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           Depression is simply a feeling and feelings are a simple choice. I’m sure that you’re sitting there thinking that YOU never chose to be depressed or pressured or to feel stress. It is ok to not like the things that are happening in your life, but it is not ok to beat up on your self with a feel bad.  How can you make changes in your life if you are feeling lousy all the time.

          I am here to tell you that the only way you could have experienced depression was to have created it yourself. As I told you in previous chapters, you were not taught to think.  You were taught purely to react.  They may have told you that if certain things happened, it would be depressing.  I am telling you that if certain things happen, they just happen. It is ok to not like a situation, but it is not ok to have a feel bad and punish your body because of the things that are going on in your world. These actions have nothing to do with your psychological state.  Even if you were to say that losing a leg would be depressing, I disagree. If the leg is gone, the rest of the body is still the same.  The time is NOW.  The leg is not there NOW.  How can you go on about your life, if you are depressed about something that does not exist?  The leg does not exist. It would be foolish also, to be depressed about the fact that you are missing one leg.  There is nothing you can do about the missing leg, so why be depressed about something that you can do nothing about.

          There was a young man in my office just yesterday and he said that he was depressed and he did not know why.  He came into the office and sat down and started to command his Subconscious.  Let us take a look at the man’s exact words, “I am not happy with myself.”  Remember, the command is made when I, me, my, myself, we, us, our is used with a definite yes or no.  The Subconscious is also defined as self and the man has just commanded his Subconscious to not like itself.  The Subconscious simply does as it is commanded and sends the appropriate feeling.  In this case, if you don’t like self, then self will send you a “feel-bad.” It is foolish to not like self. Oh, remember they told you that liking self was a sin.  I do not think Jesus ever said not to like yourself. I think, if you look in your Bible, Jesus said that if you did something that wasn’t good, to just not do it again and to forget it.

          My client said, “I have no desire to work.”  The Subconscious has been told not to take him to work. If he goes to work, he puts himself in a yes and no situation and the Subconscious cannot handle yes and no at the same time.  How many people do you know  go to work every day and complain about their jobs?  That doesn’t sound too logical to me.  If you go to work, love it.  If you stay home, love that.  But, simply do not go to work and complain about having to go.  By the way, if you do not go to work, you may not make any money and you may starve to death.  That is your choice.  If you choose to starve to death, that leaves more room for those that enjoy living.

          “My stomach stays in a bundle of nerves.” Whenever you feel that uncomfortable feeling in your stomach that has been sent to you by your preconditioned Subconscious, you must say in your mind:  “Relax, relax, relax.  I am always relaxed.”  Then, the body will approach a relaxed state.  After a while, the Subconscious will become reconditioned to relaxation, under those circumstances.

          “I have lost my effectiveness,” he said.  That is a lie.  You cannot lose your effectiveness.  You have just stopped using it.  It is still there.  Remember, everything that you have ever experienced is still there.

          “I have no outside interests.”  The Subconscious says, “Let’s do nothing.”

          “By Tuesday, I am a nervous wreck.”  The Subconscious knows when Tuesday is.  So, on Tuesday, the Subconscious is going to send him an even worse feeling.

          “I stay nervous.”  The Subconscious says, “Let’s stay nervous.”

          Folks, do you get the point?  You had better watch your mouth and your thoughts when you are thinking or talking about I, me, my, myself.

          A lady who claimed she had been depressed for about 17 years came to my office.  She said she had been seeing her shrink once a week for 17 years. Each week after her visit, the doctor would tell her that she was still depressed, and she did not say “NO.”

          Whenever you hear a command that you do not like, you must say or think “NO” or it becomes an automatic command to be carried out at a later date.  When you say “NO,” you must give the reverse command, such as the following, “I am happy and nothing is going to change that.  I am healthy and I am going to stay that way, etc.” Your Subconscious will pick up on the new command and it will start sending you happy and healthy feelings.  When your Subconscious tries to send you a lousy feeling, you must be aware of it and immediately eliminate it with a favorable command.

          You don’t need depression.  Eliminate it!




