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          So, you want to lose weight!  Overweight is probably the biggest problem that the people of America have today.  No pun intended.  The main reason people are overweight is because of the way they think,  more so than the way they eat.  It is my belief that when a person says, “I am fat, I am fat. Oh, I hate being fat,” he/she is just reinforcing the fact that he/she is fat and, therefore, he/she stays that way. 

          Remember, the Subconscious Mind gives you what you ask for.  Since it gives you what you ask for, you must say to yourself immediately, “I am thin. I act like a thin person.  I walk like a thin person.  I talk like a thin person and I am getting thinner each day.”  Remember, this process is mechanical.  You must mechanically say the words.

          It is true that all the negative thinking that a person has done has simply caused a negative body response or a “feel-bad” and he/she then eats to try to feel good.  If you are overweight, you have been told a jillion times that you cannot cope with life; you cannot cope with problems.  These are negative commands from others and you must reject these commands by letting the words roll off like water off a duck’s back.

          I am saying that you must think in terms of. "I have changed my way of thinking, I am now a positive person and I deal with situations in my life or I just ignore the situations." 

It is o.k. to ignore any situation.  It is simply your choice.  In fact, you no longer have problems; you only have situations.  You know you choose your own thinking; you make your own decisions; and now you will choose to be thin.  All you have to do is physically say the words, mentally think the words, and the Subconscious Mind becomes programmed in the positive.

          If you say to yourself, “I cannot think that way and I will not think that way,” that is o.k. with me.  I want you to be what you want and if you want to say, “I can’t lose weight. I can’t stay on a diet,” that is your choice.

          I would like for you to start noticing what other people eat.  You will notice that the majority of the thin, slim people eat very little and the majority of the heavy people eat as though it was their last meal.  So, obviously, there is no such thing as a diet.  There are different eating styles.   As far as the overweight person is concerned, “diet” is a negative word.  So, put in the place of the word, “diet,” the words, “eating habits” or “eating style.”

          You are going to change your eating habits and thinking habits.  One of the biggest mistakes that an overweight person will make is to say, “When I lose this weight, I will be a very, very happy person” and “Diets make me miserable.”  Now, tell me, how in the world can a person expect to change his/her eating habits and be so miserable?  I would not recommend that type of thinking to anyone.

          What I recommend is being happy now.  Be happy now, getting thinner each day.  Be happy now, with a different way of eating.  If you happen to say to yourself, “Well, I like all those fattening foods,” I would say to you, “If you control your feelings, which you do, and if you control your likes and dislikes, which you do, you can choose not to like all those fattening foods. It is that simple.” If you use the words, “but, what about” and “I can’t” that is also your choice.  I am telling you that the word, “but” should not exist in your vocabulary.  “Butt” exists somewhere on your backside and is sometimes used in reference to cigarettes and cigars.  Otherwise, “but” does not exist for you, now that you have changed.

          The past does not exist.  The future does not exist.  The only thing that does exist is this moment.  And when THAT moment is gone, we are in THIS moment.  We are only in the NOW time frame, and if you have the strength to pass up certain foods NOW, you have the strength to pass up food at any time, even on Thanksgiving Day.  So, by using this purely mechanical way of thinking, you lose weight and lose it very easily.

          If you are having marriage problems, your marriage problems have absolutely nothing to do with the way you eat.  If you are having financial problems, your financial problems have nothing to do with the way you eat, unless you do not have the money to buy food.  If you are having problems of any kind, they have nothing to do with the way you eat.

          How many times have you heard someone say, “This is not a good time to go on a diet”?  Anytime is a good time to change the way you eat, unless it is your last meal.  And if it is your last meal, obviously you were taught to do something you enjoy, so have that famous last meal. If you have not been sentenced and you are overweight, you are sentencing yourself. I can think of a lot more interesting things I would like to do last, rather than eat.

