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          Stuttering is not a speech problem. It is the result of an unhealthy thought process.  In other words, if the person were completely relaxed and calm and confident, to the point where he chose not to be bothered, he simply would not stutter.

          If you are a parent and you have a child who is starting to stutter, you had better find out what the problem is, as quickly as you can.  By the way, stuttering is only the symptom or result.  The problem is in the way the child is looking at things or perceiving things.  Instead of telling the child, “Stop stuttering,” you should say, “Go sit down. Close your eyes.  Relax yourself and you will speak very clearly.”  After a while, the child, in his effort to eliminate his stuttering, will learn to relax and will, thereby, eliminate the stuttering altogether. Also, look around the child’s environment and look for unrest, loud people, unsafe conditions, child abuse, or ignorant teachers.  (Most teachers are doing a good job, but this is a possibility.)  Also, take a good look at yourself and see if you are an example of a relaxed, fun-loving parent that your child can look up to.

          If you are a teenager or an adult and you stutter, you simply do not have to.  It is not hereditary.  It is a learned process.  Yes, there are such things as deformities inside the mouth that can cause speech problems, but these are rare and can usually be corrected medically.  If you stutter at certain times and do not stutter other times, then, obviously, you have allowed your Subconscious to rule your life during the times you do stutter.

          Let’s imagine that your Subconscious consists of a committee of ten big people who live in your basement.  Remember, they are there for your protection.  They accept anything you tell them, as truth. They will act on yes or no commands only.  They are not logical.  They will run your life using old, untrue information that is stored in your Memory Bank, unless you make conscious decisions.  If you allow yourself not to be relaxed and confident in a given situation, your Subconscious committee rushes to the files in your Memory Bank and starts looking for something that will get rid of the nervousness and “feel-bads.” While the Subconscious committee is flipping through your memory files, it doesn’t have time to help you properly pronounce the words or sometimes even to find the words you would like to speak.  By choosing to be 100% relaxed and confident in all situations, your Subconscious is free to be there, ready to help you in any endeavor you may pursue.

          Also, you need to go back into your Memory Bank and search out the times when you first started stuttering and look for the things you did not like.  It may have had nothing to do with your speech.  Once you have located these situations that were recorded in your Memory Bank, then see yourself examining those things again and this time, not being bothered, speaking very clearly in a calm and relaxed manner.  Then give yourself a reason as to why it happened and tell yourself that it is no longer important, because you are a changed, relaxed person and that absolutely nothing bothers you.  You protect yourself.  You keep yourself safe, but nothing bothers you and you always speak clearly. You must tell yourself these things.

          Everybody on the face of the earth, who ever utters a word, probably stumbles or gropes for a word several times, every day of their lives. As you are now no longer a stutterer, if you happen to stumble on a word or grope for a word, it is unimportant.  Just prevent it from getting out of hand.


Chapter 33..Dreams, Dreams, Dreams

          King George the VI of England had a shuddering problem.  Lionel Logne, a speech therapist from Australia, helped him a lot.  Lionel reminds me of me.
     The difference in what Lionel did and what I do is, he is a Speech Therapist and I am a Mind-Scientist.  It is easier and faster by dealing with the mind because the mind controls the body.
     Go see the movie, The 'King's Speech', it is a great story.

.......Tom Ray

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The commands must be said, or thought , as though they have already happened!

  Your belief is not required.  Your acceptance is not required.  There is a part of your mind that puts the command into effect, unless you say "No."

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