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          Someone needs to come up with another word for Hypnosis.  It has such a sorted misleading meaning and past.  If the people of the world only understood that they constantly use their Subconscious Minds without realizing it, they would demand to know more about the subject.  And once they understood it, they would demand that their children be taught the same information.  One of the biggest drawbacks to talking about the mind or the Science of the Subconscious is its history.  In our society, people refused to accept little they could not prove or explain.  Because of stage hypnosis and Hollywood hypnosis, people became very skeptical.  Dracula does not exist nor does the Fair Maiden.  Along the same line, Hollywood hypnosis and stage hypnosis is only for selling tickets.  People have been taught that they could possibly lose control of their minds when hypnotized. People have been taught that they could wind up in a desert, wandering aimlessly.  This is just not true.  You might ask, “How did these stories get started?”

          It worked like this.  The stage hypnotist, before he arrived in a town, would send a news release to the local newspaper explaining how someone, somewhere, had been a “victim” of hypnosis. Then, when this hypnotist arrived in that town, people would pay to see a freak show. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a freak show, as long as you understand that it is just a show.  I have been asked many times at a speech or lecture to perform stage hypnosis.  But, that is simply not my game.  Part of my job is to stamp out this type of misleading information.

          In years gone by, hypnosis was used and not understood.  Hypnosis was unexplainable and a tremendous number of so-called facts were established about the subject.  There are three different schools of thought on how hypnosis should be applied.  In one application, the hypnotist performs the hypnosis on the subject.  In the other, the hypnotist teaches the hypnosis to the subject. The third way is my way: I teach the Science of the Subconscious. When one is performing hypnosis on the subject, a professional hypnotist can expect only about 25% good results.  When teaching how the mind actually works with the body, the subject can use his Subconscious power after he leaves the office, within the limitations of hypnosis as it is generally understood.  Unfortunately, too many of the so-called professional hypnotists do not fully understand the Subconscious.  When using the old school type of procedure, one can expect the success rate to be about 35%.  Then, there is the Science of the Subconscious. I show how to totally control the illogical Subconscious, for 100% results!

          I just returned from a family reunion where an aunt of mine made the statement, “I do not believe in hypnosis and I do not believe that the mind has that kind of power.”  As a result, she is choosing to block off a very powerful part of her being.  She is choosing to think negatively.  She is choosing to have a closed mind.  I cannot understand why any person in the world would openly say, “I choose to be negative,” especially after learning of the possibilities of her own mind.  And, then again, her negative approach is understandable.  She was simply conditioned to think the way she thinks.  I guarantee you, there are people out there choosing the negative and understanding that they are doing so, but unfortunately, not knowing how to change.

          There are many forms of hypnosis that occur in our daily activities.  Day-dreaming is a form of hypnosis.  Driving down the road and not remembering that you drove through a small town is an example of having been, for a short time, in a light, hypnotic state. Your Conscious Mind was thinking about something else, but your Subconscious Mind kept you on the highway.  If your Conscious Mind had drifted too far away from the highway, your Subconscious Mind may have followed and, as a result, there would have been the possibility of an accident.  Hypnosis could be called, “very deep concentration or thought.”

          When you are reading a book and you block out the noises around you, that is a form of hypnotism.  When you watch TV or a movie and you become engrossed in the story, that is a form of hypnotism.   Taking a nap and not being quite asleep and not being quite awake  is a form of hypnotism. 

          You must be aware that your Subconscious Mind is with you 100% of the time, so when you allow your mind to wander, your Subconscious Mind tries to take care of you.  Your Subconscious Mind is what keeps your heart beating and your lungs breathing.  You can control both functions with your Subconscious Mind, because your Conscious Mind can direct the Subconscious.

          I am calling now to the general public to demand that your children be taught the Science of the Subconscious and mind control.  After I have finished this book, I am going to prepare a textbook that should be adopted by your schools.  This text will teach your children mind control.  But, until then, you must teach your children to think before acting.  Do not wait for the school text.  Get your children a copy of this book.

          If you see a school text on hypnosis or the Science of the Subconscious, you can put away all fears about the teacher being able to hypnotize and the students being under her control.  That is simply just not the case.  Through a program that I call Positive Mind Power, your children can learn at a very young age to control their bodies and their minds themselves, rather than having all the negatives heaped upon them by our antiquated, backwards, negative system. 

          Our system that we have now, obviously, is better than anything we have ever had and I am thankful that it is as good as it is.  That is what they said about the Model T Ford: “Look how wonderful it is.” It is good that we always like to change the system and make it better.  I feel this is a healthy outlook.  Some people are afraid of change and say, “Don’t rock the boat.  Don’t change the system.”  If, with a positive attitude, we can turn that type of thinking around, we will gain ground much faster than we have gained ground in the past.  I realize that new ideas should be proven before being fully implemented, but let’s make an effort to be faster at proving new ideas and at eliminating out-of-date ideas.  And, surprisingly enough, faster can be done with a relaxed approach.  When I say out-of-date, I mean ideas that no longer apply.  I know many long-distance runners who can run better when they are relaxed than when they are uptight.  So, the more relaxed we are, the more efficient, faster and skilled, we become.

          If you are a young man or young lady reading this book, do not rely on your teachers and your parents to motivate you.  The responsibility for your life is on your shoulders.  You can motivate yourself with positive manipulation of the Subconscious.  Tell yourself that you are super-great and that you have what it takes, and your Subconscious will produce that condition. 

          I was watching a movie recently about three young astronauts who were stranded in the desert. Across the desert was a very high, rough, rugged mountain range.  They decided to split up, so that at least one of them would, hopefully, make it back to home base.  One went to the right, one went to the left, and one went toward the mountain range.  I remember what the astronaut said when he saw that big mountain range.  He said to himself. (actually out loud, so the audience could hear it) “It’s a piece of cake.”

          He was conditioning himself, so when he got to the mountain range, it would be very simple for him to go over those mountains.  Had he told himself that it would be impossible, sure enough, it would have been impossible.

          Bear in mind that the Subconscious is going to give you what you ask for, so do not depend on other people to condition you.  Condition yourself.  Do not wait for the world to be right so that you can be happy.  Be happy first, so the things in your world are right.  If they are not right, see the good side anyway.  Protect yourself, but see the good side of life.  It would be foolish to say, “When everything is o.k., I will be happy.”  You choose your own feelings, so be happy now and amazingly enough, things will become better.  If you say that things will not get better, you are simply commanding them to stay bad.

          If you say that the world will not get better, you’re not only putting negatives into the Subconscious, but you are attempting to predict the future.  Nobody has been able to 100% accurately predict the future yet and you are not likely to be the first.

          You are responsible for your own happiness, regardless of the condition in which you live.  Give yourself positive information about the way you are to feel; the world around you will change; and you will be surprised at the change.  If you do not want to accept the world around you and you choose to be negative, at least, choose to be happy while you’re being negative.

          That reminds me of a recent client.  He was an alcoholic and had heard one of my radio broadcasts.  After listening to what I said on the air, he decided that he would be a happy drunk rather than an unhappy drunk!  Well, that didn’t work either, so he decided to be happy not drinking and that was the answer.  He now says that he sees the world in a totally different perspective.  He is a healthy, happy, relaxed, successful non-drinker now.  All because he decided that he was responsible for his own happiness.  You can do it too!


Chapter 16.. The Media

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