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                                  THE WAGNERS DID IT


Now that you know that feelings are a choice...if you are unhappy with your job, house, wife, husband, kids, parents, financial position, geographic location, being over-protected or lonely, you have been wasting your time.  You are in total control of your actions and feelings.  Do something that will cause a change that is better to your liking.

          The first thing that you must do is to tell yourself that you are happy regardless of what happens or regardless of the conditions.  Then, you must start looking for the good side of each and every situation.  If you do not like a particular situation and would like to change it, change it if you can and if you cannot, then see the good in it and protect yourself from the bad.  If you are prohibited by the law, stay within the law or help change the law.  You, and only you, are the master of your destiny.

          You have the ability to think; the only way you can get change is to create it.  If you are stuck in a job you do not like, change.  You will not starve to death.  I would recommend that you find the new job before you give up the old, but you must do what you think is right for you.  If you are stuck in a relationship that you do not like, give it your best shot at making it work and if it does not work, get out.  You will not be alone forever.  You would be surprised at how many people out there would enjoy your company. 

“Now, Mr. Wagner, let’s see what you commanded yourself when I asked you what your intelligence level was.  You said you were a 5 or a 6.  Your Subconscious takes that command and makes you act like a 5 or a 6.  Your mind and Einstein’s mind work exactly the same.  They record information and they give back information.  The only difference is the type of information recorded and the way that information is given back.  So, you must command yourself to be a genius to get more favorable results.  If you tell your neighbor you are a genius, he will probably have you locked up, because he does not understand the Laws of the Subconscious.  I do not mind telling my neighbor what I think.  He was not trained to think; he was trained to respond.  If he does not respond favorably to a particular scene and I want him to respond a particular way, I set another scene and wait for the response.  I did not manipulate my neighbor; he became manipulated by his own previous conditioning.  And I am not responsible for his previous conditioning.

          One time, I was being interviewed on a radio talk show and I told the commentator that I was the world’s best hypnotist.  For about the next three months, there were people coming into my office saying that they heard me on the radio and that the commentator said I was the world’s greatest hypnotist!  The commentator did not say that.  I said that.  I explained to my client why I had said it.  Mr. Wagner, when you called, if I had said that I did not know if I could help you or not, but bring cash first, would you have come anywhere near my office?  I do not think so.

          Let’s see what Mrs. Wagner said to herself when I asked how she felt about herself, on a scale from 1 to 10.  She said, “I haven’t been feeling too good about myself lately.”  Whenever you attack Self, Self is going to send you a “feel-bad.”  Now, who do you think goes with you everywhere you go?  Self.  Who do you think you eat with, party with, sleep with, and bathe with?  Self.  You had better like Self a lot.  But, remember, they taught you that you were not supposed to like Self.  I do not think Jesus ever said to a person to only like himself a 5 or a 6.  I do not think he ever said you should feel guilty or feel bad.  He said, in effect, “Whatever you did that was not good, forget it and just do not do it again.” It was one of those later churches that tried to manipulate you with false beliefs.  Unfortunately, today, some religions are used to control the masses and are not designed for the welfare of the individual.

          Mr. Wagner said, when I asked him what his confidence level was, “I used to be a very confident person, but now (There is that word, now, so everything after the word, now, is a command, if it is absolute.) I would say that I am a 4.”  No wonder your business is going down the tubes.  Who wants to do business with a 4, when they can purchase from a 10!  No wonder your wife talks all the time and tells you how to run your life.  A 4 doesn’t cut it, Mr. Wagner.  How about your choosing to be a 10 in the confidence department?

          I asked Mrs. Wagner if she had any faults.  She said, “Doesn’t everybody?”  Remember, I said that I do not.  When she used the word, everybody, that included me.  If I had not blocked that command, I would be allowing my Subconscious to be told that I have faults.  I simply do not tell myself that I have faults.  If I do something that does not turn out right, I just do not do it again, but I do not go around criticizing myself. 

          By the way, the word, “perfect” is a misused word without meaning.  You cannot find anything in this world that is perfect.  Instead of my going around telling myself that I have faults or that I feel guilty or that I am sorry, I say that I am a good person and getting better every day.  That way, I will get the “feel-good” from the Subconscious and that is the whole idea.  When you have the “feel-goods,” you can be of benefit to yourself and to those around you, if you so choose.

          It is kind of like the young boy who comes to school and says, “I am a good person.  I live in a nice neighborhood; I have a good dog; and I am very intelligent.”  The teacher would probably think he was a braggart.  But if the child came in and said, “I am not too smart; I have an average mutt for a dog; and I do not like where I live,” the teacher would take him under her wing like a lost chick.  You tell me what is backwards.  In their own way of trying to help us, people really mislead us.  Of course, it is not their fault.  They do not know the Laws of the Subconscious.

