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     CHAPTER 5  



           The Subconscious Mind will be affected by the things that are said, the environment and the general nature of things, no matter what age you are, unless you are in control of your Subconscious, as you should be.  An example is a case of a 60-year old man who came to me. He explained that things just had not been right throughout his life.  He had searched high and low for the answers to his uncomfortable feelings.  He seemed to be a very knowledgeable person.  He had graduated from a mid-western university and had been successful all of his life.  But he still carried a feeling that he had some sort of mental block about being truly happy.

          After visiting with this man, it was determined that when he was the age of 6 or 7, he had become ill, was taken to the hospital, and almost died. At the age of 21 or 22, he flunked out his senior year in college, as had his mother at that age.  He eventually went back to school and received his degree.  But, throughout his life, he recounted uncomfortable feelings that he could not explain.

          In the age-regression process, the subject is taken back through time to the first day of his life.  What basically happens here, is that the subject has the ability to remember easier when he is in that super-relaxed state.  The information from Day One is recorded in your Subconscious Mind, much like a giant tape recorder.  Every experience, every thought, every sensation is recorded, so it is very easy in this so-called state to pull this information from the Subconscious Mind.  And, in a later chapter, I will teach you to do that for yourself.

          I took this man back to the age of two and he recounted an experience with his father.  When the child was two years old, his father learned that his wife had developed an ovarian cyst that was possibly cancerous.  Sixty years ago, cancer was even a more dreaded disease than it is today.  Today it can be eliminated!  The father saw a picture of instant death; losing his wife; and being left alone to raise a small child.  The man was extremely distraught.  He turned to the child and, without thinking, said to the two-year old, “You have caused your mother to be sick and she may die.  If you had not been born, your mother would be well today.  You are killing your mother.”

          Even though the child, at age two, did not understand the words, this information was recorded on the Subconscious tape recorder.  As the child grew older, the words developed meaning.  I feel this was the time that the Subconscious took a kick in the face.  The Subconscious realized: “I’m killing my mother.  I’m causing my mother to die.  Had it not been for me, my mother would be well.”  Even though consciously, the child knew his mother was o.k., subconsciously, he had the message that he was killing his mother.  So, each and every time his mother coughed, felt bad, or felt uncomfortable, the child took a mental beating.  Can you imagine the psychological impact on a person with this message recorded in the Memory Bank?  What happened?  Simply this.  The Subconscious recorded information that it could not rationalize; therefore, creating uncomfortable feelings.  This information needed to be turned around, or rationalized, so that the child could be free from those uncomfortable feelings.

          I asked his Subconscious Mind while in the super-relaxed state, “Was your father a doctor?”  His Subconscious said, “No.” I said, “Well then, forget it.  The statement your father made was medically incorrect.”  I asked his Subconscious Mind, “How can a two year old child affect the health of another person?”  His Subconscious responded, “Absolutely no way!”  At that point, I said, “Forget it. The information meant nothing.”  In theory, what happened at this point is, his Subconscious said, “Thank God! I can put those thoughts away forever.” This relieved his Subconscious of the need for an answer.

          It makes no difference how you rationalize the comments you hear.  You must rationalize them in order that the Subconscious does not take a mental beating.  That is why it is so important to choose not to be bothered by anything, anybody, anywhere; or to choose not to be affected in any adverse way.  The Subconscious responded when the above-mentioned mother just coughed or got sick, even though she did not die from that cancerous cyst.  The Subconscious merely responded in an effort to warn the child that he was killing his mother.  It responded with a symptom; a feeling; an uncomfortable sensation.  That uncomfortable feeling was a sign that there was bad information in the Subconscious Mind.  That is why it is so important to control your Subconscious, rather than to allow yourself to become negatively conditioned by your environment.  You should determine your own conditioning, within the guidelines of our organized society.

          At this point, it is very important to explain to you how to turn around the bad information in the Subconscious, so that you have only good information stored there.  This information is so very, very important.  You must listen and understand what I have to say.  It makes no difference who you are or where you come from or what your physical status is.  You must go to your Subconscious and put the uncomfortable past away forever.  You cannot change the past. The past is like a broken egg, so you will put the uncomfortable past away forever and remember only the good times.  If you could change the past, you would be a rich person.  If you could predict the future, you would be in great demand.  So, live for today.  Make yourself happy today.  Don’t waste your time thinking of the uncomfortable past or worrying about the future.  It is wise to plan for the future, because the Subconscious Mind understands planning to be a positive approach, but as you can see, it would be foolish to worry about the future.  You are a human being and all human beings have the ability to think.  A smart person like you, plans and does not worry.  A smart person like you, remembers the good times of the past and does not waste his time thinking of the uncomfortable times.

          You now understand that the Subconscious can only handle yes or no. It cannot handle try. Take notice of this following statement.  If you try to make your Subconscious deal with the past, you will get a “feel-bad.”  It is o.k. to plan in the NOW for the future, so that you are prepared when it arrives and becomes a NOW.  When the NOW becomes a PAST, it is no longer important except for information that you can use to protect yourself and the good times.

          Use these commands for eliminating the PAST:

“I remember only the good times from the past.  Anything that happened in the past that was a negative that I don’t understand is of no value to me.  It is totally unimportant.  I am happy and healthy.  I plan only beautiful, happy things for the future.  Nothing bothers me.  If I make concessions, I have freedom of thought and mind. I think only happy, healthy thoughts.”

          We have become conditioned by our environment.  So, I now say to you to stop that conditioning and be in control of your own life.  That is the way it was meant to be.  Your creator designed you to be perfect.  Think of yourself that way. And your Subconscious will make you that way!



          "I have really enjoyed your program because of the idea of being able to control your feelings and attitudes.  It is great to know that you are responsible for your feelings and can make them what you want.  Knowing this has helped me see that I am more independent of others and of circumstances, in that I can respond to them in the way I really want.  I can be the person I want to be, regardless of the situations around me.  It is also a relief to be able to let go of the unpleasant things in the past and forget them, so that they have no influence on me, now.  I like knowing that it is best to live the present and let the future fall into place, as it comes, without worrying about it."


Chapter 6..A look at Depression





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