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                                              CHAPTER 3



          After reading this book, you will be able to deal with any situation.  You will be in total control of your life, the way you have always wanted it to be.  When you have mastered the school of thought contained in this book, you will then be free of all your past unpleasant experiences.  You will be free to determine your own destiny.  When you do as I advise, you will be a healthy, happy, successful human being.  Everything that I am going to tell you will be proven over and over again to be 100% correct.  To start you on the way to your new life, let us first consider your beginning.

          While you were growing up, there were many people who advised and counseled you.  Each one gave you information that he or she believed would benefit you by helping to shape your values and ideas.  This information was given to you in sincere good faith.  Each of the people who told you things did so because he thought the advice he was giving you was good advice or good knowledge with which you might enhance your life.  Even though some of the information was false, those people thought they were right in giving it to you.  Many of those who instructed you were family and friends who had only your best interests at heart.

          Unfortunately, a great deal of the knowledge you received at a young age may have sounded good but, in reality, was destructive and of no value to you.  As you will soon understand, the key to your freedom is deeply rooted in your Subconscious Mind. Due to the information you were given when you were young, it would be fair to say that in some areas of your upbringing you were trained backwards.  This book will help you make the changes you want to make in your life, for now and in the future.

          Now, as an adult, you have, in most areas of your life, nice things happening and in other areas of your life, you have some situations you don’t really care for. You would not intentionally have the negative things happen in your life if you knew how to prevent them.

          I am going to give you some new laws of life to live by. You can use these new laws to rid yourself of any and all negative situations.  You do not have to use these laws, but as an intelligent, thinking human being, once you see the positive results these laws produce in your life, you would be foolish not to take advantage of them.  These laws affect no one but you. They serve primarily to help you govern your own life.  As you use these laws, no one will know that you are using them.  THESE LAWS APPLY ONLY TO THE RELATIONSHIP YOUR MIND HAS WITH YOUR BODY.  After extensive research and the discarding of mounds of technical jargon, I simply call these laws, The Laws of the Subconscious.

          There are laws that govern every situation.  All man has to do is seek out and find the laws.  For example, the law of gravity has always been present, yet it took a man’s curiosity and seeking to recognize and explain this law to mankind.  I am not Newton and I am not Einstein.  These men developed explanations for laws that control the universe.  I am Tom Ray and I will explain to you The Laws of the Subconscious. These laws will enable you to be in complete control of your life. 

          The further you progress in this book, the more you will realize that you are just as capable as any person who has ever walked the face of this earth. You will realize that you have the potential to control your “universe.”  That great capability is in your mind.  You will use your mind for your benefit and for the benefit of those you wish to help, with the understanding that the bottom line is: you only have to help yourself.  

          You must understand that The Laws of the Subconscious have been proven time and time again, so keep an open mind and read and understand what I have to say. These laws are fact. These laws have absolutely nothing to do with religion; nothing to do with hope; nothing to do with belief.  They are facts that relate your mind to your body.  I know a lot of people who have died using hope.  Use your head and good common sense; take action and you will make it.

          There are 12 Laws of the Subconscious.  It is important to remember that the Subconscious acts as a computer and records all life experiences.  It does not, however, have the ability to reason.  Let me now list these laws, so that you can get a clear picture of them.  Then I will discuss them.


1.              You own a Conscious Mind and a Subconscious Mind. The Conscious mind, a waking, thinking, reasoning state, controls the Subconscious Mind.


2.               The Subconscious Mind controls the total body function.


3.               If you do not consciously control the Subconscious Mind, it will control you.


4.               The tools you use to control the Subconscious Mind consist of your thoughts, your words, and the way in which you perceive things.


5.              Whatever you put into your Subconscious Mind, be it positive or   negative, will have a like effect on your body.


6.               The Subconscious Mind records every experience you have.


7.              The Subconscious Mind computes every experience to be either     positive or negative.


8.       The Subconscious Mind understands only yes or no or an absolute when it comes to commanding the Subconscious.


9.          Feelings are a choice.


10.     The Subconscious Mind assigns a meaning to

     each of the words that you use and to each

     thought that you have.


11.     The Subconscious Mind can only function in the 

          time frame called NOW.


12.           You do your own thinking; you choose your own
   thoughts; you say your own words.


          Now that you have seen The Laws of the Subconscious in print, let me explain them, one by one.


          First Law: “You own a Conscious Mind and a Subconscious Mind. The Conscious Mind, a waking, thinking, reasoning state, controls the so-called Subconscious Mind.”