          “It is now time for you fine folks to change.  How are you going to do it?  Listen to me very carefully.  Remember that the Subconscious is totally illogical.  It will do as you command.  Words and thoughts command the Subconscious.  I will provide the words and you provide the thinking.  Remember again, the Subconscious is not logical.  So, here are the words.

          As I hold this piece of paper, it represents the last page of “feel-bads” in your Book of Life.  It represents the last personal problem; the last financial problem; the last health problem; the last job problem; the last problem of any kind that you will ever have.  I turn the page and what do I see?  I see a very happy person.; a person who has chosen to be happy.  I see a person who is calm and relaxed, regardless of what has happened or what will happen.  I see a person who is a genius; who can think and not just react, unless the reaction is for good purposes.  I see a person who no longer is sick or has pain.  I see a person who no longer has problems; a person who only has situations.  You are no longer to use the word “problem.” With a problem, you only have two options: either you win or you lose.  With a situation, you have a thousand options.  I see a person who no longer talks or thinks of himself as being sick, depressed, sad, upset, nervous or having any other negative symptoms.  The page is now turned.  You are now changed!”

Mr. Wagner says, “Oh, my goodness, we came in here and gave this clown $500.00 and he turns the page and tell us that we are changed!”

          “I believe I know what you are thinking, Mr. Wagner.  You were born into a society that taught you to want to know why things happen.  So, I am going to tell you why you are changed.  But, first of all, I am going to ask you four questions.  Mr. Wagner, who actually does your thinking?”

          “She likes to, most of the time,” as he turns toward his wife.

           “No, that is not true.  Who actually does your mechanical thinking?  You do.  No one else can.  It is virtually impossible for someone else to do your thinking.”

          “Yes, you are right.  I do my own thinking.”

          “Mrs. Wagner, who chooses your thoughts?  You do, correct?  I could ask you to think about this fountain pen and you could choose to think about the typewriter and I would never know the difference, correct?”

          “Yes, you are correct.  I choose my own thoughts.”

          “Mr. Wagner, under this new Law, who chooses your feelings?”

          “I do.”

          “Then, if that is the case, your son cannot make you mad.  Is that correct?”


          “Mrs. Wagner, who actually says your words?  Who creates the words that come out of your mouth?”

          “I do.”

          “If that is the case, your husband cannot make you say one thing or the other.  If you have chosen to say something, it has been your choice.”

          “That is true.”

          “Now, I am going to tell you why you are changed.  You now know that you do your own thinking.  You choose your own thoughts.  You choose your own feelings and you say your own words.  You now know that you own and control all the tools that are used to control your Subconscious that, in turn, controls your body.  You are in 100% control, like it or not.  So, what are you going to choose to think, feel, and say?  Only good things, right?” They both respond, “Right!”

          “The next question that you may ask is when is all of this good stuff going to happen.  The world misled you again, especially when it came to “time.”  They failed to explain the truth about time. I am going to tell you what real time is. First of all, let’s draw an imaginary line on the ground.  Let’s say that one side of the line is the PAST and the other side of the line is the FUTURE. The line itself represents NOW. Mr. Wagner, based on the way that you were taught to think, does the PAST exist? Yes or no?”


          “Incorrect. You say the PAST does exist.  Go get me the tickets to last night’s ball game.  We already know the score.  We will fly to Las Vegas and pawn everything that we own and place our bets on the winner.  Then we will come back, watch the game and then go collect our money.  We will do this with every good game in the past.  Now, tell me, Mr. Wagner, does the PAST really exist? Yes or no?”

          “No, but what about in my mind?”

          “Those are only memories of the PAST, not the PAST itself.”

          “I cannot forget about the PAST and that is what is bothering me most of all.”

          “That is a true statement.  You cannot forget any information recorded in the Memory Bank, but you can choose simply not to recall.  If you make the information unimportant to you, you will simply not recall the information until you purposely call for it.  The purpose is to only recall the good things for the “feel-good.”  It would be foolish to recall the bad things for the “feel-bad.” 

          The only way to classify the bad information that is stored in the Memory Bank is to classify it as information for your protection, and not as bad information.  If you classify it as bad, when you do think of it, you will get a “feel-bad.”  If you classify it as just information for your protection, there will be no “feel-bad” attached. Mrs. Wagner, does the FUTURE exist? Yes or no?”

          “Yes, I hope so.”

          “Wrong again.  If the FUTURE does exist, go get me the tickets and score of tonight’s playoff game.  You say the FUTURE does exist.  That means that the score of that game does exist.  Go get the score and the tickets and we will be off to Las Vegas to place our bets.  You and I are going to run the world, because we will have all the money.  You say the FUTURE does exist.  Where is it?”

