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                                            CHAPTER 1 



(THE WAGNERS ARE NOT A REAL FAMILY.  I made up this family to show you, the reader, that by using the Laws of the Subconscious, the Wagners were able to solve the many everyday problems that prevented them from being Successful, Healthy and Happy.  If you are already Successful, Healthy and Happy, congratulations!  Keep on reading, because this book will help keep you that way.)


Mr. and Mrs. Wagner have just paid their $500.00 to my receptionist so that they can each spend four hours with me, Tom Ray, the world’s greatest professional hypnotist.

          "To the reader of this book..........

In reality, Hypnosis, as the general public understands it, simply does not exist. The reason I know, I was better at the game than anyone. The human mind can be fooled without having a person close his eyes and lay on a nice comfortable couch. When a person came to me, a so called Professional Hypnotist, with an office right in the middle of the South Texas Medical Center, they had preconceived ideas as to what was going to happen.  As a result, 99% of them simply followed my lead. With the use of a simple Discovery about the truth concerning how the mind interacts with the body, we eliminated a lot of human misery."


The Wagners have decided to trade in their “feel-bads” for “feel-goods,” so that they can deal with or better yet, eliminate the many problems that they have.  Fortunately, you do not have to spend $500.00 to get what you desire in this life.  Just continue to read this book, use it as a daily guide, and the answers are yours to use forever.

          “How are you today, Mr. Wagner?  Please take the green chair.  Mrs. Wagner, would you please take the other chair?”  I walk around to my desk, where I have an old, brown high-back office chair that leans a little to the left, because of 10 years of slow, steady rocking back and forth.  If I lean too far back, the old chair has a tendency to fall backwards, so I have to prop it up against the wall for stability.  My desk is an old World War II military desk that has been stripped and refinished. Off to the right of the desk sets a soft, black lounge that looks as though one would fall asleep by just lying down on it.  On my back wall, I have a collection of the San Antonio Spurs’ pictures.  The Spurs are San Antonio’s own NBA professional basketball team.  I believe I should be on the Spurs’ coaching staff, right behind the assistant coaches and the trainer. I love pro basketball!

          As I pick up my pipe, light it, (*I have since chosen not to smoke) and open the Wagner's folder, I begin the conversation. 

“Well, folks, why are you here?” The reason I open with this question, even though the Wagners have answered about three pages of written questions, is to hear exactly what they say when they talk about their problems. 

           "To the reader of this book......

          From this day forward, you are to eliminate the word "problem" from your vocabulary.  To the mind, with a problem, you have two options.  You solve it or you do not.  So, lets change the word to "situation".  With a situation, you have a thousand options.  If you worked for me and walked in to my office and said, "Tom, we have a major problem down on the factory floor."  The first thing my mind does is go into "we have to take action now" mode.     

        If you walk into my office and say, "Tom, we have a major situation down on the factory floor", my mind handles situations different than it handles problems. 

          Here is a new success command for you to use for the rest of your life, "I have situations.  Everybody does.  I do not have problems and never will." You tell me, would you like to be around a person that has problems, or a person with situations?

          As you will read later on in this book, what a person actually speaks and thinks has a direct effect on his Subconscious Mind and then, directly on his body, his health and his actions."    


           Mrs. Wagner begins, “Well, Dr. Ray...”

          “Please, Mrs. Wagner.  I am not a doctor.  Just call me Tom.” 

          Mrs. Wagner is sitting on the edge of the chair and starts to speak again.  “Well, Tom...”

          Again I interrupt, “Please sit back in the chair and relax.  That is one of the things that I teach  athletes who are sitting on the sidelines waiting to go into the game.  If they sit back and relax, they will be refreshed and when they are called to go into the game, they will not be worn out from being too tense and tight.  So, sit back and tell me how I can help you.”

          Mrs. Wagner begins again. “I am a real nervous person and I have been awfully depressed lately.  I am under a lot of stress and strain, partly as a result of my job.  Also, my husband and I haven’t been getting along too well, lately. He drinks too much and he stays out too late at night.  I would like to get off these Valiums that my doctor has prescribed for me and I need to lose a little weight and give up my nasty smoking habit.  I am not happy, anymore. It is not like it used to be.  I guess I am getting old.”

