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I am sure you have heard it said many times that a person’s health is the result of his state of mind. It is a fact that the Subconscious Mind controls the body functions and, in the process, produces certain feelings based on the thoughts of the individual.  Again, if the person thinks or talks constantly about uncomfortable situations and uncomfortable conditions, he will soon develop uncomfortable feelings.  These uncomfortable feelings will show up in the form of various symptoms: stomach ache, pain, cancer, diseases of all kinds, nail biting, over-eating or smoking, to mention a few. On the other hand, if a person eliminates uncomfortable thoughts, worry and stress from his mind, then his body is given permission to be 100% healthy.

          There is absolutely no such thing as stress on your body unless you create it.  One man does a job and indicates he feels stress as a result of his job.  Another man can do the same job and find it to be a pleasure.  Along the same line, it would be unwise to worry.  The smart person plans.  And he plans only good things.  It would be foolish to plan disaster.  Some people merely think too much about things they cannot control and then they call it “worry.” The Subconscious Mind accepts the words literally.  Therefore, when someone says, “I work in a stressful setting,” or “I worry about my job and my family,” the words and thoughts will do him harm.  That person should be saying, “There are many things happening at the office,” or “I care about my family, but I am 100% relaxed.  I am 100% healthy, and I am Number One.  I can handle any situation.”

          Sickness is not necessary.  It is a fact that sickness is usually brought on by the way we think, with the possible exception of certain situations, such as staph infections, cross-infections, etc. One of these days, I will do a research paper on the ability of the human body and mind to overcome cross-infections, by using the Subconscious to control the body functions.  If the body is controlled by the Subconscious, and the Subconscious is controlled by the Conscious, there is absolutely no need to be sick!

          You were taught all the wrong things to say.  You were taught all the wrong things to do.  You were taught that stress does exist, even though the rack (the ultimate in stress) was done away with in the early 13th century.  The thumbscrew has been outlawed.  There is no such thing as “pressure,” unless you create it yourself.  If the Subconscious Mind accepts words literally, you must be very, very careful how you think and what you say. 

          You were literally trained in a negative world.  This training was not intentionally negative; people just did not know the difference.  Now that you understand that the Subconscious Mind controls the body functions and that you can consciously control the Subconscious Mind, you can be 100% healthy.  If you are in a situation or relationship with another person, the way you think, the way you talk and the way you act generally determine the outcome of the relationship.  A person might say, “My wife just drives me crazy. My mother-in-law is a pain in the neck. My children are killing me.”  Even though these statements may be said in jest, remember, the Subconscious Mind accepts the words literally and, sure enough, the person is going crazy; he has a pain in his neck; and he is dying; all as a result of the way he thinks and speaks.

          If the Subconscious Mind controls the body and you choose your own feelings, as a result of the way you think, then absolutely nothing can bother you; absolutely nothing can upset you; and nothing can make you mad.  If the Subconscious Mind understands the words literally, maybe you should look at the meaning of the words you use.  “Mad” comes from “mad dog; sick; foaming at the mouth; dying.” Where do we get the word, “ upset”? From “upside down; not right side up.” Where do we get the word,problem”?  From “math class; school.”

          It is o.k. to like a situation, or it is o.k. not to like a situation.  But why is it necessary to become “upset; to get mad; to become violent, tense, under pressure,” or to have “problems”? The Subconscious Mind will take all these negative thoughts and produce uncomfortable feelings.  Often times, you can go to the doctor, and the doctor will identify the problem by saying, “Your kidneys don’t work,” for example, instead of identifying the actual problem.  In reality, he has only recognized the symptoms.  The problem is the information received by the body from the Subconscious Mind.

          If the body will, in fact, respond to Subconscious commands as a result of Conscious logic, then it is possible that the kidneys can return to normal or any other body function can be re-instated.  (I will discuss a kidney disease case in a later chapter.)  When the Subconscious Mind has been told that the body is healthy, the body repairs itself.  When you get a cut on the hand, you don’t repair it with staples, glue, or cellophane tape.  The body repairs itself.  So, by commanding the body, we become 100% healthy.

