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The following paper was submitted to the San Antonio Chapter of the American Cancer Society in February, 1979 by Tom Ray.


*        *        *


          So, you have cancer? Or you do not have cancer and you do not want to get cancer?  It is my belief that 99% of all cancer and sickness is brought on by the way you think.  Obviously, it is not your fault the way you think.  You were trained to think the way you do. It is not your parents’ fault, nor your teachers’ fault.  It is no one’s fault.  It is just simply the fact that people get into a habit of thinking and talking negatively and do not realize they are doing so.  Obviously, if they realized it and knew how to change, they would simply change.  When I say to you that I think you can help cure cancer by turning your thought processes around, don’t waste your time telling me, “I did not think myself into this cancer.  I did not ask for it.”

          In reality, your Subconscious is giving you cancer in an effort to warn you that something is wrong.  Many of the thoughts and words you use are simply backwards.  Your Subconscious records every word that you say and every thought that you think.  You must use the proper word format to command the Subconscious in order to produce perfect health.  Now, if you do what I say, exactly what I say, I think that you will find yourself cancer-free very soon.

          First of all, you must continue to see your Doctor. If you are going to a Doctor and if he tells you that you only have five years to live, you tell him that in five years, you will be well.  That, in fact, you will probably be well in six months.  Then, you must explain to your Subconscious Mind how to do away with your cancer.  After all, if you cut yourself accidentally, while peeling potatoes or chopping wood, your body heals itself.  You do not use glue and cellophane tape to fix the cut.  
          Surprisingly enough, your body will heal itself.  So, you are to simply command your Subconscious to heal your body from this disease.  Really, I think disease is a lousy word.  I think it is nothing more than a dysfunction.  To me, a disease is something you get from filth, cross infection, rats, rabies, etc. I know my way sounds easy.  It is very easy.  You will realize that any first-grader can do what I am going to ask you to do. Remember, understand your Doctor and use him for his vast knowledge.  I am not a Doctor but I have proven there is another side to this human health situation. 

          The first step you must take is that of taking the responsibility for your own health.  You must say to yourself, “I was responsible for my negative thinking.  I am responsible for my own health.  I have arrived at my condition only because of my past negative thinking and absolutely no one, absolutely nowhere, had anything to do with my cancer. I accidentally brought on the cancer and now I will eliminate the cancer.”

          The next step is to free yourself from all hate or negative thoughts about the past and future.  Some people refuse to put down hate.  It is easy to put down hate.  Free yourself completely from all negative thoughts and all unpleasant experiences that have happened in the past.  The way to do this is to command your Subconscious that the past is the past and that absolutely no one can affect the way you choose to feel or think.  You choose your own feelings, and if you have had a running battle with a parent, a brother, a sister, a child, or a situation, you do not need it.  You will simply say to yourself, “It makes no difference where I am, or what I am doing.  I am perfectly relaxed and perfectly happy, because I choose my own feelings.”

          I will give you an example of a situation you might be in that you do not like.  You are in a situation at work or at home or away from home and you hate it, or hate whom you are with.  If you will remember, I just said you must do away with all hate.  So, you will see the situation for what it is.  You might not like the situation, but you are choosing to stay in the situation because of certain obligations or for financial reasons.  It would be foolish to stay in the situation and choose to be uncomfortable, because you know that you have accepted the situation.  You cannot stand there and tell me that you have to stay in any situation.  You could get up off your backside and move.  And, if you cannot get up and move, ask someone to move you. If you have tried all avenues to change the conditions and they don’t change, then move. Someone will take you in.  You can bet on it.

          Many people say, “Daddy, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Willie had cancer and I will probably get it too.  It runs in my family.”  It is my belief that cancer is not hereditary.  The way you think is the closest thing to being hereditary that I know of, because your elders are the ones who taught you how to think.  And, believe me, they thought they were helping you when they taught you how to think the way you do.  When they gave you advice, they thought they were correct at the time.  Generally, people do not intentionally give advice that they think is incorrect.