          "I sleep better since learning to use my subconscious.  I am more relaxed, calmer in nature.  By that, I mean my reasoning is faster and I am able to make and think about my decisions on matters of family interest or personal interest with more determination.  I have not had a depressed day since I began your program.  I go to sleep at night with the Relaxation tape on my pillow and fall fast asleep much more quickly.  I enjoyed reading Dr. Atkins’ Diet Book that you recommended and find that it is a diet* that will work for me.

          I take things as they come along and what I cannot change, I learn to live with.  I am grateful for your help."

                                                                        ****   I don’t think anybody should be on a diet.  Today, the word, 'diet,' has progressed to mean 'something troublesome to do; a difficult thing; a negative association.' Why not think or say, “I have simply changed the way I think and eat”?  By the way, you do need to know the chemistry of foods and how they affect the body.

                                                   *        *        *


            "I had excellent results.  You did more for me in 2 hours than I had been able to do for myself in months.  Your information made it possible for me to put my life in perspective and gain control of my emotions."


                     *        *        *


    "It was very difficult for me to make an appointment with you. When I called and explained my problem, I felt “cheap.” But I was desperate.  I had contemplated leaving town or simply “running away.” I felt alone, insecure and very depressed.

          After my first visit, I could not believe the change.  I was extremely happy. So happy that I started singing.  I felt alive again.  After the second visit, I began to feel less excited, but realistically content.  I felt and do feel like a real person.  A strong, confident real person.  I know now that I am in control of my life.  I “slipped” once.  But, when I regained my composure, I felt stronger than ever before.  I still feel lonely sometimes, but I know that I can do something to change that feeling--if I CHOOSE TO!"


                                                   *        *       *


            "Life is great these days, thanks to you.  One year ago, I came to your office for a visit.  Since then, I have lost 40 pounds, by myself, without medication or repeated visits.  You’re better than a doctor and less expensive.  Also, I had psoriasis of the scalp and face, which has been a nuisance for the past twenty years.  It was difficult to wear makeup.  What an improvement, almost immediately.  It’s terrific what true information can do.

          Before visiting your office, I was depressed, I’d say 50% of the time and wanted to run away from my problems.  In the last year, I’ve never thought of running away from situations.  I’ve added new words to my vocabulary that will help me solve the situations.  Life is great with me, Tom.  Now, it’s worth living."    


                  *        *        *

           Since I have seen you, I feel that I understand myself, as well as others, better.  I feel better about myself and feel I can handle situations a lot better than before I saw you.  I enjoy life more now and feel more relaxed.  I have seen a change within myself and feel it’s all for the good of myself.  I am pleased with my sessions and am glad that I did see you. I’m also happy that there is someone who can show people that they can handle situations, if they really want to.  Thanks, again."

                                                   *        *        *


          "Before my visits with you, I allowed myself to be dictated to; had doubts about myself; at times, no self-confidence; depressions; self-pity; gained weight; and was tremendously displeased with myself.

          This is only my third session and already, I like myself.  I am speaking out, and taking action on my part, when needed.  I have more confidence and my whole attitude towards people, things in general, and my life, is changing.  I am much happier.  My weight is going down, but that seems only a small goal, compared to the other accomplishments."

                                                  *        *        *


          "I just do not know how to express my gratitude for the transformation that you made out of me.  I am a different person since I saw you.  Now, I am the best.  I am Number One.

          I am very sorry that I did not know about you before I went to see several psychiatrists out of the state of Texas and in the state of Texas.  The first psychiatrist that I saw was not concerned about my feelings, but only about the level of Aventil in my blood.  I spent between hospital fees and doctors’ fees (psychiatrists and psychologists) no less than three thousand dollars.

          I could not do my work because my hands used to shake to the point that I was embarrassed to do anything in front of another person.  I saw the first psychiatrist daily for three weeks, and at the end of the three weeks, I felt worse than when I first saw him.  Then, I saw two other psychiatrists.  I improved considerably with the last one, but the complete transformation came after I saw you."


                                                                   *        *        *


"It is a wonderful feeling to be healthy after feeling so bad for so long."


Chapter 7 .. Smoking Can't Kill You, but Not Thinking and the Lack of Oxygen Can


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