          The way we have been taught to think has produced an unhealthy society.  Everywhere you look, you will see new hospitals being built.  That ought to tell you something.  This negative teaching was not done intentionally, as I said before.  People taught the best they knew.  In fact, as far back as 2000 years ago, one man said, “The way you think in your heart, you will become.”  And it appears as though the man knew what he was talking about. The only problem was that 12 men walked away with 12 different opinions and then there were 144 different opinions and now there are thousands of different churches, all trying to do the same thing. 

          The body produces certain feelings, as a result of certain information that has gone into the Subconscious Mind. That, we have already determined.  The Subconscious Mind and/or our Memory Bank was designed to help us, not to hurt us.  The Subconscious Mind remembers that fire is hot.  It tells us to keep our distance, so that we don’t get burned.  It also tells us that fire is hot, so that we can get warm if we don’t like the cold. The Subconscious Mind and the Memory Bank are designed to protect us.

          For instance, whenever we receive a message from the Subconscious Mind that comes in the form of nervousness or an uncomfortable feeling, it is an indication that there may be something in our environment that the Subconscious thinks is no good.  If information were not recorded in our Memory Banks about poisonous snakes, we might try to handle the wrong kind of snake and possibly get bitten.  So, the Subconscious works to protect us.

          A simple example would be this situation.  An individual takes his lunch break under a shade tree, and after his lunch, he decides to take a nap.  While taking his nap, a brick falls out of the tree and hits him on the head.  The man jumps up.  He is mad and he is hurt.  He looks up in the tree and sees nothing that caused the brick to fall out of the tree and there is no one around for miles.  The Subconscious has experienced a situation it does not understand.  The next day, he is on a new job site.  He sees a tree. He decides to sit down and have lunch, but he checks the tree first.  A little uneasy, he goes ahead and sits down and has his lunch.  Having inspected the tree, he feels secure and decides to take a nap.  Another brick falls out of the tree and hits him on the head.  He jumps up, confused and very hurt, because the brick hit him in the same spot and it was sore from the day before.  By now, he is really confused.

          The third day, there is a tree, a different job site, and again, no one within miles.  It is 110 degrees out in the sun and he would like to sit underneath the shade tree and have his lunch, but he is not going to sit under that tree, because he knows he will be hit in the head with another brick.  So he avoids sitting under trees altogether.  A few moments later, some friends come by and say, “Let’s have lunch under that tree, and after lunch, let’s take a nap.” The man says, “No! I’ve been hurt before.  I do not want to be hurt again.”  His friends are determined and answer, “We are going to take you over and put you under the tree.  We want you out of the sun.  We are trying to help you.”  The man fights his friends off with everything he has, but they overpower him and take him to the tree.  Then, the Subconscious Mind begins to produce nervousness, fear, uncomfortable feelings and all-around hysterical feelings, because the Subconscious Mind thinks he is going to get hit in the head with another brick.

          Now, when dealing with uncomfortable feelings in a particular situation, the Conscious Mind can override the Subconscious Mind by saying, “I am in control; I choose my own feelings.  If a brick starts to fall out of the tree, I will just step aside.  This very moment, absolutely nothing bothers me. I control my life; I do my own thinking.” As a result, he is back in control of his feelings.  When he realizes that the two bricks were only from those first two trees, he can simply protect himself when being around those two particular trees.  There is no need for “feel-bads.”

          Man’s health is determined by how and what he thinks.  How and what are you going to think?  Only good things! Right!