“Well, have a cigarette and relax,” I say.  “What brand do you smoke?” Then, I open the desk drawer and pull out about twelve or thirteen partially full packs of different brands of cigarettes and dump them on the corner of the desk.  After she takes a cigarette from one of the packs, I rake them off the desk back into the drawer.  “You folks can thank your lucky stars that you came to see me, because I am the world’s best at what I do.  Had you gone to someone else...well, that is unimportant.  Let’s continue.  Mr. Wagner, sir, why are you here?”

          “I have these terrible migraine headaches. I drink too much.  And my business is going down the tubes.  I am afraid to ask my wife for sex, because I am starting to get impotent.  It looks as if life is passing me by.  My good years are gone, forever.  Also, that son and daughter of ours are about to drive us up the wall.  They are both on drugs and they have become two irresponsible, worthless teenagers.  Every time I buy them a new car, they just wreck it.  I am about to run out of money.  I am at my rope’s end.  You are our only hope.”

          “Hoping is a waste of time.  Hope can get you killed.  I know a lot of people who died, just sitting around hoping.  It is time to correct all of this.  You can be thankful you came to me.  I am going to show you how to be happy, healthy, successful and eliminate all of your problems.”

          Mr. and Mrs. Wagner slump back in their chairs, as though two tons of weight had been lifted from their shoulders.  “I am going to ask you fine folks some questions that may sound a little obvious or strange, but there is a reason for the questions and the way they are asked. So, when I ask, just answer.  If I am not talking to you personally, please keep your comments to yourself and do not try to answer for the other person.  OK.?”  Then I smile politely at each of them, indicating that I mean what I say.  They love it, because I have taken the lead and I sound as though I have the answers, which is why they came to me.

          “Mrs. Wagner, ma’am, what type of person are you?”

          “I don’t know,” she answers.  “What do you mean?”

          “Are you loud, quiet, easy-going, overbearing?” 

          Mr. Wagner blurts out, “She is overbearing.” 

          Mrs. Wagner confirms, “He is right.”

          “Mr. Wagner, what type of person are you?” I ask.

          “I have a bad temper and I am afraid I yell too much at the kids,” he admits.

          His wife adds, “Yes, we do not ever agree when it comes to correcting the children.  He is too rough on our son, but he lets our daughter get away with anything.  I am just so sick, because of the way he treats the kids, I do not know what to do.”

          “Mrs. Wagner, do you ever get mad?” I ask. 

          “Why, yes. Everybody gets mad,” she says. 

          “I don’t,” I assert, “and later, I will explain why I say that.  What can make you mad?”  Mrs. Wagner proclaims, “Anything can make me mad.  I stay mad and upset about half the time.  My husband can make me mad more than anything can.  He is just not the same man I married.  I’ve had it.  I’m ready to throw in the towel.  I would probably be better off dead.”

          “Do you ever get nervous?” I ask. 

          “I was born nervous,” states Mrs. Wagner.  “I stay that way.  If I don’t die from a heart attack, my ulcers will kill me.” 

          “What can make you nervous, Mrs. Wagner?” I inquire.

          “Everything.  Especially my elderly mother. She is still trying to run my life.  She has never liked my husband, from the day we were married and we have been married about 25 years now.”

          I turn to her husband.  “Mr. Wagner, sir, what can make you mad?”

          Mrs. Wagner interrupts, “His temper is terrible!” 

          I remind her, “Please, Mrs. Wagner, I asked you not to speak unless the questions are directed to you.”

          “Yes, that is one of her worse traits,” comments Mr. Wagner. “She is always interrupting me.  I can’t get in a word edgewise when I am around her.  If she would quit talking, maybe I could think.  What makes me mad? You are looking at it! Her!” 

          It is obvious that these two people love each other, but you could not tell it to hear them talk.

          Mr. Wagner continues, “I guess I do lose my temper too much.  If you had the type of job I have, you would lose your temper, too.” 

          In my mind, I simply blocked that command and said, “NO.”  I will explain later what I am talking about: blocking verbal commands mentally, so that the command will not be carried out on me at a later date.

          I ask, “What do you do for a living, Mr. Wagner?”

          “I am half-owner of the Acme Mortuary and Grave-Digging Service.  You know me...I am the last one to ever let you down.” 

          He chuckles, and his wife is obviously not impressed with his humor.  “But I have a partner who is stupid and stupidity makes me madder than anything.” 

