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          Waking up from a bad dream and not truly understanding dreams and how bad dreams come about can be quite an experience.  The world is full of fortunetellers and soothsayers who will take your money and still not give you correct information about your dreams.  Some of these people will tell you that your dreams are a result of your past misdeeds and that the devil is in your head, striking back at you.  Others will tell you that your dreams are predictions of the future.  When I say, “fortune tellers and soothsayers,” this also includes those guys who have the fancy offices and plush couches, the fancy degrees and the pinstriped suits.  With all their fanfare and their high prices, they are going to try to tell you how to better your life by analyzing   your dreams. Those guys are getting rich off your ignorance and they usually don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to dreams.

          I would hate to go out and count the books that have been published on the subject of dreams and their causes.  Every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the counseling business will give you somewhat of a different story about dreams, but I am going to give you the answer that is the simplest and easiest to believe and understand.  I am going to tell you why dreams occur and what they are good for.  You do not have to accept what I say, but I know you are a very smart person, so you will consider what I have to say.  It is all very logical and simple.

          Nighttime dreams come from the Subconscious.  Daydreams also come from the Subconscious.  When the Conscious Mind is not active, thoughts flow from the Subconscious in irregular patterns.  Remember, the Subconscious is not logical.  The Subconscious also houses your Memory Bank, which contains a vast amount of information.  When you dream at night, the Subconscious is sending out information in semi-organized patterns; information that has been previously thought in a conscious manner.  As an example, recently I talked to an old school buddy that I had not seen in some time.  A couple of days later, I dreamed about him.  Of course, this is not always the case.  You may dream about someone or something that you have not thought of in quite some time.

          When a person has a bad dream, it may come from either a recent or an old experience that was not pleasant.  It could result from conflict experienced anywhere---school, home or any number of places.  Or it may not even have anything to do with the real world.  If the person consciously continues to think only unhappy thoughts, then the chances of having bad dreams increase. The conscious thoughts bring that old information out of the Memory Bank vaults and put it up on the shelf where it surfaces very easily during sleep.

Some of our war veterans who still have bad dreams have not consciously put the war behind them.  I talked with one the other day who is still having nightmares relating to World War II. He keeps conjuring up thoughts about things that he was exposed to over 40 years ago.  It seems like a waste of the thought process to me.  If he says that he can’t put those thoughts away, he is wrong.  Remember, what you think is your choice.

If you have bad dreams or a constantly recurring bad dream, you are consciously keeping it on the front shelf of your Memory Bank by making that dream important.  More often than not, fear of the bad dream creates even more bad dreams.  Dreams are of no importance and should be handled in that fashion.  If you conclude to yourself that dreams are meaningless and that they have no value, and that dreaming is for fun only, your dreams will soon change to pleasant experiences.

The Subconscious can be triggered by thought, and any slight thought could trigger any type of dream.  If a person of any age has constant, daily negative thoughts, this could trigger bad dreams.  Or the person could have negative thought patterns and actually not have bad dreams.  In other words, dreams are not much good for anything. They are not predictable.  If the person is having excessive bad dreams, he had better clean up his conscious thinking habits.  He can do this by using what I teach in this book.

 I dream every night and I enjoy my dreams.  I enjoy them because I see them as free movies or adventures provided for me by my Subconscious.  I have had my share of bad dreams, but why should I get upset over irregular patterns of information provided to me by my illogical Subconscious Mind?  The whole idea is to conclude to be happy regardless and to conclude to Self that you have only happy dreams.  Remember, stay within the Laws of the Subconscious.  The Subconscious does as it is told.  So, conclude that you have only good dreams.


Chapter 34..Hit In The Face By A Yellow School Bus

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