          "So very impressed was I that I returned to your office with my husband, Charles, for the very same reasons.  After Charles returned home from his very first session with you, there was a very noticeable change in his attitude and character.  You see, the Charles who came with me on his first session, was a very crude, hostile, selfish, insensitive and uncaring husband and father, who had absolutely no self-confidence, even though he was a medical doctor.  I literally watched him become a very pleasant, protective, and even friendly person overnight.  Within two weeks, he began doing things for me and the children, I had never dreamed possible.  He became aware and attentive of me as a wife.  Took the children out to movies and dinner.  Bought our daughter her graduation ring half a year early.  He began to do household duties and what is considered wifely chores, and he even bought me a car in my name, so that I would have a family back-up car during his absence away from home.

          Actually what I am trying to say, Tom, is that you’re the best alchemist in Texas.  I know I brought to your office, a “Frog,” but the man I now know has become a living, expressing “Prince.”


          "Now, here comes the really good stuff and this is true.  You are a beautiful person, loaded with charisma.  Surely Heaven blesses your mission."

                                                                                * I think this lady was very nice, but a little overly reactive about my participation in her and her husband’s change of attitudes and lifestyle. All I did was give her information, nothing more, nothing less.  I was just the messenger.  She used the information and got good results. Now, it’s your turn.  Either use the information or continue to be as you are.  (Keep on reading!)


                                              *        *        *


          "Before I came to you and learned a new way to think, speak and act, I was a very unhappy person.  I was unhappy with myself, mainly.  Because I was overweight and my face was all broken out, I had a very low self-esteem.  I had been to a dermatologist for my face before and it didn’t seem to help any.  In only one week’s time, my face looks clearer than it has in months.  I was letting things bother me for no reason and keeping it all inside and it was trying to come out through my face.  I now see myself in a better light and also look at other things around me differently.  I am now content with the way I am and the way I will be when I reach my goal.

          I no longer let the actions or words of others hinder me.  I care about myself first and, therefore, I can be able to care for someone else.  And, it was all right there, in my subconscious all the time.  I wish someone had shown me how to use the positive attitudes about everything before now."


                                             *        *        *


          "I feel this is the beginning of becoming relaxed, for the first time in twenty-five years."


                                            *      *      *                                               

          "Your method has helped me with a physical problem.  My previous orientation had been in passive relaxation and meditation, which helped to some degree, but had no “carry-over” effect in my everyday life. At first, your active relaxation seemed rather authoritarian, but it works. You said, “You will do as I say.  You are healthy, etc.”  You allow no room for negative thoughts.  You have taught me to control my body and my life.  The method is not a blind denial of negatives, but rather, learning that you need not choose them for yourself.

          My main message to those who might read this is that this method works quickly and does carry over into every aspect of my life."


                                               *        *        *


          "My daughter had a personal situation before coming to you.  She was down on herself.  That is, she didn’t think very highly of herself or others around her.  She didn’t try in schoolwork.  Now, after seeing you, she thinks more positive.  She likes herself and is more concerned about others.  She works harder in school and is getting more involved in sports.  You have helped her, tremendously.

          My other daughter had a health situation.  She was always worried about things that happened in the past and things that might happen in the future.  Now, she seems more relaxed and thinks better of herself.  And, thinks positive.  Speaks up in group sessions.  Getting more involved.  Doesn’t seem to worry about her past history.  She seems to have put that situation behind her.  I think she’ll be a much better school teacher and person now, having had these sessions with you.

          These sessions have helped me as well, as a mother and person.  I now realize some of the things I was doing and saying (I thought I was right) were wrong and situations were passed on to them.  I am thinking more positive, now.  I think we all three are in complete control now."


                                            *        *        *


          "Since I was at your office, the world has not changed one bit, but I have. Using what you taught me, I can be calm in an instant, when I never was able to, before.

          Using what you taught me, I have been able to apply my science of chiropractic much more efficiently, because of better concentration and bringing myself to the present."


                                                *         *        *


          "I have learned a great deal about myself and the causes for a lot of my behavior.  I have learned that I, and I alone, am responsible and in total control of my behavior.  I feel that all this will lead to my making myself a happier and more fulfilled person."


Chapter 5..Put the Uncomfortable Past Away Forever


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