        The word “Subconscious” is used for the lack of a better word.  When we say “Subconscious,” we mean that it is the mind beneath the Conscious. It takes its orders directly from the Conscious.  Therefore, the Conscious Mind controls and influences the Subconscious Mind.


       Second Law: “The Subconscious Mind controls the total body function.”

            This is a simple statement of fact.  Here we begin to see the basic pattern for life and survival.  The Conscious Mind controls the Subconscious Mind, and the Subconscious Mind controls the body function.

        Third Law: “If you do not consciously control the Subconscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind will control you.”

           The information that the Subconscious uses to control you is that information stored in your Memory Bank.  As I said earlier, much of that information is untrue.  As a result, the Subconscious may lead you down the wrong path.  To clarify this law, let me say that one of the functions of the Subconscious Mind is to record everything in your life’s experience.  This record is called your Memory Bank. 

          Another function of the Subconscious Mind is to release information to your Conscious Mind.

  If the information in your Memory Bank is all positive, then all Conscious Mind functions and, therefore, all body functions will be positive. 

  It then follows that if your Memory Bank holds negative information, your Conscious Mind and body functions can draw on this information to create negative situations in your life. This allows your Subconscious Mind to control you. 

  You must consciously control your Subconscious Mind by choosing only positive information to be placed in your Memory Bank.

          Fourth Law: “The tools you use to control the Subconscious Mind consist of your thoughts, your words, and the way in which you perceive things.”

          In other words, the way you think, what you say, and your process of reasoning in your Conscious Mind will control your Subconscious Mind.  With the use of only positive thoughts, words, and perceptions, you will have positive results.  If you have only positive or good input, then everything you draw from your Subconscious Mind will be positive or good.

          Fifth Law: “Whatever you put into your Subconscious Mind, be it positive or negative, will have a like effect on your body.”

          This law is an especially important one, as it is a kind of summary of the first four Laws.  You own a Subconscious Mind.  It belongs only to you.  And because you own one, you should know how it works.

          We have established that the Subconscious Mind operates like a computer and what you put into the computer, you will get out.The mind contains the software and the brain represents the hardware. 

 To illustrate this fact, let’s compare your Subconscious Mind and the effect it has on your body to a piggy bank that has the ability to have feelings.  If you put a dollar in the piggy bank, it will smile.  The smile is a signal that the bank feels good and is happy with the dollar.  However, put a counterfeit dollar in the bank and it will frown, as a signal that it feels bad and is unhappy with the counterfeit dollar. 

So, it makes no difference what money you put in the bank, it will always show feelings related to what is put inside it.  Also, whatever is put into the piggy bank will be given back to you, at some time.

          This is what occurs in the relationship between your Subconscious Mind and your body.  Whatever you put into your Subconscious Mind, be it positive or negative, will have a like effect on your body.  Exactly what you put into your Subconscious Mind will cause your body to react accordingly.  These feelings will be expressed by your feeling either good or bad.


          Sixth Law: “The Subconscious Mind records every experience you have.”

          It records everything you hear, see, touch, smell, and every feeling you have experienced in your entire life.  The Subconscious Mind also records the time and conditions under which your feelings were experienced.

Seventh Law: “The Subconscious Mind computes every experience to be either positive or negative.”

     The Conscious Mind acts as a “Traffic Cop” by directing each experience to go to the positive side of the computer or the negative side of the computer, depending on existing information already recorded on either side.  The computer software is, of course, your Subconscious Mind.

          Eighth Law: “When commanding the Subconscious Mind, it will only act on yes or no.”

          It doesn’t understand maybe; I hope so; or I will try.  It only understands yes and no.  When dealing with your Subconscious Mind, you must be totally clear.  There can be no vagueness in your commands to it.

          Ninth Law: “Feelings are a choice.”

           If you let the Subconscious rule your life, your feelings will be given to you automatically, based on the existing information stored in your Memory Bank.  When you were a child, you were taught that certain things would make you mad, upset, nervous, depressed, etc. and because your Subconscious does what it is told, you reacted accordingly.

     The feelings your Subconscious Mind gives you may be uncomfortable feelings.  If you do get uncomfortable feelings, it is because you have, in the past, given your Subconscious Mind negative thoughts or negative information.

             Now, since you can consciously choose the types of  “dollars” or the types of thoughts that go into your Memory Bank, or your Subconscious Mind, why not choose only good thoughts, make positive statements and see the good side of all situations, so that you will always have good feelings? 

