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          Here is a way to give up smoking and not miss the tobacco...

          Smoking is exactly like putting charcoal briquettes in a paper sack. These briquettes have been dipped into, some scientist  say, fifty or more bad chemicals. The smoke is like a piece of carbon. If you put enough briquettes in a small sack, there is no room for air.  Once the carbon gets in the lungs, the body secretes a fluid to protect itself from the carbon particles.  That’s what you cough up when you smoke.  After a while, there is simply no room for the air or oxygen. The bad chemicals leach through the mucus and poison the body. After you stop smoking, the lungs start to clear, but it takes quite some time. Also, without adequate oxygen, the body cannot overcome the toxins and poisons in the tobacco.  The body cells break down and then, lung cancer and heart disease appear. Quitting smoking will allow the body a chance to start repairing itself. 

Would you like to quit smoking? Giving up smoking is one of the easiest things in the world to do.  But the world has conditioned you into thinking that quitting smoking is a most difficult, if not impossible procedure.

          About one-tenth of my business came from people who wanted to quit smoking.  I think that it would be safe to say that 100% of those people that came into my office thought that their problem was their inability to give up the weed, but when they laid their cards on the table, the real problem had to do with something totally different.

          The problem generally has to do with the person’s inability to deal with a situation; either at work, at home, or in some other close relationship.  Or the person has just developed a nasty habit of smoking and thinking that "I have to have a cigarette to relax".

          When a person sees in his/her mind the negative side of the situation, the Subconscious records the negative and then produces an uncomfortable feeling.  As I have said earlier, the Subconscious is designed to take care of you.       

When the “feel-bad” is experienced as a result of the negative thought, the Subconscious simply attempts to take the person to something that it thinks will cause a “feel-good.”  You have heard many times, “Have a cigarette and relax.”  Billboards show the following: a sensuous-looking lady lounging around in her whatevers, smoking a cigarette; or a strong, handsome man on the back of a beautiful horse, overlooking some of the most breath-taking country in the world, smoking his favorite brand of cigarettes.  And the list goes on.

           The advertising agency people know that you were not trained to think. They know that you were trained to react, like an animal; so they’ve got you.  Well, they had you until the time you bought this book.  Now you know how to think, and you no longer react like an animal.  You think like an intelligent, rational, logical human being.  You are no longer subject to other peoples’ suggestions.  You hear what they have to say, but you make up your own mind.

          At this point and time, if you are smoking or if you are a smoker and you are ready to quit, you are to simply say to yourself, in your mind, “I have stopped smoking.”  If you have a cigarette in your hand, PUT IT OUT NOW!  If you have cigarettes in your pocket or purse, GO THROW THEM AWAY, NOW!

          In fact, PUT THIS BOOK DOWN and go through everything that you own!  Take all of the cigarettes you have in your possession; put them in a brown paper bag and tie or tape it closed.  When you have done this, return to reading this chapter.  DO EXACTLY AS I SAY!  DO IT RIGHT NOW! You have stopped smoking, as of RIGHT NOW!  DO IT!  GET UP AND DO IT!

          Do not continue to read the remaining part of this chapter until you have done as I have asked you to do.

          I want you to repeat the following to yourself:  “I have done it.  I have stopped smoking.  I have finally made up my mind.  I no longer smoke.  I am very relaxed not smoking.  Now, I am always relaxed.”

          Now turn back to Chapter 3 and repeat the positive commands that I have outlined for you at the end of the chapter.  Then, repeat the above command several more times.  After you have done this, continue to read this chapter.

          Let me tell you how your government and the news media have been giving you the “Tennessee Shuffle.”  The Surgeon General has determined that cigarettes are even more dangerous than was previously thought.  Then, he gives you the command that no one has found an easy way for people to stop smoking.  So, what does the public continue to do? SMOKE, SMOKE, SMOKE!

          If the Surgeon General would just say, “Cigarettes are even more dangerous than we previously thought and we have found a sure-fire, easy way to give up cigarettes.  You can do it by simply putting down your cigarettes and repeating to yourself that you no longer smoke and that you are totally relaxed not smoking.”  Most people would then do so.  This, of course, would cripple the tobacco industry and the government is not going to do that.  So WHO has been manipulating whom?  NOT ANY MORE!  You have simply stopped smoking and it is very easy not to smoke.

Later, if you accidentally think negatively, your Subconscious might try to get you to have a cigarette.  So, if this happens, simply over-rule your Subconscious and repeat the following, “No, thank you.  I do not smoke.  I am relaxed and happy not smoking.”  You MUST do this because now YOU control your Subconscious.  It does not control you.

          If you are smoking, it is obvious that you are not thinking.  Simply do not smoke or drink, and now use your head to become relaxed.  How do you feel now that you no longer smoke?  You must respond to your Subconscious:  “It is fantastic!  I feel great! I feel wonderful!”  Remember, you choose your own feelings, so choose only good feelings.

          The way you give up smoking is to simply put down your cigarettes and not smoke.  I must have had 500 people tell me that they cannot do that. They cannot just put down their cigarettes.  Many have said that they are slaves to cigarettes and that smoking is the only way they know how to relax.  They tell me that they have to smoke a cigarette with their coffee.  They have to smoke a cigarette after a meal and so on.  Now, review the commands that they have given their Subconscious Minds.  They have told their Subconscious Minds to continue smoking and that is exactly what is going to happen.