          I ask, “Why don’t you buy him out and get rid of him?” 

          “I just don’t have the money.  The economy has been bad lately.  People are not dying off as fast and my competition has a major part of the market covered up.” 

          He chuckles again, while saying, “No pun intended.  Besides, I have to spend all my money on my wife and my two worthless kids.”

          “Mr. Wagner, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a chimpanzee and 10 being an Einstein, what would you consider your intelligence level to be?”

          “I am about average.  I would say 5 or 6,” he replies. 

          I ask,   “Mrs. Wagner, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being not able to stand yourself, and 10 being in love with yourself, what do you think about yourself?” 

          “I haven’t been feeling too good about myself, lately.  I will pick about a 3.”

            I ask Mr. Wagner, “On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your confidence level? With 1, you have no confidence. With 10, you are the most confident person in the world.”  

          “I used to be a very confident person, but now I would say that I am about a 4.” 

          I ask Mrs. Wagner, “Do you have any faults?” 

          “Certainly.  Doesn’t everybody have faults?” 

          “I do not,” I state, “and I will explain later why I have made this statement.”

          As Mr. and Mrs. Wagner are talking, I continue making notes.  After all the questions, I lay their folders on my desk, and, with a rested look on my face, lean back in my chair.  I tell them again, that they have come to the right place. 

          “Folks, it is very simple.  I am going to tell you what the problem is.  I am going to tell you how you got it, and I am going to show you how we are going to eliminate it.  Then, we are going to eliminate it.  I ask you now to hold your questions for a while and I am going to do the talking.  So, please listen to me very carefully, because what I have to say is extremely important.  Even though I may not be talking directly to you, you are to assume that I am talking to you.

          Now, the problem (Remember you are to no longer use the word "problem".) started the day that you were born.  Let’s say, hypothetically, that you started your learning process the day you were born.  We now know that a child does hear and feel certain things before birth.  But, for practical purposes, let us say that your birthday is the day your real education started.  The people who educated, church, school, neighbors, friends, radio, TV, magazines; these people handed information down to you that they felt to be true. The problem is that these people knew little about the Science of the Mind and its relationship to the body.  They thought they knew, but they didn’t.  They understood math, chemistry, physics, electricity and many other things, but they didn’t know enough about the mind and how it works in conjunction with the body.

          I am going to give you a new set of laws to live by and if you stay within these laws and do not break them, everything will go your way.  I mean everything: excellent health, success, happiness…everything.  You, being wise and intelligent people, would not intentionally break the laws of electricity, because you might get hurt.  But, you have been breaking the Laws of the Subconscious and it has been creating problems for you.  So, I am first going to re-educate you.   It is obvious that if you knew what the Laws of the Subconscious were and how these Laws pertain to your body, you would stay within the Laws.


          The first Law is the Law of Ownership. 


          You own something that we are going to call a “Subconscious,” for lack of a better term.  This Subconscious Mind runs or controls your body.  Set aside all your information about Medicine for a moment.  The Subconscious was here before Louis Pasteur or the study of the sciences came along. 

          The Subconscious is your computer.  It regulates every function of your body.  It regulates your heartbeat, your breathing rate, your strength, your ability to heal, your blood’s ability to coagulate, your ability to sing, dance, walk, talk, think; in short, it controls and regulates every function of the body. 

          You also own a Conscious Mind and that Conscious Mind can overrule or control the Subconscious Mind.  If the Subconscious rules the body, and the Conscious can rule the Subconscious, then, through the normal chain of command, the Conscious Mind can rule the body by controlling the Subconscious. 

          If you do not consciously control the Subconscious, it will control you.  There is only one thing wrong with your Subconscious controlling you.  And here it is: the only information that the Subconscious has is that information that is stored in your Memory Bank.  Unfortunately, some of the information in the Memory Bank is untrue. 

          The people who educated you did not know the Laws of the Subconscious; therefore, they accidentally told you things that were just not true.  You have been working with untrue information and that untrue information has created problems for you. 

          The people who gave you all of this information simply thought they were helping you. They gave you untruths, thinking they were truths.  You accepted this information and used it and now you have problems.  The majority of the information that you have received over the years has been truthful and it has created a lot of good things for you, but the untrue information has created problems for you.  I am going to tell you what is true and what is not true, as far as the mind and its relationship with the body is concerned.  Both of you, being sound and intelligent people, would not command your Subconscious with lies or lousy commands and you would not give untruths or no-good commands to yourself or your loved ones.  Unfortunately, that is what you have been doing.  You have been accepting the wrong kinds of commands from others and you have been using no-good commands on yourselves. 

