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          Some people do get hurt accidentally from time to time and it is necessary to know how to take care of your body and to know how to speed the healing process.

          My wife and I have six children (his and hers) and we often go on picnics or camping trips together.  You can imagine what it is like when our six children and some of their friends go along.  It is not wise to try to transport that many people in a mini-van, so I set out to find a school bus that would suit our needs.

          I was visiting a friend’s brother one day and there, off in the trees, almost hidden by the underbrush, was an old yellow school bus.  The wheels in my head started turning and I asked if I could see the bus.  The man that was storing the bus told me that it had been converted into a camper by a group of guys that once had a country and western band. As you can see, the plot thickens.

          After wading through the brush and the briars, I finally made it to the spot where it appeared that the old bus had rested since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.  Not only was it a mess, it looked as though chickens, goats, and every other varmint in South Texas, at one time or another, had made their homes in that bus.  I am a fairly good shade tree mechanic and I could see that it would be a lot of fun fixing it up.  My wife told me that I was crazy and needed to be locked up in a home somewhere! I asked the man if he would sell me the bus.  He said that he would take $1500.00 for his beautiful bus camper.  When my wife heard what the man said and saw the gleam in my eyes, she knew for sure that she was in for some strange times.         

That day, I happened to be driving an old black Cadillac that I had purchased from a local funeral home.  I told the man that I had a beautiful Cadillac classic and that I would trade him for the old, junky bus.  In any horse trade, you make out that your horse is a Kentucky Derby Winner, even though it may be swayback with no teeth and a lame leg.  I knew that I would not be cheating my friend’s brother, because he was a part-time mechanic, himself.

          He indicated that he would be in favor of the deal, but the bus actually belonged to his mother and I would have to show her my Cadillac before we could trade.  I knew of his mother and I knew that the lady was blind.  Bless her heart!  Here she was, going to make a decision on a horse trade and she could not even see the horse.  The son suggested that I give her a ride around the block in the Cadillac and let her decide for herself.  Well, good or bad, most Cadillacs ride the same, and I knew I owned the old bus.

          My old Cadillac did not look too bad and when we made the trade, I am sure that the man and his mother felt that they had gotten the better end of the deal.  Well, I am here to tell you that I am probably one of the world’s best horse traders.  I got what I went after and he got my old Cadillac.

          I put gas and a battery in the old bus and proceeded to drive it to the house.  After all was said and done, I drove it part of the way and I dragged it the rest of the way, but I had my bus. It would provide ample transportation for my family and any extra kids who might want to go along.

          We made several trips in the old yellow bus before we decided to paint it like the Partridge Family’s bus: patchwork quilt colors.  I purchased about 15 different cans of spray paint and began to give the old rusty yellow bus a new look.  After I finished painting, it was not a new look; it was a strange look.

          Whenever we would go somewhere in the old bus, I would usually wear faded jeans, an old T-shirt, and a red headband with a turkey feather stuck in the back.  I loved it.  The kids enjoyed it. And everywhere we went, people would stare.  We had a blast!

          Now for the part where I got hit in the face by a yellow school bus.  I was working under the bus, replacing the worn-out clutch pedal return spring.  I was using a tire iron to replace the spring, when the spring slipped.  The tire iron also slipped and then, it hit me right in the face. Ouch!

          I grabbed my face and thought to myself, “Go into hypnosis, go into hypnosis. I am o.k., I am o.k. There is no pain. There is no damage. I am o.k.” I went through this procedure for about 30-45 seconds, while lying there under the bus, with my hands covering my face.  I crawled out from under the bus and I seemed to be fine.  My face felt a little numb, but I felt fine.  My nose began to run a little and when I put my hand up to my nose, there were a few drops of blood.  When I looked at my face in the side mirror on the bus, I saw a gash on my lip, about an inch long and an eighth of an inch wide.  The gash went from my upper lip to the base of my nose.

          I started talking to myself again:  “Cut, close. No bleeding. I am o.k. There is no infection. There is no swelling. Heal.” The Subconscious understands the word, “heal.” After this 20 or 30 second session, I went on about my work.  I did not take the time to wash or clean the cut, because it appeared to be a clean separation and there was no dirt in the cut.  I continued my work and soon forgot about what I had done to my face. (By the way, do not do as I did.  Always clean a cut and use a disinfectant or a germicide.)

          This all happened about one or two o’clock in the afternoon and, by sundown, when I went in for dinner, the cut was completely closed and the only thing visible was a small, dark blood line where the cut had been.

          The following day, I was having dinner at the local fish place and I met an old school buddy who had been in a chemistry class with me.  He is now a physician.  I proceeded to tell him about the incident. He looked at the cut and said it appeared as though it had been healing for about a week!  In reality, it had been only a day and a half since the incident happened.

          By the next day, the cut was completely healed and the only sign left was a slightly pink area where the cut had been!

