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          Asthma is purely psychosomatic: Yes, it is in your head.  When you read this entire book you will see that body breakdown, I would say, about 95% if the time, is caused from Information Poisoning, or untrue information, stored in your head.  Sad, but true.  Change the information, the Asthma goes away.

Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary:
      --psychosomatic  (si'ka sa mat'ik)  1. of are pertaining to a physical disorder that is caused by or notably influenced by emotional factors.  2.  pertaining to or involving both the mind and the body.

          People, the world is not flat.  The word Psychosomatic has been thrown around by the Doctors for so long, it has lead people to believe that your problem is "Just in your head".  Well the Doctors were right sometimes.  The sad part is, they truly did not understand what Psychosomatic really meant or how it works.  Asthma is the symptom, not the problem.  Yes, breathing problems and constricted bronchial tubes are not good, but that is just one of the things the illogical subconscious will do to you if you do not control it. ASTHMA IS AN EASY FIX!

NOTE:  Our Medical Scientist using chemicals have done wonders designing and providing medications that can be used to open the bronchule tubes and allow the person to breath better, so why not just do away with the asthma all together.

          This book and this Foundation is what this is all about; discovering the real cause and the real solution for good health, success and happiness.

     The mind controls the body. You can control the mind Consciously.  If you do not, it will control you and you may not like the way it is treating you.
          A case in point follows:  A 14 year old boy was brought to me because he was suffering from a severe case of asthma and also had a terrible-looking rash all over his body.  After talking with the boy for a while and then with his mother, it was determined that the asthma started when he was about 4 years old.  The rash had also developed at that time and had never left his body since, in spite of repeated visits to different dermatologists and allergists.

          What happened?  The family had been visiting relatives and for some reason, the young boy became ill while having breakfast.  From that day forward, he had trouble with his breathing.  The doctors concluded that he had asthma.  After many tests, the doctors told the parents that their son was allergic to everything, from grass to dust, many kinds of foods, and pets of all kinds.

          I age-regressed the boy back through the years to determine what had caused him to develop the asthma and the allergies.  I discovered that it was not the food he ate that caused the asthma and the allergies. Rather, it was his reaction to the hysterical attitude around him, created by his parents because he had gotten sick while eating.  His sickness caused the parents and relatives, who were possibly over-protective of the child, to become hysterical.  The young boy became frightened, as a result of this hysterical reaction of the adults around him.  Because the boy threw up his breakfast, his Subconscious Mind assumed that he was allergic to certain foods.  The procedure continued to compound itself.  From that day on, he had severe asthma, along with a rash over his entire body.

          While he was in that super-relaxed state in my office, he rationalized his fears and put the wheels in motion for his Subconscious to allow him to be free from any uncomfortable feelings. I saw the boy on two consecutive days and again a week later.  On that third visit, he pulled up his shirt to show me his chest, which was free of rash for the first time in ten years! He related that in the last week, he had been able to eat anything he wanted and now had a pet bird and a pet dog!  All this in one short week’s time! The asthma also was gone.  This was not a miracle.  It was purely mechanical.

          If you have a child that has asthma, teach him a better way of thinking, using the techniques as described in this book.  If he is too young to teach himself, follow my instructions at the end of this chapter.  Continue to read this entire chapter.

          Everyday the child is to explain to himself that the reason for the asthma is no longer important; that he was born to be perfectly healthy; and that he is always 100% healthy. If he has any dermatitis or rash in connection with the asthma, he is to explain to himself that he is no longer allergic to anything and that the rash has gone away.  This is very important.  What happens in the conversation is that the Subconscious tries to fulfill these suggestions.  He is to emphasize the fact that he is 100% relaxed, 100% healthy and that absolutely nothing bothers him.  All this is to be stated in the present tense, in the NOW.

          There are millions and millions of people in the world today that are suffering from allergies, asthma and other forms of diseases that are purely psychosomatic, with no apparent cause.  What happens is, the Subconscious gets a negative message.  It produces an uncomfortable feeling and then, panic runs through the body.  The body produces the feeling.  The feeling is designed to warn the individual that something is wrong.