          Maybe you are wondering, what is a command to the Subconscious, and how does one block commands from others?  By the way, if the Subconscious is doing a good job in a particular area, leave that to the Subconscious.  If your blood pressure is O.K., leave that alone.  If your sweat glands work fine, leave them alone, but correct those things that are not to your satisfaction.  The things that seem to be common are pain, disease, stress, depression, overweight, underweight, smoking, sexual problems, backaches, stomach aches, and the list goes on.

          With the help of those who educated you, plus your not knowing the Laws of the Subconscious, you have been keeping your problems ongoing, and even making them worse.  If the world would adopt these Laws of the Subconscious, we could turn all of the hospitals into resort centers for fun and keep the emergency clinics for accidents.

          If you are going to control your Subconscious, thereby controlling your body for the good things, how are you going to do it?  You first need to know how the Subconscious works.  For one, the Subconscious records everything that you have ever said, heard, felt, smelled, tasted and thought.  When you know how to control the Subconscious, you can simply draw that information out of your Subconscious Memory Bank.  That means that you have a photographic mind, but you were not taught that.  You were taught that you could forget things.

          Forgetting is impossible, when you know how to control your Subconscious.  It is possible not to recall a particular thing at a particular time, but it is impossible to forget.  See, that is just one of the many little lies we were taught. We were taught that we could forget...and that is just not true.

          Besides recording and giving back information when asked for properly, how else does the Subconscious work?  Let’s say that the Subconscious works like a small piggybank.  This bank has the ability to smile, or to have a “feel-good.”  It will make a favorable action or have a favorable reaction when it receives the good dollar. 

The reverse happens when it receives the counterfeit dollar.  The bank has a “feel-bad,” which is an unfavorable action or an unfavorable reaction.  What you folks have been doing is, you have been putting the wrong type of dollar in your banks. You have also allowed others to put in the wrong kind of dollar for you.

          The dollar to the bank is actually like commands to your Subconscious Mind that will be carried out without question.  In other words, you have been accidentally commanding your Subconscious with the wrong kind of commands and you have accidentally received from others the wrong kind of commands to your Subconscious.  Then, when you acted out the commands or had the “feel-bads,” you may have wondered why you felt bad or did the things you did.

          The Subconscious Mind is totally illogical.  It makes no difference what type of command it receives, be it illogical or be it untrue.  It simply takes the command and acts it out.  If it is the wrong type of command, you will get the wrong or unfavorable response.  

This procedure requires no belief or acceptance.  The bank takes the dollar or command and it is recorded.  It is automatically received and then acted upon.  So, I do not necessarily ask you to believe me or to understand me.  Simply do as I say.

          As I said, the Subconscious can be commanded or triggered through any of the senses.  If you hear a train whistle, you think of a train and then you may concern yourself with your safety, depending on your relationship to the train tracks.  If you smell smoke,  you will have a thought process that will involve several things.

 Even though you will continue to rely on your senses for information sources, you are primarily going to use word patterns and thought patterns to manipulate your Subconscious, thereby taking control of your own health and success.

          When I say “word patterns,” I mean “word placement.”  You can take ten particular words and put them in a sentence and it will mean one thing.  Then, if you rearrange the same ten words, you may have a different meaning.  There is no telling how many different meanings you could get from ten particular words.  If word placement and thought placement can constitute a command, then what type of word placement and what type of thought placement are actually commands to the Subconscious?

          When you use a word that indicates YOU, such as, your name, I, me, myself, obviously you are talking about yourself.  If you use the words, you, he, she, them, they, you are directing your command toward someone else.  If you use or hear the words, we, us, our, you are included in the command automatically.

          At this time, it is necessary to explain to you that the Subconscious only understands yes or no when action is required.  In other words, the Subconscious can only handle one end of the spectrum or the other.  It can only work off of an absolute yes or no. Anything in between will not be acted upon. 

