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                                   THE CRIMINAL MIND


          When I hear someone say that a person has a criminal mind, right away I know that the person making the statement knows little about the mind and how it works.

          When a person does something illegal, he is simply doing what he thinks is right at the time.  He was conditioned by certain factors he has encountered, to believe that his criminal act is justified. His decision to break the law has nothing to do with the law or even with morals.  This decision has to do with what the person perceives to be good for himself, at the time.  Therefore, the way to convert a criminal is to recondition his Subconscious to perform satisfactorily in a law-abiding society.

          People have sat around and debated on how to correct the crime situation in the world and I am here to tell you that it is very simple.  The process has to start with the young child.  Condition him to think that staying within the framework of the law in an organized society is the easiest, safest, healthiest and most productive way to go.  Unfortunately, the criminal has been conditioned to believe that crime is fun, easy, more productive, or necessary to survive.

          When a person goes to jail and he is due to get out before he dies, constant reconditioning should be mandatory, in order to return a productive human to society.  If you’re going to lock a man up, with plans to later return him to society, it would be wise to educate him; show him the easy way to live; show him a healthy way of thinking.  While you have him in jail, make him think; make him learn.  He should be made to improve his mind.  Improving one’s ability to think rationally never hurt anyone.

          Obviously, there are a lot of fine people out there supervising the detention systems who think they are doing a good job.  Look at the statistics and you can see that what they are doing is simply not good enough.  Good is not good enough.  What we need are results… fantastic results.

          Every person is a good person and should be taught or conditioned to live a productively happy and healthy life within the framework of an organized society.

          Just because a President, or a judge, or a popular public figure breaks the law, it is not a good reason why anyone else should also break the law.

          I had a very disturbed 10 year-old boy in my office not long ago, who was very concerned about the problems of the world; the problems that he sees daily in the newspaper and on television.  I was amazed that his young mind was so perceptive.

          We have taught many of our people to be criminals.  They did not arrive on this earth as criminals.  Now it is time to teach our children that there is a better way to live.  Crime is not necessary.

          You are responsible for teaching those around you that honesty is the best policy.  Do not rely on your neighbor or your school or your church to teach your children the honest, healthy, fun, productive way to live.  YOU DO IT!


Chapter 30..Physical Child Abuse

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