          If you put down your cigarettes and say, “I am not going to smoke a cigarette, but I sure would like to have one,” the Subconscious Mind is going to pay off like a slot machine!  With these thoughts, you are sure to return to smoking.  Again, you are saying, “I want the cigarette.  It is tough to give up smoking and I am trying to quit.”  Your Subconscious, in turn, says, “You are right.  It is tough.  You are only trying and trying doesn’t get it.”

          Remember, the Subconscious only understands yes or no.  Either you smoke or you do not smoke.  You must give to yourself and think to yourself the following commands:  “I do not smoke and I will not take another cigarette.  I feel good not smoking.  It is very easy now that I no longer smoke.  I am relaxed not smoking and when I am with my friends, I have more fun not smoking.  I do my own thinking.  I am happy as a non-smoker.  When someone offers me a cigarette, I simply say, ‘No, thank you.  I do not smoke.’  If I am in a room full of people and they are smoking, their smoke will not bother me in any way.  I simply do not smoke.”

          If you say, “I cannot say these words,” you and I both know you are lying.  What you must do first is to say the words.  So, say the words.  Then, put yourself in that super-relaxed state and say the words again.  Now, if at anytime, you say to yourself, “The words are not true,” the Subconscious Mind will say, “You are correct.  They are not true.”  Remember that what you put into the Subconscious, you will get out in the form of an action or a feeling.  So, you will say, in your mind, “The words are true. I no longer smoke.”

          Let us assume that you and I are going camping and you asked me to stop by the store to purchase a carton of your favorite cigarettes.  I do not smoke, so I  decide to help you give up smoking.  While I am in the store buying your carton of cigarettes, I take out all of the cigarettes and put a block of wood in the carton and seal it back up.  When I return to the car where we have our camping gear packed, you are pleased to see that I have purchased a carton of your brand of cigarettes.

          While we are on our camping trip, I have noticed that you have only 3 cigarettes left in your shirt pocket.  But, you are happy, thinking that you have 3 cigarettes left, plus a new full carton.  We take off for the mountains.  It is a beautiful day.  You are happy.  You have a cigarette.  Now you have only 2 cigarettes left, because you have just finished one.  But you are happy.  You think that you have 2 cigarettes, plus a full carton.

          We get halfway to the mountains.  It is a beautiful day and we expect to be in the mountains for the long, three-day weekend.  You have another cigarette.  Now you have only 1 cigarette left.  But you are happy.  You think that you have 1 cigarette and a full carton. We get to the campsite.  You have your last cigarette and we are eight hours away from the nearest store.  You are not concerned, because you think that you still have a full carton of cigarettes.

          After the evening meal, you decide to have another cigarette.  You go to the car, take out the carton of cigarettes and open it.  SURPRISE! SURPRISE!  A block of wood! At this point in time, because of your negative way of thinking, you simply choose to blow your cool!  Three days on vacation without your cigarettes!  What are you going to do?  Bear in mind, it wasn’t the cigarettes that kept you happy, while driving to the mountains. It was the thought that you had a carton of cigarettes that kept you happy.  Cigarettes do not have power.  They do only one thing:  prevent you from thinking straight.  It was the thought that you had cigarettes that kept you happy, not the cigarettes themselves.

          By changing the way you think and changing the way you reinforce your thinking about cigarettes, you simply do not smoke.  If you say to yourself, “I cannot change the way I think,” you do not fool me or anyone else.  We both know that you and, only you, do your thinking.  If that is the case, you simply think as though you are a non-smoker.  As you can see, it is very easy now that you have given up your cigarettes, because NOW you are a non-smoker.

          If you say, “I am trying to quit smoking,” the door is left open to have another cigarette.  Either you have quit or you have not.  Make up your mind.  Again, the Subconscious only understands yes or no.

          Now that you have quit smoking, you will reinforce to your Subconscious Mind that you are a completely relaxed, healthy, happy human being.  And when you hear someone say, “I am trying to quit smoking and I am a nervous wreck,” you can smile and say, “I do not smoke and I am relaxed, healthy, and happy.”  By actually saying the words first, you begin to think the words.  You will say to yourself, “The words are true.”  Then you will begin to understand and know that what you are saying is fact.

          Add the following statements to your commands to Self:  “I do not even remember what it was like to smoke and I do not even think about cigarettes anymore.”  These commands to Self will keep you from thinking about cigarettes.  If there is no thought, there will be no command.  Remember, simple thoughts can be simple commands.

          When someone asks you how you feel now that you have quit, you must respond with the answers that are going to get you the best feelings, such as, “I feel great now that I have quit.  It was easy to give up the cigarettes.”  That person will probably think in his mind, “I wish I could be that strong and that in-control.” You know it is all in the way you think and speak and command Self.  Keep it simple, because it is.

          Congratulations, Non-Smoker!




          "Just to let you know and to thank you for helping me celebrate one year of not needing a cigarette."


                                                *        *        *


          "Since my first visit, I have been able to relax, and feel 100% better.  I was able to stop smoking without any effort or discomfort at all.  I’m very glad to have taken this course because I know the benefits derived are outstanding!"


Chapter 8.. Throw the Bear a Cookie

You are an Intelligent person...........

Plan only good things    for your future. 

By continuing to smoke, what you see is what you will get,  


"Thirty five years ago, I loved my pipes and cigars.  I am so thankful I gave them up then."
                              Tom Ray


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