          This makes it so simple.  Anything other than a yes or no constitutes no command and you will not get the desired response.  So, the command to the Subconscious becomes I:yes or I:no.  A form of I:yes and I:no is: I am or I am not; I do or I do not; I have or I have not. These are absolutes and will get you the desired response.  Like I said, the Subconscious cannot handle anything in between, such as, I need to; I would like to; I want to; I hope so; I will try.

          You can command the Subconscious with thought.  The way you see the situation can create a “feel-good” or a “feel-bad.”  Let’s say that you came upon a train wreck where there were 500 casualties and 500 survivors.  The good side of the situation is that here are 500 who survived.  The other side is that there were 500 who were lost because of faulty tracks.  You can do nothing about the 500 who have died.  They are dead.  That cannot be changed.  You do not like what you see, but you would be wasting your time with a “feel-bad.”  If you had a “feel-bad,” how could you stay healthy and stable enough to help those who may need your help?  If your “feel-bad” is too great, you might wind up in the hospital with depression and you would be no good to yourself or to anyone else.

          “Feel-bads” are a waste of time.  The only way you can have a “feel-bad” is to create it yourself. By programming myself now, if I lose a loved one, in the future, I will survive with a minimum of “feel-bads.”  When I die, I hope that all my friends and family will get together and have a big party and remember the good times they had with ol’ Tom Ray. If they sit around and cry, they will just waste their time.  Their “feel-bads” won’t do me a bit of good and it will do them a lot of harm.  There are countries on this old earth of ours where it is the law that you must mourn for at least two years.  Kind of ridiculous, don’t you think? Lay the dead to rest gracefully, and continue living.

          Let’s see, Mr. and Mrs. Wagner, what commands you have been accepting from others.  But first, let me explain that you were not trained to listen to individual words.  You were trained to listen to the sentence or the phrase, and then to draw your conclusion or to make your assumption.

          Your Subconscious records each and every word.  Where there is an absolute yes or no, it will act upon those words.  So you had better be careful before you open your mouth and say, I:yes or I:no. If you use maybe, this is nothing more than yes and no at the same time.

          If you use any form of yes and no at the same time, you will create conflict for the Subconscious.  It will then automatically send you a small “feel-bad” in order to warn you to get off the yes and no and to get on with yes or no.

          For example: Let us say that we were planning to go fishing, Mr. Wagner.  I ask you to buy the boat, bait, gear, and fishing licenses, and to call me Friday night, so I can tell you where we are going to fish.  You call Friday night and ask, “Tom, are we going to go fishing?”  and I say to you, “yes and no.” 

          You say, “Hey, I bought all this equipment and you told me that we were going to go fishing.  Are we going to go or not?  Tell me yes or no!”

          I say, “Mr. Wagner, yes and no.” 

          “Say, Tom Ray, are we going?  Give me a yes or a no. Yes and no just doesn’t get it.  Make up your mind.  Yes or no!”

          That uncomfortable feeling that Mr. Wagner would begin to experience is nothing more than the Subconscious sending him a message that something is not going right or that he is perceiving this situation to be no-good.  So, we can say, at this point, that the way you perceive a situation will determine your “feel-good” or “feel-bad.”

          I must explain to you at this time, that there are two sides to every situation: a good side and the other side.  Notice, I did not say the bad side.  If you conclude that a situation has a bad side, you get the “feel-bad.” The whole idea is to see the good side for the “feel-good” and see the other side for information and for your protection.

          To show you how picky the Subconscious is, and to explain that the Subconscious reacts to words individually, I am going to ask you three questions.  You will answer the first two questions incorrectly and you will answer the last one right.  Your Subconscious will respond properly on all three, but you will give me a different answer than your Subconscious gives on the first two.  On the third question, you will give me the same answer that your Subconscious gives. 

          “Mr. Wagner, would you tell me the color of that couch in the corner?”

          “It is black.”

          “Wrong.  You are not listening to the question.  Mrs. Wagner, will you tell me the color of your dress?”

          “My dress is blue.”

          “Wrong again.  You people are just not listening to the question.  Mr. Wagner, would you sign over to me all of your assets; give me those two fine kids of yours; you leave town and send me 90% of everything you make; don’t argue; don’t complain; don’t call the law; and be happy with your decision?”


          “Correct.  I just asked you a yes or no question. On the first two questions, I did not ask you for the color.  I asked if you would tell me the color.  I asked for a simple yes or no.

