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          For practical purposes, let us categorize paralysis in two different ways.  The doctors might say that there can be paralysis due to medical reasons and for psychosomatic reasons.  Unless the limb is so completely deformed that it is not mechanically possible to move like a normal limb, I believe that the limb can be made to function normally.

          One case that I had the opportunity to work with concerned a lady who was approximately 45 years old.  She originally came to me to stop smoking.  Her paralysis was in her right arm and leg.  She could walk, but she would drag her foot, as she attempted to step with her right leg.  Her right hand and arm were almost useless.  She had very little strength in her arm and leg, but I knew that with the right approach, she could regain the use of her limbs.

          After discussing her paralysis briefly, telling me that she had become paralyzed at the age of 13, she then indicated that there was no apparent cause for the paralysis.

          During the age regression process (the process of taking a person back through his/her Memory Bank, while in the deep, relaxing state on the couch, she told me when and under what conditions she first had trouble.  The first time she could remember having a problem with strength in her limbs occurred during a gym class in high school.  The gym teacher was showing the class how to make a human pyramid and she had been selected to be the student on the very top. She was not at all athletic and she was afraid of what might happen if she fell. During the age regression process, she remembered there was a particular day where she worried constantly about what might happen in gym class, if they had to make the human pyramid again.  She kept saying, while she was on the couch, “I cannot do it.  I cannot do it.  I am scared.”  There was a moment, that day, when she experienced her first symptoms of paralysis.

          As I continued to ask her questions, she told me that soon after this first experience with paralysis, she was walking home with some friends after a school dance and the problem came up again.  That night, she had not danced with anyone and her friends laughed and joked at her, as young people often do.  For some strange reason, her Subconscious took a beating, because of the harassment and it caused her to start dragging her foot. She had the feeling as though her foot was “going to sleep.”  Everybody has experienced a leg or arm going to sleep when the circulation is cut off, so it seemed not to be unusual at the time for her, but it got worse.  Her friends meant no harm, but her Subconscious took a beating.  She did not know how to handle the kidding.  If you do not dismiss the kidding, the Subconscious takes it for fact.

          By the time she got home, she literally had to crawl up the steps.  She had been totally unable to walk and she had to knock on the door to let her mother know she was home.  She remembers skinning her hands and knees as she crawled up the steps.  When her mother answered the door, she was obviously wondering why her child was on her hands and knees.  Her mother told her to get up and that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her.  Her mother questioned her as to what had happened and obviously, nothing happened that the girl could or would relate.  So the mother, being a wise old bird, said, “Quit crying.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with you,” and, surprisingly enough, the young lady was able to start moving her hand, foot and leg again. 

          I would imagine that the wheels started turning, in the girl’s mind and consciously, the girl became worried.  I am sure that at this time fear set in, because within a few days, she was paralyzed again.  There is no telling what her doctors said caused the problem.  She did not mention it, if something was said.  The paralysis did not leave, until she came to me, approximately 25 years later.  Her right arm and right leg were a rather bluish color, as a result of obviously poor circulation.  If you restrict the circulation in one of your limbs, not only does it get cold, but also it gets a “gone to sleep” feeling, like a numbing sensation.  Not only were both her right hand and right leg blue, it seemed to me that she was not getting adequate circulation.  I am not a doctor, so it would be difficult for me to explain the way in which the blood vessels that feed the arm and leg were constricted.  In fact, this is a backwards way to approach the problem.

          So, at this point in time, I decided if the hand and the leg were not getting the proper circulation, we would command the Subconscious to correct the problem.  As a result of the poor circulation, the paralysis in the hand and leg made them a cooler temperature than the normal hand and leg.  I decided to raise the temperature of the paralyzed hand and leg by simply having the young lady visualize a warm blanket around the leg and the arm.  The lady then, during hypnosis, felt the heat of the imaginary blanket.  She felt the heat run through her leg and arm.  That was the only suggestion on that day that I made concerning the cold, paralyzed limbs, because she had come to see me for the purpose of stopping smoking, not the paralysis.  The next day, she came back and I could not believe my eyes!  Not only did she have a little more mobility in her limbs, but the color of the skin on the paralyzed limbs was identical to the color in her other limbs!