          To give you a prime example, a lady walked into my office and said, “If there is one person in the room who has a cold, you can bet I am going to catch it!”  And, sure enough, you could have someone in the room fake a cold and this lady would come down with all the symptoms! Listen to the words some people were trained to use.  How does a person catch a cold?  Does she use a catcher’s mitt? Does she catch it with her bare hands?  Sounds a little ridiculous, doesn’t it?

          Each and every person that I have seen in my office with a complaint about his health has seen the result of thinking backwards, or negatively.  Situations cannot upset people.  People choose to be upset.  It is unfortunate that people were trained to think in a backwards fashion.  People were trained to think that if they did not feel good, they must be sick; rather than thinking constantly that they do feel good and there is no possibility of getting sick. How often have you said, “I don’t have time to be sick” and then found yourself soon feeling better?  How many people do you know that say they just don’t have the time to get sick?  How many people do you know that say they just do not allow themselves to become sick? If you think about it, those are probably the very people who seldom get sick and are always the picture of health.

          This is very similar to the situation where two people are in the hospital and the one says, “Doctor, I have nothing left to live for.”  He dies because he just gives up.  The other person lives to enjoy those things he has to do and those places he has to go.  His chance of returning to perfect health is greatly increased, because he has commanded his body to be that way.

          If you have asthma or allergies or you have a child with asthma or allergies, follow the suggestions I have put forth in this chapter.  Eliminate the negatives from your life.  Be 100% healthy and happy. 

          As I promised, these are the instructions for a very young child with asthma.  First of all, provide the child with a calm, relaxed environment.  Give him or her all the commands verbally that I mentioned earlier, as if you were giving the child commands for self-hypnosis.

          Give the child the following commands in the waking state and also whisper them to the child when he or she is asleep. Make sure the child is sound asleep and then whisper the following:  “Stay asleep.  This is Mom (or Dad) talking.  Stay asleep.  I want to talk to you.  You are a good child and I love you very much.  You are a good child.  You are a very relaxed child.  You are a calm and happy child. You are safe and protected. Your breathing is always relaxed.  You are a very healthy child, a relaxed and happy child.  You are a strong and beautiful child.  You are a wonderful, happy child.  Whatever bothered you in the past is not important.  You are happy and healthy now.  You are always happy and healthy.  Your parents and family always love you.” You notice these statements are all positives in the present tense, as if they had already happened. This is very important. Do these things as I have said and you will soon be living with a healthy child, instead of a sick one.




          "For quite a number of years, I had allergic symptoms with increasing severity and frequent sinus headaches.  About six years ago, I started going to an Allergy Clinic.  The treatment would help me temporarily, but I had stopped using cosmetics and deodorants almost completely because of allergy symptoms.

          Last August, I heard on the radio of Tom Ray’s work with allergies, nervousness, and other disorders.  At any rate, I decided to try visit with him, largely because of my allergies and the fact that my memory had become impaired, following my husband’s sudden death early in September of this year.

          In the course of the consultations, Tom Ray assured me that I did not have allergies, because allergies are psychosomatic conditions (or symptoms).  Soon the usual symptoms of itching skin and eyes and stuffy head became much less noticeable, in fact, soon non-existent.  Also, as he had suggested, I viewed all of the unhappiness of the recent past in a much less painful light.  This has made those months following my husband’s death seem much less traumatic.  In fact, I remember mostly the happy times he and I had.

          I would recommend Tom Ray's new way of thinking for anyone suffering from the loss of a loved one. The improvement in my memory has been phenomenal and is still increasing, and allergy symptoms have been much less troublesome.  The laws of the subconscious and understanding the science of the mind has served me very well.

          Tom Ray may use any or all of these statements in any manner desired, as I know that it would be only for the good of humanity."


Chapter 12.  Help Cure Cancer With Words and Thoughts


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