          Let’s see what you folks have been saying to yourselves. Let’s see what your illogical Subconscious Minds have been giving you back in the form of feelings and actions. When you first came into my office about forty-five minutes ago, I asked what I could do for you.  That’s when the garbage started to flow from your mouths and your minds. The commands that you have given yourselves in the past were simply reinforced by what you have said here in my office today.  Let’s see exactly what you said and let’s see what the Subconscious is going to do for you, in the way of a feeling or an action or a physiological reaction.

          Understand that you thought you were just stating the problems, but actually, you were reinforcing the symptoms.  Example: Mrs. Wagner said, “I am a real nervous person.”  Remember that anything after, “I am” will simply be acted out with the exact feelings and responses.  The Subconscious simply takes the command and makes you more nervous.  There may have been times that you were nervous and did nothing about it and maybe did not understand why you were nervous.  Then, there may have been another time that you were nervous and you concluded that, “I am a nervous person.”  The Subconscious simply says, “o.k.”  It makes no difference to the Subconscious what you say; the Subconscious takes it and responds accordingly.

          Let’s see what other negative commands you have given yourselves.  I will now just simply state them.  Listen to the accidental, ridiculous statements that you have commanded yourself.

          I am a real nervous person.

          I have been awfully depressed lately.

          I am under a lot of stress and strain.

          Paul and I haven’t been getting along too well lately.

          He drinks too much. (That is simply a command to your husband to drink too much.  If you say, “You drink too much,” the Subconscious responds, “O.K., let’s drink too much.”)

          I would like to get off these Valiums. (Remember, I would like to is not conclusive enough to get any action; so your words were wasted.)

          I would like to lose a little weight. (The same thing applies as in the previous statement; no command: no support from the Subconscious.)

          I would like to give up my nasty smoking habit.  (Let’s take a good look at that statement.  I would like to give up is not a command.  My nasty smoking habit: my indicates a command; nasty, we have been taught, is no-good; habit is something that you do without thinking.  Therefore, the Subconscious says, “Smoking is something nasty we do without thinking.”

          Based on the above command, the Subconscious is going to have you continue something that you get a “feel-bad” from, that you have simply allowed yourself to do without thinking.  Plus, you are doing something and then complaining about your decision.  That is a yes and no at the same time.  When you do this, you are going to get the “feel-bad” as a message from the Subconscious to go with yes or no. Smoke and like it or not smoke and like it.  It is foolish to smoke and then complain. Remember, we were born knowing nothing. We were taught to think and act this way, but it was not done on purpose.  Those who did it thought they were helping us.

          Let’s continue.

          I am not happy anymore. (Subconscious says, “Have a “feel-bad.”)

          I guess I am getting old.  (Subconscious says, “Feel and act old.”)

          I have these terrible migraine headaches.  (Have is ownership. He owns headaches.  The Subconscious says, “Head, hurt!”)

          I drink too much and my business is going down the tubes. (The Subconscious says, “Let’s have another drink, and go broke, and have a “feel-bad.”)

          I am afraid to ask my wife for sex.  (Your Subconscious doesn’t like fear, so you simply do not ask or make any overtures that may lead to sex.)

          I am starting to get impotent. (The Subconscious says “o.k.” and under these conditions, you cannot perform. You do not have to ask for sex and experience fear, plus have a “feel-bad.”)

          Life is passing me by. (Your Subconscious says, “o.k., you lose.  It’s time to hang it up.  By the way, have a “feel-bad.”)

          Our children have become two irresponsible and worthless teenagers.  (If you have ever said this to your kids, have become is an absolute and it therefore is a command.  If your kids do not say NO to that command, they simply act out the command.  Based on what you have said, they are presently acting out your commands.  It is time to get tough and to get positive with your kids.  You must understand, it is not entirely your fault your children are the way they are.  It is a result of everything that they are exposed to in this world today.  Just look around you.  So, it is your job to teach them to think and speak properly.)

          Every time I buy them a new car, they wreck it.  (If you have ever told them this, their Subconscious Minds simply say, “New car. Let’s wreck it.  Daddy will buy us a new one.”)

          You are our only hope. (If that were the case and I turned you away, you would be up that famous creek without a paddle!)