          Protect yourself, but see the good in all things.  It’s purely a word game between you and your Subconscious.  For example, no one can make you mad.  If you choose to get mad, then that feeling is based on previous teaching and information that has been deposited in your Subconscious Mind.  You do not have to react physiologically the way people tell you to react.  Why should you get mad, upset, nervous, sick, etc.?  It is ok to not like a situation, but it is not ok to punish your body with a negative emotion because of something you do not like.  The key words here are "punish your body."  

           Tenth Law:  “The Subconscious Mind assigns a meaning to each of the words that you use and to each thought that you have.”

          At this point, we can say that your words and your thoughts become commands to the Subconscious Mind when they are placed in the right format.  When you use the words, I, me, myself, we, ours, or any other word which designates yourself and you use it with a firm yes or no, it becomes a direct command to the Subconscious.

              It follows, then, that it would be foolish to command yourself to be mad, upset, depressed, sick, frustrated, or unhappy.  To go back to the feeling of being mad, ask yourself exactly what the meaning of the word “mad” is.  The word was first associated with rabies and meant “foaming at the mouth; sick or dying.

              Why would you consciously choose to experience or feel any of those conditions?  The Subconscious Mind, because it is designed to take care of you, will give you whatever you command.  If you command a “mad” feeling, the Subconscious understands “mad” and will produce the commanded response. 

          Eleventh Law: “The Subconscious Mind can only function in the time frame, NOW.”

          The Subconscious Mind does not understand time, so we must establish a time in which the Subconscious can operate.  There must be a time for you to do all the wonderful things you are going to do for yourself, so we will command a time for the Subconscious. 

              Let us draw an imaginary line on the ground and call that line the time frame, NOW.  One side of the line will be called the PAST and the other side of the line will be called the FUTURE. In reality, the time element, PAST does not exist, because the past has already gone.  You can produce pictures of the past, things made in the past, or talk about the past, but the PAST does not exist anymore.

    How about the FUTURE?  It does not exist either.  It has simply not arrived yet.  The only thing that we can be absolutely sure of is the present, or the NOW. 

             If the NOW is the only time that you live in, it would be foolish to worry about yesterday or what happened yesterday; or to worry about tomorrow or what might happen tomorrow.  What you must be concerned about is only the NOW.  Remember, the Subconscious only understands NOW.        

   If you try to make your Subconscious deal with the PAST or the FUTURE, you will get a “feel-bad.”  Planning is O.K. Worry is thinking about the negatives that may happen in the FUTURE.  You don’t know anything about the FUTURE.  No one does.  So, deal only in the NOW and plan only great and fun things for the future. 

        Twelfth Law: “You do your own thinking; you choose your own thoughts, you say your own words.” 

          We also know now that you choose your own feelings.  Because of this fact, why not choose only good feelings, regardless of what other people do or say.  By choosing only good feelings, you no longer have problems just situations. 

          You are to eliminate the word, “problem” from your vocabulary and use the word, “situation.” You were trained that problems have to be solved and if you don’t solve them, you will get a bad grade or have a “feel-bad.” Whereas, situations can be either dealt with, set aside, or forgotten. With your new knowledge of how to program your Subconscious Mind, you can now deal with every situation in a positive manner and therefore, you have no problems.

          Those are the 12 Laws of the Subconscious Mind.  You and I have a little situation now.  You have been reading what I have to say and because you were taught to be analytical, to question, to doubt, to wonder, to figure and to argue, you have been doing just that.

          It is good that you were taught to question, doubt, wonder, figure, and argue, but when you are controlling the Subconscious, there is no room for these doubts.  The Subconscious is simply going to respond as you command.  If you question yourself; if you doubt yourself; if you argue with yourself; you will be placing yourself back into a negative situation.

          In order to overcome the negative conditioning that was performed on you as you were growing up, you must now be in charge of your own conditioning.  It is now time for you to control your life and not allow others to control you.  They may not control you to your satisfaction.  You know what you like and what you dislike.  Why not make yourself the person you want to be NOW?

          Because of the First Law: “You consciously control the Subconscious,” it is now time to start your reconditioning process.  What happens in the reconditioning process?  You take charge of the Subconscious and tell it how things are to be.  This process requires conscious thought on your part.

          Take a comfortable position, either in an easy chair or on the bed.  Make sure that the area is quiet.  The purpose of this is to do away with all outside distractions.  You are to use a procedure that I will give you later for relaxing the body.  As time goes on, you will realize you can command the Subconscious in any situation, even while standing in the middle of a noisy crowd, walking down the street or running from a wild animal.

          The purpose of relaxing the body is to minimize outside distractions and increase concentration.  When the body is perfectly relaxed, the Subconscious seems to act on the commands with unbelievable speed!  And you CAN be relaxed while running from that wild animal! If you think to yourself, “I cannot relax,” then this thought becomes a command and you will not relax.  Understand to become relaxed, you must command it as though it has already happened.  "I am relaxed."