          Ladies and Gentlemen! The body has a tremendous ability to repair itself.  Command it and it is so.  I like to think that I am a practical man and even though I was born in Texas, I am from Missouri when it comes to practical things.  I have to see it to believe it.  Had I not seen what happened and actually experienced the situation myself, I would not have believed it.  The only thing that happened in this situation was that my Subconscious Mind took the orders that I gave it.  As a result, as you will remember from the earlier chapters, the Subconscious Mind gave me exactly what I asked for.  Had I said, “It is not working. It is not working,” the Subconscious Mind would have said, “You are right. It is not working.”

          The second major time that I used hypnosis to repair my body was when I was working on one of my used cars.  Fortunately, I have enough money to buy a new car, but I refuse to buy a new car.  If I bought a new car, I wouldn’t have anything to work on.  My wife does not care at all for that philosophy.  Anyway, I was under the hood of my 1972 Cadillac, which was another old funeral car; a big black one, very appropriate for a hypnotist.  I was working on the cruise control and I had reached all the way back behind the engine, to replace a small rubber hose.  It was the small hose that made the cruise control operate.  As I strained to attach the vacuum hose, it felt as though I had pulled every muscle from one end of my body to the other. 

          I immediately stood in an upright position, closed my eyes, and dropped into that perfect state of relaxation and told my body that everything was o.k.; that there were no torn muscles; that every muscle in my body was perfectly healthy; that every muscle was relaxed and healthy.  I stood there and talked to my body for about one minute and then went on about my work.  A few minutes later, I was able to reach in behind the motor and finish the work I needed to do, with no pain or strained muscles.  Having had back problems in earlier years, I know that back problems are no fun. Again, I was really amazed that I had absolutely no soreness, no strain, and no pain.

          Probably the most important time that I used hypnosis to protect myself was on a recent trip I took to Padre Island, along the Texas Gulf Coast.  I always enjoy going to Padre Island because it is one of the last wildernesses left in the state of Texas.  There is Spanish treasure on Padre Island from old shipwrecks, dating back to the 15th century.  In 1965, I was lucky enough to find some coins from that treasure and now you can see why I enjoy going back.

          I was on Padre Island in my old 4-wheel drive Dodge Power Wagon, and the Power played out.  To explain this story, let me back up a few days.  We were doing quite well, until we drove out of our driveway in San Antonio, on our way to the Coast.  As we drove into the street, we hit a low-hanging tree limb and ripped out one of the windows on the right side of our cabover camper.  Well, that was o.k. We just put cardboard over the window, as a temporary measure.

          We headed for the Island, which was about 150 miles from San Antonio. Along the way, we became aware that our Power Wagon was getting about five miles to the gallon.  We discovered that the carburetor was not bolted down as tightly as it should be.  We fixed that problem and that corrected the gas mileage.

          We finally arrived on the Island, after spending $50.00 extra on gas, just to get there. I really pushed the old Power Wagon, in order to get down the Island.  Padre Island is about 75 miles of nothing but fine-powered sand. The strain on the engine caused the engine to slip on the motor mounts.  The engine then moved forward and the fan cut a hole in the radiator.  When you are 50 miles from the nearest gas station, in the middle of sand dunes on one side and salt water on the other, it is very difficult to buy a can of radiator stop-leak.  I remembered that some brands of radiator stop leak had tiny flakes of paper that would stop up the holes in the radiator.  So, I called for a roll of toilet paper.  I took several sheets of toilet paper, tore them into tiny pieces, and put them in the radiator.  I added water and off we went.  A few miles further, the truck started to overheat again.  I loosened the radiator cap, so pressure would not build up in the radiator and blow the paper out of the holes.  When we stopped to add water again, the radiator cap was still loose and there seemed to be no pressure in the radiator.  For all of you fine mechanics out there, don’t be fooled, like I was.

          I removed the loose radiator cap and the radiator exploded, spraying hot water, scalding water, all over my right arm! That’s one of the worse kinds of burns you can get.  The first thing I did was to drop into hypnosis and again, I commanded my Subconscious the following: “There is no pain, no suffering; heal, heal.” We had a can of burn spray in the emergency medicine box and I sprayed that on my arm and the pain got extremely intense.  So, I went to the Power Wagon and sat down in the front seat.  Again, I went into hypnosis for two or three minutes.  I constantly commanded, “No pain, no suffering, no blisters.”  I even used the command that there were 500 needles of Novocain in my arm.

          After two or three minutes, I got up from my hypnosis session with absolutely no pain and, in the waking state, I continued to command my body to heal.  By the following day, maybe 20 hours later, I could take my hand and rub up and down on my arm and even pat the burn area, with no sensation.  There were no blisters, no suffering and no pain.  There was only a deep, red birthmark-looking area where the water had hit my arm. 

          Three days later, the red area on my arm was still there and fading gradually.  There was still absolutely no sign of burned or blistered tissue.  I have seen people who have been burned by radiators exploding water on them and, believe me, it is not a pretty sight.

          You have a Subconscious Mind.  It controls your body functions.  Use it!


Chapter 35..Induction Process For Positive Input


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