          “People, the only time that does exist is a time frame called NOW.  Every second of your life, you will spend in the time called NOW. The PAST does not exist and the FUTURE for us may exist when it gets here, but it does not exist NOW.  I could call you on the phone in ten years and ask you what time it is and you could respond that it is NOW and you would be correct. You are always in a time frame called NOW.  If you worry about the FUTURE or the PAST, that means you are worrying about something that does not exist.  It is smart to plan for the FUTURE so when it gets here you will be prepared, but it is stupid to worry about something that does not exist.  Tomorrow does not exist.  When it gets here, it will be a NOW.  The key is to command the Subconscious in NOW terms, such as: I am, or I am not, instead of I want to be or I wish I had.       

          “So, what are the good commands to your Subconscious?  Let me say the commands for you and then you repeat them to yourself.  Remember, this procedure doesn’t require your belief or your acceptance.  The Subconscious requires the proper word pattern or thought pattern.   This is purely a word game between two different levels of the mind.  If you do not command the Subconscious, it will command you, and it will use old, out of date and possibly untrue information. 

          Here are the commands.” (You there! Yes, you, the one who is reading this book, the one who has been listening in on our conversation.  You, also, repeat the commands in your mind.)


          “I am calm.

           I am relaxed.

           Nothing bothers me.” (That is a statement of fact, because nothing can bother you.  You choose your own feelings.)

          “I am healthy.

           I am happy.

           I am attractive.” (Everybody is different, so you might as well call yourself good-looking.)

          “I am a genius.” (Every human mind works the same way.  It records and gives back information.  The only difference between you and Einstein is the different type of information and the way that information is given back.  If you call yourself a genius, you will get better results than if you call yourself a dummy.)

           “I like myself first.”  (You were told that you could not do that.  You were told that was being egotistical and it was sinful.  I do not think Jesus ever told a person not to think highly of himself.  You must put yourself first.  That way you get the “feel-goods” and you can stay healthy and help those you love.  If you put yourself last, you are going to have the “feel-bads.” You may wind up sick in the hospital and no good to anyone.  If you put yourself first with you, that means you can take the end of the line and still feel good. I do not say I put my God first. But, my God lives within me; therefore, when I put myself first, I automatically put my God first.  Do not write me and talk about religion, because I will simply throw your letters in the trash.  Write me about the good changes in your life.  Got it?)

          Mr. and Mrs. Wagner, I ask you now: “Are you changed? You must say yes.  If you say yes, you open the door for change.  The command must be made before you can expect to get a response.  Are you changed? Yes or no?”



          “See there, you feel better already.  You have been sitting there, analyzing me because you were trained to do so.  You have been wondering, figuring, doubting and sometimes arguing with me in your mind.  Tomorrow, I am going to put you on the couch and give you some good commands, but when you are not in my office, who is responsible for giving you the good commands? You are. Right?”

          “Right,” they both answered.

          “And, if someone walks up to you and accidentally or intentionally puts the bad word on you, all you have to do is say, “NO” in your mind.  They will never know the difference.

          Mr. and Mrs. Wagner, now as you leave my office from this first visit, if one of you hears the other make a negative command, do not say, ‘You are being negative,’ or ‘You said something wrong.’  Whenever you say, ‘You are being negative,’ this is nothing more than a command to continue being negative.  So, when you hear the accidental negative command, keep your mouth shut, as though you never heard it.  That goes for both of you.  I am being strong with you, because that is the only way to do this and get favorable results.”

          As the Wagners leave the office, I know that they will be like innumerable others who have come into my office. They changed, here in my office, and the changes are being put into effect, right now!

          Tomorrow, when they come back, I will talk with them individually.  I will take them back through their lives and explain to them why they had their “feel-bads” in each and every case.  You can do this for yourself by taking every negative event and giving your Subconscious some sort of a reason for the happening.  One of the best reasons that can be applied is: people were born knowing nothing.  The things they did were because they thought they were right.  They were not trained to think; they were taught to react.

          So, you might as well choose not to recall the unpleasant things and choose to think about the fun things.  Also, when thinking about the future, plan only good things.  Planning is smart and worrying is stupid.  Remember, you are a genius.  All human beings are.  Geniuses plan.  They simply do not worry.

          A young lady came in my office one day and she said that she needed to get her worrying organized! Now you know why there are so many hospitals and pharmacies!

          The third chapter is a recap of what I have asked the Wagners to read overnight.  It is simply a brief of this chapter. You must read it until this information becomes second nature to you.  (Second nature means an automatic response by the Subconscious.)

          Other chapters in this book talk about how to deal with specific situations.  There are chapters about actual people and their situations.  Read on.  It gets even more interesting. 

          In the back of this book, you will find an Order Blank, in case you would like to hear some of my great advice on CDs.

             A friend told me, before I got into this business, that my voice was not right for this type of work.  Look at me now! I am the world’s greatest Mind Scientist! And guess what? In the 1980's I advertised myself as a Professional Hypnotist.  Hypnosis, as you understood it, just does not exist.  What does exist is an illogical subconscious and it will control you if you do not control it. 


Chapter 3..
Tom's Laws of the Subconscious

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