          Understand that your thoughts are commands. You must remember the Fifth Law. The Subconscious Mind operates like a computer. This has nothing to do with what is right or what is wrong or religion or anything else.  This process is purely a mechanical process.  You must mechanically put the good “dollar” in the “bank” and you mechanically get a good or favorable response.  Your body is like a machine and the performance you get will depend on how you treat it.

          I had a preacher in my office one day and he said that when he told himself he was relaxed, he felt like he was lying to himself.  In his mind, he would argue, “But I am not relaxed.”  When he put in two conflicting statements: “I am relaxed” and “I am not relaxed,” he received an uncomfortable feeling and then identified it to mean that he was lying to himself, because of the two thoughts being in direct conflict.  The Subconscious cannot understand yes and no in the same thought.  So make up your mind to say, “I am relaxed” and simply leave it at that!

          To prove to yourself that what I say to you is fact, set this book aside and close your eyes.  Repeat to yourself the following: Use your first name or the name you call yourself, followed by the word, “relax.”  Do this repeatedly, over and over for about one minute and then judge for yourself. Example: “Tom, relax; Tom, relax; Tom, relax; Tom, relax; Tom, relax” and so on, for about one full minute.  It is amazing! As I sit here and type these words, I can feel my body relax even more!  Be sure to pick up this book again and continue reading.  There is more to come!

          The first thing you must say to the Subconscious is that you are a changed person, NOW.  You are no longer the person you used to be.  You have simply changed the way that you think, speak, and perceive things.  Because of the NOW, you must say that you are NOW changed.  That opens the door for change.  It would be a waste of your time to say, “I am trying to change,” or “I would like to change”,  The subconscious would conclude "when". Remember, the Subconscious only understands the NOW time period.

          Now that you are changed, what kind of a person are you NOW? You are only to use positive commands, like the following:


          *I am a perfectly relaxed person.


          *I am a perfectly healthy person. (Sick or not, you must say, “I am a perfectly healthy person and getting better every day.”  This leaves no room for doubt.)


          *I am in charge of my Subconscious, and it gives me exactly what I command.


          *I choose my own feelings and I choose only good feelings.


          *I am a very confident person.


          *I am always honest.


          *I see the good side of all situations.

*I do what I want to do; I do not do what I do not want to do. (This is within the confines of the law.  If you don’t like the law, join a group, go to the polls and vote in new laws that you like.)


          *Absolutely nothing bothers me.


          *I am a positive person.


         *I am unconcerned about the thoughts of other persons, because I cannot see inside their minds.  (I care for and love others, but I keep ME healthy first, so I can help those I love.)


        *What others say or do to me does not bother me, because they may not understand their own feelings and actions.


         *I protect myself first, so that I can stay healthy, in order to protect those I care for.


        *Those things that happened in the past that were uncomfortable mean nothing now, because the past does not exist.  I understand people did things and said things they may have not understood.  The bad things of the past are gone forever.  If the thoughts of the past come to mind, I just say "I no longer go there".  I use information form the past for my protection.  Nothing bothers me.


          *I plan good things for the future, but I am happy with myself, NOW!


          I am sure that the above statements sound a little strange to you.  However, you must say or think to yourself the good information, in order to get out good feelings and results.


Every statement or command that you make to yourself MUST be given in the present tense.  Make every statement as though it were fact, NOW. This is the key to success.  The Subconscious will simply act to make it true.

          What do you think a “goal” is? It is a constant thought of something that you wish to attain.  Now you know why goals are often met.  People keep their goals ever present in their minds.  What is “thought”? It is a command to the Subconscious.

          Life is very simple and exciting now, because you simply make it that way.  You know now that you make your own luck. You make your own excitement. You make your own health. Stay in touch with your doctor, but be responsible for your own health.  YOU are in charge now.  Do what YOU want to do.  Be what YOU want to be. It’s up to YOU!

          After reading this book, go back and read this chapter three or four times, until you know the information perfectly.  Many people will read a “how-to” book and simply not use what they have read.  Why read it and agree with it and not use it?  You are an intelligent person.  I am sure you will use what you read in this book!

          If you would like to hear my voice give you the favorable commands, my audio CDs are available on the Store page of this site.  100% of all profits, from the store items go toward the good work of my Mind-Body Connection Research and Education Foundation, a 501 c3 entity.


Chapter 4.. Stress is a Feeling and Feelings are a choice.

                                        Tom Ray in the '80s

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