          The next Law that I am going to talk about is the Law of Feelings.  Remember the piggy bank on the desk.  This bank cannot have a “feel-good” or a “feel-bad” until you command it to do so.  Therefore, we will say that feelings are a simple choice! They did not tell you this.  They thought feelings were automatic.  They told you this would make you mad; that would make you nervous; this would make you happy or sad, etc.  Well, that is just not true.

          Paul, let’s you and I go back to the first day of the first grade and see where some of this erroneous information may have come from.  Our parents told us to listen to our teachers because they were right and correct and they would teach us the truth.  Here is the scene:  The teacher sees you and me at the back of the room talking to Charlie.  She says, “Tom, you and Paul are messing around with Charlie and you know Charlie. He is going to get your new, yellow pencils and he is going to break them.” (See, she knows Charlie has a thing for new, yellow pencils.  He gets one and immediately, he breaks it.  That is why she has him at the back of the room by himself.)  She continues, “He is going to break your new, yellow pencils (Here comes the command!) and you are going to get mad!” (You are is an absolute.)

          If you get out your dictionary, you might read that “mad” means “screaming, yelling, ranting, raving, foaming at the mouth, sick and dying.”  “Mad” is not a good physiological place to be. “Mad” is simply body breakdown.  She has told us that we were going to have physiological body breakdown when Charlie breaks our pencils.  I am here to tell you that I do not have to.  Why can’t we stay calm and relaxed as we forget it and get another pencil? Why do we have to have body breakdown?  There is no connection between that broken pencil and my body.   

          Let’s substitute some words and take another look at what the teacher told us to do.  “Mad” is body breakdown .  Body breakdown happens when you hit yourself on the thumb with the hammer.  The teacher says, “Paul, you and Tom are messing around with Charlie and he is going to break your pencils and when he does, you are going to pick up that hammer and hit yourself on the thumb.”  You tell me, Mr. and Mrs. Wagner, does that sound logical?  The teacher would not make it as a teacher, if the administration heard her make a statement like that.

          Let’s see what you have been telling your Subconscious to do to you.  Mrs. Wagner, I asked you if you ever got mad and you simply said, “Yes.”  I asked you, “What can make you mad?” and you told me an untruth because you did not know the Laws of the Subconscious.  You said, “Anything can make me mad.”  I am here to tell you that is just not true.  But, if you tell your illogical Subconscious that any THING can make you mad, you are in for a lot of “feel-bads.”

          "My husband can make me mad."  Mrs. Wagner, that is just not so.  He may do things you do not care for, but he cannot make you mad.  You make yourself mad.  Your Subconscious sent you “mad” based on old commands, such as, “Your husband will do things and he will make you mad.”  At the time of the command, you did not say NO to block the command.  So, as time went by, your husband would do things you did not like and your Subconscious sent you the “mad.”  By consciously overruling your Subconscious, you can consciously choose to be happy and relaxed while you are correcting the situation or accepting the situation.

          I am going to show you, Mrs. Wagner, how to place the words to Mr. Wagner and you will have him eating out of your hand.  The same goes for you, Mr. Wagner.  You can have her eating out of your hand.  (Read the chapter on the bear and the cookie.)  I asked you, Mrs. Wagner, “Do you ever get nervous?”  You stated, “I was born nervous.”  That is a lie, but you have been told that if you were born a particular way, that is the way it is to be; therefore, no change can take place.  Buffalo cookies!  You said everything makes you nervous.  That is just not true.  Nothing can make you nervous.  YOU make you nervous.  Again, if you say that everything can make you nervous, based on the way the Subconscious responds to the command, you are in for a lot of nervous “feel-bads.”

          It appears to me that you folks have accidentally been promoting disaster every time you open your mouths. I know that you fine folks love each other.  Remember when they told us we would grow up and fall in love.  I would like to know how a person “falls” in love.  Love is nothing more than a choice.  Feelings are a choice and love is a feeling.  They told us that we would meet a nice person who would make us happy.  No one can make me happy. I have to choose to be happy to actually experience it. 

          By the way, you cannot make anybody happy.  The whole idea is to meet a person that is already happy.  How many poor suckers do you know out there trying to make someone happy or waiting for someone to come along to make them happy?  It is just not going to happen.  Obviously, there are things about a person that you like or do not like, but that person cannot make you happy.  Being happy is strictly up to you.  Now, remove the monkey that has been on your back.  Be a happy person by choice.  That is the only way it is going to happen!”



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