          This is what I think happened.  The body is full of tiny blood vessels and veins running through the tissue and the muscles, feeding the system.  If there is tension, the muscles tighten and restrict the blood flow.  It makes no difference what really happened internally, however.  What is important is that there was a change.  And, the change was for the better.  So, if you are paralyzed or partially paralyzed, try every conceivable thought process to increase the health of that limb. You can use movies of the mind, imagination, word pictures, thought processes of any kind, but you use the words as though the fact had already taken place.

          What happens is the Subconscious says, “O.K., I will produce for you what you tell me.” In some cases, you will find immediate changes.  If you say in your mind, “It is not working, it is not working,” just remember that the Subconscious Mind will give you what you ask for.  It will give you:  “It is not working.”  So, you must continue to give the positive commands to your body that you are healthy; that you are relaxed; that the movement is returning to your limbs.  You must say, “is returning,” not “will return.”  If you have been paralyzed for some time, you will find that after your initial movements, your muscles will get sore, but you will tell yourself that they are not sore; it is the healing process, and you are to discount the soreness. You must consciously in the waking state, reinforce these positives, because YOU are responsible for your own health---not your doctor, not your friends, not your parents, and not your children.

          You are responsible.  You use your doctor for a supplement.  You control your mind and body and no one else does.  No one controls your body and mind but you, and you can even use the old phrase of the late Emil Coue, “I am getting better every day in every way.”  If you have a spinal injury and the doctor said to you, “You will never walk again,” say to the doctor, “Doctor, I will walk again.”  If the doctor said to you that because of a stroke, part of your brain is dead, discount what he says, because there have been too many cases that have turned around and the person was normal again.  The brain does not die as long as you’re breathing.  So, whenever you accidentally get a negative from your doctor, even though he is trying to help you, say to your doctor:  “No, thank you, Doctor, I am becoming a normal and healthy person again, because I control my body and my mind.”  Then, do it, because the Subconscious Mind does as it is told.

          Case in point: A 36-year old man came to see me, and he was paralyzed from his shoulder to his fingertips on his left side.  He explained to me that he had a stroke and that the doctor told him that he would be paralyzed in his left arm and hand the rest of his life.  That one statement, alone, reinforces the fact that many people in this world will remain paralyzed.  The doctors were taught in medical school that a stroke kills part of the brain that operates that part of the body.  I believe that is incorrect.

          I have seen too many cases where the limbs returned to normal after several hypnotic sessions, when the Subconscious was told that the arm was o.k., and that the body was healthy, etc.  In the particular case of the 36-year old man in the stroke situation, I determined that the stroke was caused as a result of the way the man thought.  He was constantly worried about his wife running around on him. When he explained to me the way he felt, it is a wonder the man is not dead.  Anyone that would allow himself to become sick as a result of the actions of others, obviously, is thinking backwards.

          His doctor had told the man that there was no hope; not to even consider physical therapy; to just give up and face the fact that he could never use the arm and hand again.  We are trained to believe that the doctor knows everything there is to know about the body.  And we are trained to accept everything the doctor says.  If the doctor says there is no hope, then there is no hope, according to the Subconscious Mind.  It is time to go one step further and demand that our doctors understand the Laws of the Subconscious. Rather than entrust our lives to doctors, which is absolutely incorrect, we should entrust our lives to ourselves, under the doctor’s supervision.

          Our medical communities have done fantastic things and we should be thankful for what they have done. The science of the Mind-Body Connection should be used hand in hand with medicine. Paralysis is not necessary.  Sickness is not necessary.  Ill health of any kind is not necessary.  Make yourself well and keep your body healthy by using the information I have provided for you in this book. One of the fun ways is seeing pictures in your mind of your body being completely healed.

          Put your life in your own hands now, where it belongs and do something positive about your health.


Chapter 28..Tom Ray's Coma Theory

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