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                                TOM RAY’S COMA THEORY


          One day I read an article in a local newspaper about a person who was in a deep coma and had been there for approximately 40 days.  The doctors (according to the article) needed a miracle.  I do not believe in miracles.  I just believe in getting results.  I reached for the phone and called one of the doctors that the article had named.  I explained to the doctor about a theory of mine.  I was very eager to try the theory.  He needed a miracle and I needed a subject. (I will explain the theory, later on in this chapter.)  He indicated that there was the possibility that my theory might work.  At this point, he was willing to try anything to save the patient.

          After I explained what I thought, he said he might have me work with the patient and he would call me back the following evening to let me know.  He did not call the following evening and I thought he must not have believed me, so I called again.  He indicated that he would bring me in on the case and he said he would call me back in the next couple of days. He never returned my call.  I believed strongly that my theory would work, so I called him a third time.  This time, he apparently realized that I was serious about what I thought might work and he invited me to be in on the case.

          The patient was in another city, so I made my plane reservations and left as soon as I could.  When I arrived, he and another doctor met me at the airport around midnight.  We went straight to the hospital, where everyone in the family was waiting.  Apparently, the doctor had explained why I was coming to town and the patient’s whole family was there to greet me.  I knew before I started working with the person in the coma that I must find out as much as I could about him in the short time that I had.  I was fortunate enough to get to talk with all the family, his children, his brother and a sister-in-law.  I was able to talk with everyone, except the patient’s father. The patient was about 49 years old.  I spent about an hour and a half talking to each member of the family.  By that time, it was about 2:30 a.m. and I had talked to everyone and had gotten as much information as I could.  Now, it was time to go talk to the coma patient. This episode appeared to be so far out in left field that it didn’t even seem reasonable to try, but, thank God, I have never been afraid to experiment with the unknown nor have I ever been afraid to try something new.

          I walked into the Intensive Care Unit and saw the patient, with tubes running in and tubes running out.  All but one of the doctors that had been on the case had given up.  I am not a doctor, but I believe that as long as the heart is beating, there is life in that body.

          Now, this is my theory. The Subconscious Mind never sleeps.  Since it never sleeps, it can be commanded, even in a coma.  Therefore, I could command this man to heal his body and come out of his coma. It is fact that many times, people have had surgery and later recounted things the doctors talked about while doing the operation.  This is not always the case, but it has happened.  That is why it is so important that during and after each surgery, the right words should be said around the patient, such as: “This patient will recover immediately.  This person is very healthy, and when he wakes, and as he heals, he will become stronger after surgery than he was before.”

          So, based on many existing facts, plus the experience of some of my clients, it is my theory that even while a person is in a coma, his Subconscious can be commanded.  Of course, I explained to the doctor that there was a one in a million chance it would work, because I did not want to generate any false hope for the family. After all, this patient had not moved at all, voluntarily, for forty days.  Even though it is a fact that you can command the body to heal at a faster rate, and that I believe that the Subconscious Mind never sleeps, it was only my theory that I could command this patient to heal his body and wake up. I certainly did not expect him to open his eyes immediately.  The least I expected him to do was to move in some way or respond to my commands.  So, I started talking to him.

          I leaned over the bed so that I could talk directly into his ear and I made very sure that I did not touch the bed.  In case he did move, I would be able to see any slight change.  His doctor and another physician were there with me and they stood watching, on the other side of the bed.  Five minutes into the one-way conversation, and to the amazement of everyone, he moved!

This is something he had not done in 40 days!  Not only did I see him move, but the other people standing there also, saw him move.  In addition, his heart rate increased immediately.  His heart rate increased just as yours does any time you exert your body in any way.  Naturally, this increased heart rate was shown on the monitor.  Not only did we see it, it was electronically recorded!  I immediately told the doctors not to become too optimistic, because this could have been coincidental.  I did not want to generate false hope, but something did happen in that Intensive Care Unit that night.

          I needed to get back to my office in San Antonio, so I decided to make tapes of my voice and leave them to be played at different times during the day.

          During the next eight months, the patient progressed to the point that the doctors concluded that his body was perfectly healthy.  That means proper brain waves; eyes reacting to light; all body functions working normally. However, this gentleman finally died and I think that he died because he did not want to face certain people in his family.  The information I gathered that first night gave me the indication that there was a tremendous battle going on between the man and his father.  He just could not face his father.  That is my conclusion; an educated guess.

          In the beginning, I wanted to bring in a tape of the father’s voice saying that the fight was over and everything was clear between the two.  The doctors overruled me on this.  The next case I take, I will call all the shots or I will not be on the case.


Chapter 29..The Criminal Mind


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