up.  You do not need it.  So, evaluate your thinking process and ask your Subconscious Mind what is wrong in your life.  If your Subconscious Mind says anything regarding conditions, thoughts, people, ideas or whatever else, turn it around and make a positive of it.  See the positive side of it or put it away forever, because the Past and those things that happened in the Past simply do not exist.  If you try to predict the Future by saying, “What if I do so and so next week?” you are wasting your thought process. You cannot predict the Future and I have never met anyone yet who could.

          If you are healthy, put your foot down and say, “I am always healthy.  I never get sick.  I refuse to get sick.  There is absolutely nothing that can upset me.  I am 100% relaxed.  I am 100% calm and I control my own thinking.  I simply choose to feel good all of the time.  I only use positive thoughts and I only think in positive ways and I always see the positive side of each and every situation.”

          At this point in writing this book, I thought I had completed the chapter and my wife said the chapter needed more of a conclusion, so she wrote the following:

          “You will never have health problems again, if you do what I’ve told you to do.  What do you have to lose?”

          I will show you here an accidental mistake.  What my wife should have written is, “You will always be healthy, if you do and think as I have told you.  You have everything to gain.”




          "The first appointment was not what I had thought it would be and I was not going back.  I followed Tom Ray’s direction and by the time of my next appointment, I was ready to go back.  I could feel the difference in my outlook.  Each time I went, after that, I was happy to have gone and was glad Tom Ray was keeping in touch. My concentration increased and I was better able to follow Tom Ray’s suggestions.

          I now look forward to doing things.  Planning for the future has been increased each day.  At the time of my first appointment with Tom Ray, I felt so bad and had been unable to plan for the next day.  The pain in my face has left and I eat with pleasure.


Chapter 27..Paralysis Is Not Necessary

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