          You have been conditioned up to today by the people and the world around you.  It is now time for you to do your own conditioning, so that you can be perfectly healthy.  Use your doctor’s advice and take the medicine he prescribes, but take command of your body with your mind.

          Now that you have decided that you and you alone, take the responsibility for your health, and the things that have happened to you in your past mean absolutely nothing, you are ready to eliminate the cancer. 

          You will take yourself into a deep, relaxed state (all this state consists of is deep relaxation) three times a day.  While in your super-relaxed state, these are the exact words that you will use:


“The uncomfortable things that happened to me in the past mean absolutely nothing. The reason they mean absolutely nothing is they cannot be changed.

The reason the past is of no value is that the past does not exist now.

I only remember the beautiful times of the past.

I am 100% healthy and free from the past.

I have eliminated all hate from my life: past, present, and future.

I fear nothing and I respect and stay away from things that appear to be dangerous.

I am a special person to myself.

I respect myself first.

I think only in the NOW and NOW is the only important time.

I am a totally relaxed person and nothing will change that.

I control my body functions; therefore, I command my body perfect health.

Those things that happened to me in the past that created uncomfortable feelings are no longer important.

I am free from the past.

I am totally relaxed.

I am a totally 100% healthy human being.

The cancer that was in my body is melting away like ice on a hot summer day.”

          At this point, use your imagination to see the cancer leave the body.  Any process will do as long as it leaves.  See the good cells destroy the bad, in any form that you wish to use.



“I do the things I want to do and I do not do the things I do not want to do.

Most of all, I am comfortable with myself and the world around me.

I do my own thinking and no one can see inside my mind.

I choose my own feelings; absolutely nothing bothers me.

I am 100% healthy and getting healthier every day.

I do not worry about the future; I plan only good things for the future.

I choose only happy and healthy feelings.

I am the person I choose to be.”


           The Subconscious understands the words, so say the words.  If you don’t like these words, use your own; but make sure your commands are in the present tense form---in the NOW.  They must be positive and stated in the present tense.

          Gentlemen, Ladies, and whoever you are, reading this book: I realize this is a very new way of thinking, but I do not think it is radical or I would not tell you this.  I like to think I am a rational man and what I am saying to you is for the benefit of all human beings.  You MUST take responsibility for the way you think.  You MUST think only positive thoughts so that your Subconscious will give you only positive feelings. 

          There are hundreds of thousands of different ways to visualize the cancer leaving your body.  You accidentally allowed the cancer.  Now you deliberately eliminate it.  You must cause the cancer to be washed away, beaten away, melted away, pushed out, shoved out of your system or any other technique that you choose. But, you MUST actually see the cancer leaving your body.  This is called imagination.  The imagination process is actually suggestion.  These suggestions are given to the Subconscious Mind and then these suggestions will be carried out by the Subconscious.  As you understand from a previous example, if you put a dollar in your piggy bank, you are only going to get out a dollar. So, think the proper information to get proper results.  If you have chosen to die, it is your choice.  If you choose to live, it is very simple to do.

          If you are dying because someone would be happy, someone would feel sorry for you or you want to be a martyr, you are simply wasting your time.  You don’t have the power to make anyone, anywhere, feel a particular way.  If you allow anyone, anywhere, to tell you how to live your life; again, you are wasting your time.

          Your Maker, whoever you believe Him to be, designed you to be perfect and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being perfect.  It makes no difference if your nose is in the center of your forehead and your right ear is on your left side and you look like you have been hit by a semi-truck, you are beautiful.  You are a human being and from this day forward, command yourself that you are Number One.

          The reason you are Number One? There is no one else in the world like you, so you might as well take position Number One and be the person you choose to be, allowing yourself to be cancer-free forever.


                 *        *        *


This paper specifically mentions cancer.  However, if you have poor health of another kind or you do not want to have poor health, you may substitute the appropriate words in place of the word, cancer.


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