          Eating is designed for one thing and that is to replenish the body chemicals.  Other than that, why eat?  You have been trained that eating is a pleasurable thing to do. Go stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself. Now, tell me how pleasurable it has been.  I am sure that you can understand that excess of any kind is not good.

          It is amazing that in this world of ours, people spend millions and billions of dollars to lose weight, when all they have to do is choose a different way of thinking and eating.  Why should anyone have trouble choosing a positive way of thinking? It is because he/she was trained to think negatively, as a result of his family, the school system, the community, and the religious structure. The only reason for this is that the ones doing the training thought they were doing it the right way.

          Unfortunately, much of what they taught you was untrue, backward, illogical, irrational and incorrect.  To give you a prime example: A preacher is standing in the pulpit, preaching the sermon.  He thinks he is helping the people who came to his service, and he makes the comment, “How difficult it is to stay on the straight and narrow in this world today, and how easy it is to sin.”  So, when a person is walking along the straight and narrow and falls by the wayside, the Subconscious says, “Well, heavens.  It’s easy to sin.  It is difficult to stay on the straight and narrow.”  What that preacher should have said is that it is easy to stay on the straight and narrow, and it is difficult to sin.  Then, when a person goes out and gets into trouble, he will likely say, “I am going back to the straight and narrow where it is easy.”

          So now, you will simply choose to say the mechanical words and lose the weight, because you have changed your way of thinking.  Use the relaxing exercise once or twice a day.  Concentrate on a good self-image: how wonderful, attractive and intelligent you are.  Give yourself the following commands:

          I am a 100% healthy person.

          I am calm and relaxed.

          I am strong and confident.

          I am thin, getting thinner.

          Nothing bothers me.

          I am a happy person.

I choose my feelings and I choose only happy feelings.

          Eating is purely a waste of time.

          I am not constantly hungry anymore.

          I eat only to replenish my body chemicals.”

You are in charge of your own conditioning now.  You are a relaxed, confident, THIN person.  It is EASY! 




          "I have not only lost weight, but also have enjoyed every minute losing it.  I am a very happy person.  I have just experienced something I did not think I could.  One of my experiences is that I can control my emotions. I was a very hot-tempered person.  I would let any and every little thing worry me; now I do not allow myself to get upset."


                  *        *        *


          "For the first time in my dieting years, I feel good.  I was a compulsive eater, which I’m not anymore.  It amazes me that I can go shopping and bypass the forbidden foods.  When I’m eating in a restaurant, I choose to eat the proper foods, no matter what anybody else is eating. Since I’ve change the way I think and perceive things, my whole personal outlook has improved."


                  *        *        *


          "I definitely feel I have benefited from our visits.  In addition to losing weight and inches, I feel differently about dieting than I did in the past.  Previously, I was always planning all the goodies I would eat when the diet was over.  This time, I feel this is a permanent change in the way I want to eat.  I don’t think of myself as being on a diet.  I choose to eat the way I do.   I also have changed the way I think and feel about life in general.  I think positively!  I’m

calmer at work and at home now."


                  *       *        *


          "You’ve helped me more than I ever could have imagined.  I’ve lost 20 pounds, and I’ve gained back my self-confidence and drive.

          For the first time in my life, I feel good and positive about every day. Your patience, thoughtfulness, and insight is uncanny and I’m forever grateful."


                 *        *        *


          "The world and other people used to handle my life; whatever was, was.  I stayed nervous and keyed up, always trying to please everyone at all times.  Also I was very much overweight and smoked, on top of that.  My body was going down the drain.

          Since I have been to Tom Ray, my whole life has changed.  It’s like walking into another world.  I control Me now---no one else, not even the world. 

          I am more relaxed than I have been for 3 years.  It’s fantastic.  I am losing weight and enjoying my life in the fullest.  I am me."


Chapter 11..Asthma Be Gone



The commands must be said, or thought , as though they have already happened!

  Your belief is not required.  Your acceptance is not required.  There is a part of your mind that puts the command into effect, unless you say "No."

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