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Now that you have become a thinker and are no longer just a reacter, you will also no longer be a victim of some of the advertising media’s highly refined brainwashing techniques.  Those in the advertising trade know full well that you were not trained to think; that you were simply conditioned to react; and they are taking advantage of that fact in almost every product promotion that they handle.

          With my graduate level education in marketing and actual experience in the marketplace, plus my knowledge of the Science of the Subconscious, it is easy for me to see what I call unfair trade practices in many of the advertising promotions that bombard the public on a daily basis.  There are a few companies that promote their products with truth and honesty, but I wonder just how few.

          One way to protect yourself is to understand that the company’s claims are usually exaggerated and biased. Double-checking and triple-checking might just save you some time and money.

          You should be very cool and calculating when making a purchase of anything other than the proven products that you use.  I am talking about changing product brand.  I mean something so simple as changing your brand of coffee.  Let’s take a look at the following type advertisement.  Consider the example of a frequently run television commercial for caffeine-free coffee.  Scene: Mr. Joe Citizen is putting on a display of nervousness and irritability.  (He is a paid actor and not a person in a real-life situation.)  Then enters a well-known, recognizable actor who for many years played the role of the wonderful, helpful family doctor.  The famous actor turns to the so-called nervous and upset, Mr. Joe Citizen and comments about his case of the upsets.  The nervous one claims that his doctor told him that the caffeine in his coffee was making him nervous.  Without confirming or denying the statement, the famous, well-known, wonderful, lovable, highly-paid actor simply suggests that he should try “Sinko,” the caffeine-free coffee.  The next scene shows the same Mr. Joe Citizen, now as a calm, happy fun-loving person, claiming that he has switched to “Sinko” and now he feels so much better.

          Because of the way we were conditioned not to think, the obvious conclusion might be that if we were nervous and upset, it might be the brand of coffee that we drink.  The solution: Buy “Sinko,” the caffeine-free coffee.

          I will bet you my house, my car, my wife, and my children that if you bring me a person who believes that caffeine makes him nervous, within the space of one hour in my office, he will no longer believe and react to the caffeine in his coffee.  My own lovely mother thinks that if she has a cola or a cup of coffee any later than 4:00 in the afternoon, she will not be able to sleep at night. Hogwash! However, if the so-called illogical Subconscious has recorded that message, then she truly will not sleep at night after she drinks a cola or coffee. 

Remember, the Subconscious does as it is told without regard to logic. If you do not control your Subconscious, it will control you and sometimes you may not like the results you get.

          Just a few nights ago, I was watching TV and in one commercial a lady was complaining about how tough her day was and that the days were getting tougher.  The whole message was that when you have a tough day, just take this little pill and everything will be o.k.  Now, you can see why many people today are strung out on drugs.  They were told by the TV commercials that it is o.k. to take those pills, so that they will feel better.

          The problem with the drug scene today is not the pusher, not the manufacturer, and not the grower.  Instead, it is the conditioning of the poor human from the time he hits the ground at birth until now.  He is taught not to think.  He is taught merely to react.  He is asked to purchase products that have little or no redeeming value.  He is asked to purchase products that have no worthwhile effect on his body.  You, the general public, from every walk of life, are allowing this negative cycle to continue.  You have tried to deal with the symptom and have totally overlooked the problem.  The problem:  “Teach the child what makes the mind and body work together.  Teach him what is truth and what is not truth.”

          Let’s go back to the lady who is having the tough day.  Obviously, that is lousy perception on her part.  I have never had a tough day and I don’t intend ever to have a tough day!  At one time, I worked from daylight to dark in the oil fields and I simply did not perceive of it as tough.  Sure, there is such a thing as body fatigue, but if you condition yourself to be relaxed while you push that barge and tote that bale, then you will experience less fatigue.

          The human is trained to hit the couch at the end of the day or at the end of many hours of activity and say to himself, “Boy, I am beat.”  Well, that statement is nothing more than a command to the Subconscious to create more of a fatigue feeling. For better results, when you hit the couch at the end of the day, it would be more logical to say to yourself, “I am relaxed. I am calm. It was a good day and tomorrow is going to be an even better day.” With these thoughts, the body relaxes and the body is then allowed to repair, so that you can continue to the next day as a very healthy person.

Do you wonder why they call a television set, the “Boob Tube”? Let’s use television for fun and education, not just as a trash passer.  Think about what you are exposed to on TV, radio, and in newspapers, magazines, etc. Think! You can say, “NO” to those lousy media commands.


Chapter 17.. You Have Been Brainwashed


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